Age: 32yr 6mth Games: 111 Born: Feb 12, 2021
Height: 192cm Weight: 90kg Position: FWD
Dream Team Profile

2015 Digest:   Struggling to overcome a knee issue that required surgery late last year. Club hoped he would be back to full training but thus far has been unable to get past the rehab group.

2015 NAB Cup:   Sub against Saints in opener then impressed a week later back at NEAFL level. Will need to fire in that comp to break in.

2015 Season

Played for : Brisbane

2   Knee.  
3 NEAFL 13 possessions and two goals in attack.
4   Didn’t play for Brisbane reserves.  
5 NEAFL Didn’t play for Brisbane reserves.
6 NEAFL Bye.
7   Didn’t play for Brisbane reserves.  
8   Knee.  
9   Knee.  
10   Knee.  
11   Knee.  
12   Knee.  
13   Knee.  
14   Knee.  
15   Knee.  
16 NEAFL Managed through but found the ball well early.
17 NEAFL Played a lone hand in attack with three goals.
18 NEAFL Hard worker in attack roaming far and wide. 24 touches.
19 GCS Made the most of his opportunities in his first game in more than a year. 6
20 Carl Gave the Lions a much needed target. 6
21 Adel Unsighted. 2
22 Haw Mobility gave Gibson a few troubles but wasn’t given great supply. 5
23   Retired.  

2014 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1   Knee.  
2   Knee.  
3   Knee.  
4 NEAFL Played three quarters and did OK at times.
5 Rich Didn’t get a sniff. Conceded three frees. 0
6 StK Had second quiet game in a row and subbed off. 2
7 NEAFL Bye.
8   Suspended.  
9   Knee.  
10   Knee.  
11   Knee.  
12   Knee.  
13   Knee.  
14 NEAFL Bye.
15   Knee.  
16   Knee.  
17   Knee.  
18   Knee.  
19   Knee.  
20   Knee.  
21   Knee.  
22   Knee.  
23   Knee.  

2013 Season

Played for : Richmond

1 Carl Kicked two goals and competed. Laid match-winning tackle in dying seconds. 6
2 StK Impersonated Wayne Carey in first term with marks and goals. Quiet then on. 6
3 WB Relishing his new role up forward. Presented well all game. 7
4 Coll Toiled away for two gals but supply dried up after quarter time. 5
5 Frem For fifth straight game kicked multiple goals so played his role up forward. 5
6 Geel Only one goal from a handful of touches. Side needed him to do more. 4
7 Port Only one goal with Carlile following his every move. 5
8 Melb Subbed out after one kick. Needs to a big one to retain his place. 1
9 Ess Only one mark from the key forward not enough. Battled at best. 4
10 VFL Kicked two goals and was the main focal point up front.
11 VFL Bye.
12 VFL Three goals and was a good marking option up forward.
13 VFL Went goalless up forward. Tried hard, but not his day.
14 VFL Provided a good avenue to goal with three majors for Coburg.
15 VFL One of the Tigers few winners up forward with two goals.
16 VFL Bye.
17 VFL Presented well up forward. Kicked a goal in windy conditions.
18   Senior emergency.  
19 Haw Two first-quarter goals then pretty well held by Lake. 4
20 Bris Worked well in partnership with Riewoldt taking impressive marks inside 50. 8
21 Carl Beaten by McInnes in the one on ones. 4
22   Leg.  
23   Leg.  
QF   Knee.  
EF   Knee.  

2012 Season

Played for : Richmond

2 VFL First game back from injury and got through OK.
4 VFL Good game playing on a wing. Drifted out late though.
5 VFL Started forward. Kicked 2.5 and could have kicked a bag.
6 VFL Played as a key forward. Kicked four goals. Marked well.
7 VFL Injured early after falling heavily in a marking contest.
11 VFL Presented well as a lead up forward. Ended with 2.3.
12 VFL Not his best outing but tried hard.
13 VFL Kicked 2.6 and was a constant threat up forward.
14 VFL Conditions made life tough. Tried hard though.
15 Melb Used forward and took one screamer and kicked two goals in handy display. 6
16 GCS Continued to play up forward. Kicked two goals. OK. 4
17 NM No impact first three quarters then thrown back late in final term on Petrie. 3
18 Carl Surprisingly started in attack again. Not a factor. 3
19 Bris Had his best night in new role playing as a forward, booting three goals 6
20 WB Loving life as a forward and ended with three handy goals and five marks. 6
21 Frem Struggled to have an impact and missed a shot from just metres out. 3
22 Ess Continued his rejuvenated role as a forward. 5
23 Port Ended year with another reasonable performance up forward. Two goals. 5