#3   Carlton

Age: 32yr 4mth Games: 237 Born: Jul 19, 2020
Height: 180cm Weight: 80kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Underrated leader whose absence due to bad ankle injury correlated with team’s regression in back half of last season.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Rich Skipper's effort was there from start to finish – eight clearances, six inside-50s and seven tackles. 8
2 Melb Excellent ball winner all day in the middle of the ground and pushed forward to hit the scoreboard. Led from the front. 8
3 Ess Gave great drive in the middle and was able to match the work of Watson and Heppell which was a key. 8
4 GCS Started in great fashion with plenty of ball, but then found it hard to get clear room through the middle. Finished well enough. 7
5 Port Missed an easy chance in the first term when his team needed him to hit the scoreboard. 6
6 Syd Skipper battled hard for 31 touches (14 contested), five clearances and five inside-50s. 8
7 Coll The old-style rover’s game, 30 possessions at 83% efficiency as a link man. 7
8 StK Huge second term where he booted two great goals. Like a lot of his teammates tired late. 7
9 Frem Never stopped working in the midfield. Had 32 touches, seven clearances and one goal. 8
10 NM With Gibbs and Cripps was part of a midfield that kept his side in the contest early. Never stopped trying and led well. 7
11   Bye.  
12 GWS Skipper worked tirelessly for his team but impact not indicative of a 30-possession day. One tackle and four inside-50s. 7
13 GCS Good across all four quarters. Used handball to release his team mates into space. 7
14 Rich Handy ball winner in midfield battle. Caused some problems running into space, but late run-down was end of Blues hopes. 7
15 Adel Laid nine tackles and had five inside-50’s, but didn’t hurt Adelaide enough with footy in hand. 6
16 Melb Skipper busted his boiler all day to win plenty of pill; 35 touches, four clearances and four inside-50s. 8
17 WB Skipper racked up 26 possessions, three inside-50s and four tackles but he wasn’t a dominant force. 7
18 Bris Big four quarters especially when some of his well-credentialed teammates went missing. Easily Carlton’s best. 7
19 Geel Busy as a sailor on a four-hour leave pass at times but 24 disposals didn’t amount to much. Six tackles. 6
20 Ess Skipper was enormous with 32 disposals, nine clearances, seven inside-50s and 17 contested possessions. 8
21 WCE Fantastic midfield performance. He kicked two goals and had 29 disposals. Led his team well. 8
22 Haw Didn’t always use it well but was still significant with a team high 34 touches. Big last term and too nimble for Howe. 8
23 Syd Found the pill 32 times, and ran hard offensively, but the 1 tackle by the skipper wasn’t enough. Needed to be stronger. 6

2016 Season

1 Rich Big first term goal and found space well to be an influential performer in midfield. 7
2 Syd Not as prevalent as previous week. Overpowered by Swans midfield power. 6
3 GCS Not damaging with the footy but battled away across the contest. 5
4 WB Skipper was having a howler until concussion ended his night in third term. 2
5 Frem Led by example and put the Blues in front late with a goal. 8
6 Ess When side needed someone to step up late in the game he was the man. Key to victory. 8
7 Coll Greenwood paid close attention but worked hard for his team. 6
8 Port Copped a few heavy knocks which threw him off his game but played part in middle. 6
9 NM Only two touches in first term. Lifted but still a sub-par evening. 5
10 Geel Injured in opening term and did not return. Early goal got side going. 1
11   Ankle.  
12   Ankle.  
13   Ankle.  
14   Ankle.  
15   Ankle.  
16   Ankle.  
17   Ankle.  
18   Ankle.  
19   Ankle.  
20   Ankle.  
21   Ankle.  
22   Ankle.  
23   Ankle.  

2015 Season

1 Rich Couldn’t find space to cause damage although he kept plugging away. 5
2 WCE Good first quarter then couldn’t sustain. Only one inside-50s and two clearances. 5
3 Ess Got going after a quiet first half to be among the best. Seven inside-50s. 7
4 StK Won plenty of ball despite close attention from Newnes. 7
5 Coll Worked hard but gets too little support around the ball. 6
6 Bris Two first-half goals but hardly what you’d call a captain’s game. 5
7 GWS Beaten comprehensively by Coniglio in head to head duel. 5
8 Geel Skipper set the tone by laying one tackle and the rest followed. 4
9   Calf.  
10 Adel Couldn’t have done much more. Six clearances and ball use first rate. 8
12 Port Ten clearances, 11 inside-50s and 15 CPs a fine afternoon’s work. 9
13 GCS Key player in the victory, particularly after half time when he dominated. 8
14 WB Led from the front in midfield with 25 touches and seven tackles. 7
15 Rich Battled away for three clearances, four tackles, eight contested possessions. 6
16 Frem Fought hard all night for his 29 disposals. 7
17 Haw Battled super hard to lead team in an unforgettable 200th game. 7
18 NM Tagged by Jacobs and did well to break free until slowing up late. 7
19 Coll 10 inside 50s to go with 36 touches and two goals. Monster effort. 8
20 Bris Relished not having a hard tag but almost half his disposals were ineffective. 6
21 Melb Industrious effort until dislocated shoulder in third term and day done. 6
22   Shoulder.  
23   Shoulder.  

