#39   West Coast

Age: 24yr 5mth Games: 7 Born: Jun 01, 2021
Height: 177cm Weight: 77kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Given a taste of senior footy last year and must build on it. Making transition into midfield and has tricks.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 WAFL Did well to find the ball through the middle of the ground but impact was hot and cold.
2 WAFL Did some good things but didn’t win as much ball as he did the previous week.
3 WAFL Four inside-50s to go with 22 touches. Tried hard but shaded by Claremont ball-winners.
4 WAFL Had it 18 times, but didn’t always use the ball as well as he can.
5   Senior emergency.  
6 WAFL Played his part with 16 touches and four tackles.
7 WAFL Bye.
8 WAFL Didn’t get a stack of the ball, but made touches count. Capped off game with two goals.
9 WAFL Used the ball well when he got it, but floated in and out.
10 GWS Struggled. Kicked an early goal but fell away. 4
11 WAFL Burst in and out without tearing the game apart. 15 touches and a goal.
12   Bye.  
13 WAFL Nice outing in heavy loss. Used the ball well and rarely fumbled.
14 Melb Booted one goal and showed some promising signs. 5
15 WB Gave Dogs headaches with two early goals and continued to get involved in only his fourth AFL game. 6
16 Port Quiet. Couldn’t repeat the heroics of last week. 3
17   Quad.  
18 WAFL Seven tackles and a goal but little else from the speedu utility player.
19 Bris Played up the field this week but struggled to find the footy. 2
20 StK Nice goal early, similar to Partington he had a diminishing impact on the game. 3
21 WAFL Put a few scores on a plate with his work at half forward.
22   Ill.  
23 WAFL Kicked a goal and missed a few other chances, but was handy enough.

2016 Season

1 WAFL Continues to struggle at league level with just seven possessions.
2 WAFL Continues to struggle at league level with only 11 touches.
3 WAFL Better numbers with 18 touches but did struggle at times.
4 WAFL Dropped back to the reserves and was handy with 19 touches.
5 WAFL 18 possessions in the reserves at WAFL level.
6 WAFL Just the 12 possessions and one goal in the reserves.
7 WAFL Bye.
8 WAFL 20 touches and two goals in the reserves.
9 WAFL Finished with 17 disposals and a goal in the reserves.
10 WAFL 23 possessions, seven tackles and two behinds in the reserves.
11 WAFL Did some good things and had a bit of the ball.
12 WAFL Bye.
13 WAFL Just the 10 disposals but did well to kick two goals.
14 WAFL Bye.
15 WAFL Improved performance with 20 possessions.
16 WAFL In best form of career at league level with 23 possessions.
17 WAFL Continued career-best form with 19 disposals and a goal.
18 WAFL Continued career-best form with another 22 possessions, one goal.
19 Coll Late inclusion to make debut and tackled hard in the front half. Not the worst. 3
20 WAFL Quiet following AFL debut with just the 13 possessions.
21 WAFL Tried to provide a spark with 15 disposals, six marks, four tackles.
22 WAFL Couldn’t get into the game and had just 11 possessions.
23 WAFL Played well at half-forward for 23 touches and two goals.

2015 Season

1 WAFL Limited impact as small forward with 12 touches.
2 WAFL Bye.
4   Didn’t play for East Perth.  
5   Shoulder.  
6 WAFL Returned from injury in reserves for 20 possessions and a goal.
7 WAFL Returned to league team and struggled with just the eight disposals.
8 WAFL Bye.
9 WAFL Two goals from 11 touches in win over West Perth.
10 WAFL Quiet game as small forward with just the eight possessions.
11 WAFL Couldn’t get into game as small forward with just two kicks.
12   Calf.  
13   Calf.  
14 WAFL Worked hard in the reserves for 24 possessions.
15 WAFL Quiet on return to league team with 12 touches and a goal.
16 WAFL Kicked a good goal but otherwise couldn’t get into game.
17   Didn’t play for East Perth.  
18 WAFL Had some good moments with 16 disposals.
19 WAFL Quiet game again with just the 11 possessions.
20 WAFL One of his better league performance with 18 possessions.
21 WAFL Bye.
22 WAFL Two goals from just six kicks as a small forward.
23 WAFL One of his better league games with 22 disposals and eight marks.
QF WAFL Lively as small forward with 17 touches despite kicking three behinds.

2014 Season

1 WAFL 11 touches and two goals in East Perth reserves.
2 WAFL 17 touches and a goal in the reserves.
3   Didn’t play for East Perth.  
4 WAFL First league game of career but had just 11 possessions.
5 WAFL Only the seven possessions in second league game.
6 WAFL Only the nine disposals.
7 WAFL 20 possessions and a goal in the reserves.
8 WAFL Quiet in the reserves with 14 touches of which just two were kicks.
9 WAFL Bye.
10 WAFL Bye.
11 WAFL 13 possessions in WAFL reserves win.
12 WAFL 21 possessions in the reserves.
13 WAFL Solid in the reserves with 21 possessions, five tackles.
14 WAFL 20 disposals and two goals in the reserves.
15   Personal leave.  
16 WAFL 14 possessions backing up from Foxtel Cup on Tuesday.
17 WAFL 16 possessions and two goals in best league performance.
18 WAFL Quiet in the wet and mud with just six possessions.
19   Shoulder.  
20   Shoulder.  
21   Shoulder.  
22   Shoulder.  
23   Shoulder.