Age: 30yr 2mth Games: 64 Born: Jun 24, 2021
Height: 194cm Weight: 98kg Position: DEF

2016 Digest:   The Carlisle suspension completely changes his scenario and prospects. As a big strong defender he now has the chance to get more games, but last year he was lowered to the VFL in the second half of the year so nothing is automatic. Solid in preparation but always has to manage a hip problem.

2016 NAB Cup:   Played against North and was troubled by sharp forwards. Honest battler.

2016 Season

Played for : St Kilda

1   Played in VFL trial against Box Hill Hawks.  
2   Played in VFL trial against Williamstown.  
3 VFL Used at both ends but looked more effective in attack rather than in defence.
4 VFL. Bye.
5 VFL Poor day. Struggling to have an impact and career looks in danger.
6 VFL Chipped in with two goals when in attack.
7 VFL Still not anywhere near his best. Battled away again.
8 VFL No impact again. Horribly out of form.
9 VFL Just eight touches again and lacked speed in movement.
10 VFL Bye.
11 VFL Stationed in defence and was fair at best.
12 Carl In first senior game for a year battled his way through without setting sprint records. 3
14 Geel Big body was handy against Hawkins. One of his best games in the colours. 6
15 GCS Took four marks but didn’t have a kick and trailed big Suns forwards to ball. 3
16 Ess Battled along against Daniher and would be thankful the Bomber was inaccurate. 3
17 VFL Toiled hard in defence in gallant loss to Port Melbourne.
18 VFL Kicked a goal and was OK in a few contests but not a big day.
19 VFL OK at times but wasn’t a dominate force on the day.
20 VFL OK in defence but didn’t do enough to warrant a senior call up.
21 VFL Didn’t set the world on fire with just nine touches.
22 VFL Up and down day in back half. Gave away three free-kicks.
23 VFL Did a fine job blanketing Aaron Black in defence.

2015 Season

Played for : St Kilda

1 GWS On Cameron and had a hard day. 3
2 GCS Had various forwards and stuck to task. On Lynch late. 5
3 Coll His night would have looked a lot worse if Cloke had kicked straight. 3
4 Carl Couldn’t keep up with Henderson and had to be moved. 2
5 Ess On top of Daniher. 5
6 WB Struggled with Boyd early and made some mistakes in second half. 3
7 Adel Couldn’t keep up with the aerobic ability of Walker. 4
8   Hip.  
9 Bris Dour game in defence. 4
10 Haw Overall did a solid job on Roughead until late in the day. 5
11 Melb Given big job on Hogan and had trouble from the start. Subbed off. 3
13 WB Late inclusion for Fisher In defence. Dogged trier on T. Boyd 3
14 VFL Dependable in each contest down back to be among best.
15 VFL Steady down back but aided by horrible conditions.
16 VFL Defended well against former Roos’ teammates.
17 VFL OK down back without banging down door for a recall.
18 VFL Bye.
19 VFL Got more of the ball than normal down back. 17 possessions.
20 VFL Defended well then switched forward to kick important goal.
21 VFL Had hands full at times in Zebras’ defence.
22 VFL Played in attack with others out and provided a target.
23 VFL No impact. Struggling.

2014 Season

Played for : St Kilda

1 Melb Got in the oppositions way as tallest backman. 5
2 GWS Effective as big-bodied defender. 6
3 WCE Had key role on Kennedy. Good early then made couple of clangers and beaten. 5
4 Adel Had his hands full with tall Crow forwards. 3
5 Ess On Carlisle and didn’t let him take initiative. 6
6 Bris Did a solid job in defence. 5
7 Haw Beaten by Roughead all day. 3
8 Carl Good job on Henderson in one on ones 5
9 GCS Was doing OK on Day but subbed off at three quarter time with hip problem. 4
11 Coll Doing a good negative job on Cloke but aggravated hip injury in third term. 4
12 Port Important job on Westhoff. Stuck close but couldn’t hold him. 3
13 Geel Battled gamely against the behemoth Hawkins who got away in the end. 4
14 WCE Worthy effort on Kennedy but couldn’t hold him down all day. 5
15 Rich Looked in trouble early against Riewoldt but fought back to square contest. 5
16 Carl Tried hard down back but it was an uphill battle 4
17 NM Couldn’t handle former teammate Petrie. 2
18 Frem Had big job on Pavlich and again stuck to his guns 6
19 GCS Matched up on Day and did the job. 5
20 WB Matched mainly on Campbell and had hands full at times. 5
21 Syd Moved onto Franklin for the second term. Thanks a lot. 3
22 Rich Went to Riewoldt and didn’t have leg speed to combat him. 3
23 Adel Had vital job on Walker and was outpaced. 3

2013 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1   Shoulder.  
2 VFL Not his best outing down back. Had his hands full.
3 VFL Stood Hogan and was beaten comprehensively.
4 VFL Solid game in defence. Rarely beaten.
5 VFL Defended well in the Roosters back half.
6 VFL Defended well and was hardly beaten all day. 24 disposals also.
7 VFL Bye.
8 VFL Back after a month out and competed well in defence.
9 VFL Rarely beaten in defence. In good touch.
10 VFL Clouston troubled him early but he fought back well.
11 VFL Bye.
12 VFL Terrific down back again for North Ballarat. 17 disposals, seven marks.
13 VFL Sturdy again down back in win over Bendigo.
14 VFL Continued his outstanding form in the Roosters defence.
15 VFL Competed strongly in defence and can hold his head high.
16 VFL Bye.
17 VFL Important late. 19 disposals and eight marks.
18 VFL Another great effort at the heart of the Roosters defence.
19 Geel Great game down back where he competed well against Hawkins/Vardy. 6
20 Adel Had some moments with Johnston early. 4
21 Ess Daniher gave him runaround at times but he tried hard. 4
22 Haw Stuck to big task on Brownlow top-five fancy Roughead. Very good in second half. 6
23 Coll Battled Reid who kicked five goals on him. Not a great day. 4

2012 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 VFL Had 12 possessions and seven spoils down back.
2 VFL Reliable effort in defence. Spoilt well.
3 Geel Had Hawkins covered until final term when he got away. Good till then. 6
4 Syd Worked hard in defence without getting much of the ball. 5
5 GCS Badly shaken by massive bump from Hunt. Never quite recovered. 2
6 WCE Great defensive job. Controlled the last line. 7
7 WB Held up pretty well down back. At least attacked the contest with vigour. 5
8 Port Had the unfortunate role on Schulz and couldn’t keep up. 3
9 Bris Solid job on Brown 6
10 Haw Started on Franklin until Buddy took him to the cleaners in second term. 2
12 VFL Responded well to his demotion. Solid down back.
13 VFL Defended well when required.
14 StK Late inclusion who had his moments in defence and was effective overall. 6
15 WCE Couldn’t counter Eagles tall forwards. 2
16 VFL Good down back with 14 touches.
17 VFL Defended fairly well for North Ballarat.
19 VFL Like his brother, held up the defence for North Ballarat.
20 VFL Had a good battled with Pederson. Honors shared.
21 Coll Out-muscled struggling Dawes in impressive performance. 7
22 Frem Lined up on Bradley and neither had impact in first half . Subbed off. 3
23 GWS Used the ball well and largely kept the GWS forwards quiet. 4