2014 Season

1 Port 13 touches to half time but not damaging. Tagged by Cornes. Tapered. 5
2 Rich Turned it over a bit in first half, but still kept plugging away 7
3 Ess Tagged out of it by Hocking but kept battling. Eight tackles and three inside-50s. 6
4 Melb Tagged by N.Jones. Appears to be really struggling with captaincy. 4
5 WB Tagged by Wallis who copped attention. Excellent after leadership questioned. 8
6 WCE Maintained the form from the previous week and had a big final term. 8
7 Coll Would not be subdued by Macaffer early but then found it harder. 6
8 StK Fine performance headlined by six inside-50s and some excellent ball use. 8
10 Adel Pretty well held by Kerridge. Just two inside-50s and three clearances. 6
11 Bris A shining light and left to do too much on his own. 8
12 Geel Quiet first half thanks to Guthrie tag. Lifted to grab 13 second-half disposals. 6
13 Haw Buzzed all over the place for five clearances, 11 contested possessions. 7
14   Hamstring.  
15 Coll Macaffer tag seemed to frustrate the skipper and he wasn’t a big factor. 5
16 StK Showed the way and was industrious around the field. Very good second half. 7
17 Syd Not for the first time, he vied with Gibbs for Carlton's best. 8
18 NM Solid consistent game in midfield. 6
19 Frem Crowley his shadow in a feisty duel. One miraculous goal – 18 cont poss. 7
20 GCS Productive afternoon by skipper. Put himself in the action with 28 touches. 8
21 Geel Despite Guthrie tag he won hard balls and was a force. 6
22 Port His head hit the ground in a marking contest and was subbed out with concussion. 2
23   Concussion.  

2013 Season

1 Rich Only eight disposals in first half. Missed tackle cost a goal in third. Kept battling. 6
2 Coll Important cog in midfield and kept legs ticking over. 7
3 Geel Thrashed by Taylor Hunt in first half but hit back to grab 15 second-half disposals. 6
4 WCE Copped leg injury just before half time but kept battling – laid nine tackles. 7
5 Adel Finding some form after a quiet start to the year. Ran hard and laid seven tackles. 7
6 Melb Tagged well at times but still found time for three goals and five inside-50s. 6
7 StK Appeared to injure foot early and in combination with Geary tag he was quiet. 4
8 Port Three quality goals and led from the front. A good four quarter performance. 8
9 Bris Rarely far from the action and one of the Blues’ prime movers all night. 7
10 GWS Quiet afternoon from the skipper – found Shiels a hard nut to crack. 5
11 Ess Plenty of the ball in first term. Tapered at the end. 7
12 Haw Sickening clash with Hodge ended his night late in first term. Had started well. 1
14   Cheekbone.  
15 Coll Rushed back. Certainly looked like it early but had 13 second-half disposals. 5
16 StK Jones applied a tight clamp on him. Tightened in hammy at one stage 5
17 NM Started well despite pre-game doubt over hammy. Strong finish. 6
18 GCS Ran hard and is working back to his best form. 7
19 Frem Howler. Blanketed by Crowley and made some very poor defensive efforts. 2
20 WB Tagged by Wallis and whilst his workrate was better, still wasn’t at his best. 6
21 Rich Worked hard in the midfield and found some much needed form. 7
22 Ess Had his moments but another who failed to deliver when it mattered. 6
23 Port Three clutch goals when the captain needed to stand up. 8
EF Rich Busy early and kept gathering touches. On bench start of final term. 7
SF Syd Won touches but wasn’t given any space to do damage. 5

2012 Season

1 Rich Big second half when he really came into his own. 7
2 Bris Beams couldn’t stop him. 30 deft possessions and a brilliant goal. 8
3 Coll Potent tandem with Judd in midfield. His 39 touches said it all. 9
4 Ess Slightly down on previous weeks but kept working hard. 7
5 Frem Helped settle the side early and always a presence around the ball. 7
6 GWS Didn’t play with the intensity he can. Impact didn’t match stat numbers. 6
7 StK Hard Jones tag was tough to shake. Well down on normal output. 4
8 Adel Getting beaten by Van Berlo then injured shoulder in bump with Dangerfield. 1
16 NM Still know where the ball is in his return. Little rusty in kicking at first. 5
17 WB Not as prolific as normal, but didn’t waste many of his 21 possessions. 6
18 Rich Came into game late in first term and then a force. Dominant in last term. 8
19 Syd On the end of heavy bump from Roberts Thomson, but still was handy. 6
20 Bris Shadowed by Raines but still managed to have an impact. Seems to be sore. 7
21 Ess Huge influence – seven clearances, six tackles, five inside-50s. 8
22 GCS Got plenty of the footy and tried all night. 7
23 StK Well held by Montagna for most of the day. 5