Age: 28yr 6mth Games: 1 Born: Feb 22, 2021
Height: 206cm Weight: 103kg Position: FWD/RUC

2016 Digest:   Recruited to take some of the strain off Jacobs, and yet to make his Crows debut after one game with the Hawks. Hampered by an achilles injury when he arrived at the club which he overcame to play some good football in the SANFL mainly as a tall forward. A left-handed ruckman, he can give the midfield a different dimension.

2016 NAB Cup:   Second ruck option not sighted in pre-season series after failing to play a game last year. Break in case of emergency type will wait in the wings.

2016 Season

Played for : Adelaide

1 SANFL His ruckwork and marking were top notch. Also slotted two majors.
2 SANFL Kicked two goals, grabbed 11 marks and competed well in ruck.
3 SANFL Tried hard in ruck. Radar was off in front of goals.
4 SANFL Bye.
5 SANFL Had a constant physical presence and kicked two goals.
6 SANFL Kicked two goals but didn't do a whole lot after a big first half.
7 SANFL Had one kick after quarter-time (a goal) after injuring is ankle early.
8 SANFL Bye.
9 SANFL Marking and rucking were impressive.
10 SANFL Bye.
11 SANFL Kicked two majors and competed well in ruck.
12 SANFL Started confidently and finished with personal-best four goals.
13 SANFL Bye.
14 SANFL Snared three majors from limited supply.
15 SANFL Kicked two behinds before limping off with a hamstring injury.
16   Kicked two behinds before limping off with a hamstring injury.  
17   Hamstring.  
18   Hamstring.  
19 SANFL Marked strongly up forward but missed both his shots on goal.
20 SANFL Bye.
21 SANFL Booted two majors before sustaining an ankle injury late.
22   Ankle.  
23   Ankle.  
EF SANFL Did a fine job relieving O'Brien in ruck.
SF SANFL Booted two majors from limited opportunities. Did his job.

2015 Season

Played for : Adelaide

1   Bye.  
2   Achilles.  
3   Achilles.  
4   Achilles.  
5 SANFL Looked short of a gallop and lacking experience. Will get better.
6 SANFL Looked short of a gallop and lacking experience. Will get better.
7 SANFL Kicked a goal, ruck work was okay but didn't find much of the footy.
8   Bye.  
9   Achilles.  
10   Achilles.  
11   Achilles.  
12 SANFL Booted two second-half majors and rucked smartly.
13 SANFL His three goals in four minutes in the final term sealed the win.
14 SANFL Match postponed.
15 SANFL Booted Adelaide’s first goal and spell O’Brien nicely in ruck.
16 SANFL Played his role solidly, in attack and in ruck.
17 SANFL Steady afternoon after starting slowly in landslide win.
18 SANFL Kicked two goals. Did enough.
19 SANFL Virtually unsighted for most of the afternoon.
20 SANFL Couldn't get into the match.
21 SANFL Kicked a goal and got better as the afternoon wore on.
22 SANFL His best SANFL game. Slotted three goals, one with a super snap.

2014 Season

Played for : Hawthorn

1   Box Hill didn’t play.  
2 VFL Worked well in tandem with Ceglar in the ruck.
3 VFL Copped a heavy knock but fought on and competed hard.
4 VFL Battled through pain to break even in the ruck.
5   Soreness.  
6 VFL Worked well with Ceglar to dominate the stoppages.
7   Rested.  
8 VFL Bye.
9 VFL Inconsistent across the four quarters.
10 VFL Good early in the ruck until rolling an ankle.
11 VFL Bye.
12 WCE Amazing debut. Kicked three goals and looked comfortable against star ruckmen. 7
13 VFL Stiff to be dropped, but continued good form.
14 VFL Shared the ruck duties against Gawn and battled hard.
15 VFL Bye.
16 VFL Played mostly forward and starred with four goals.
17 VFL Rucked and went forward but wasn’t a factor in attack.
18 VFL 23 hitouts to go with five marks in duel role.
19 VFL Rotated through ruck and did well. 17 touches and a goal.
20 VFL Rotated through ruck and forward. Kicked a goal.
21 VFL Kicked 2.2 from 14 touches plus had 26 hitouts.
22 VFL One of just a few Box Hill players to have a quiet day.
23 VFL Shared ruck duties with McEvoy. 31 hitouts and a goal.
SF VFL Superb in attack with 4.2 and handy in ruck – 14 hitouts.
PF VFL Struggled against Dogs’ tall in ruck. Seven touches, 22 hitouts.

2013 Season

Played for : Hawthorn

1 PM Rucked well and was a big threat around the ground.
2 VFL Kicked three goals and rucked well against Skipper.
3 VFL Rucked solidly and was involved at ground level. Good.
4 VFL Controlled the ruck giving the Hawks mids first use.
5 VFL Had a few good moments and competed well in the ruck.
6 VFL Rucked fairly well to give the Hawks first use.
7 VFL Bye.
8 VFL In and out of the game in VFL reserves win over Casey.
9 VFL Battled hard in the ruck but still learning the caper.
10 VFL Impressed with his ruckwork and second efforts around ground.
11 VFL Bye.
12 VFL Didn’t have his best game.
13 VFL Impressed against Daw and Currie. Great athleticism.
14 VFL Beaten in the ruck by Wood and Campbell.
15 VFL Had 36 hitouts and kicked a goal in the ruck opposed to Grundy.
16 VFL Bye.
17 VFL Beaten in the ruck by Warnock and just four touches.
18 VFL Along with Ceglar, held his own in the ruck against Port’s talls.
19 VFL Big outing as main ruckman. 19 possessions and 35 hitouts.
20 VFL Competed hard against Hille and took the points. Developing type.
21 VFL Kicked an early goal but then struggled to get into the game.
22 VFL Tried hard opposed to Jamar/Gawn but was well beaten.
23 VFL Used in attack and the ruck. Marked well, got involved at ground level.
SF VFL Big influence late to end with two goals and 31 hitouts.
PF VFL Had 25 hitouts to give the Hawks midfielders first use.

2012 Season

Played for : Hawthorn

2 VFL Rucked fairly but little impact elsewhere.
3 VFL Best ruckman on the ground. Impressive signs.
4 VFL Excellent game in the ruck and around the ground.
5 VFL Struggled to have an impact.
6 VFL Good game again. Starting to show a bit.
7 VFL Struggled to have any impact in a few roles.
8 VFL Gave a strong physical presence around the ground.
11 VFL Rucked fairly well and threw himself at the contest.
12 VFL On and off the ground without any real impact.
14 VFL Did well in the ruck to give Hawks first use of the ball.
15 VFL Beaten by Stephenson in the ruck.
16 VFL Just fair in the ruck. Didn’t take his chance.
17 VFL Marked strongly and did well in the ruck. Good game.
18 VFL Competed well against McIntosh and Daw. OK.