#27   Hawthorn

Age: 23yr 5mth Games: 2 Born: Jun 03, 2021
Height: 202cm Weight: 105kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Got through pre-season but very quiet in both games. Faces task to unseat McEvoy/Vickery in ruck role.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

4 VFL Dominated against the young, slender English in the ruck. Gave midfielders first crack.
5 VFL Set the tone in the ruck with his attack on the ball. 20 possessions and 26 hitouts against Coburg.
6 VFL Battled a bit earlly in ruck, then unsighted as his was sore, from all reports.
7   Rested.  
8 VFL Tried valiently in the ruck, but was beaten on the day by Tiger talls.
9 VFL One of his better ruck game, 45 hitouts and helped give Box Hill first use.
10   Bye.  
11 VFL Did well in the ruck with 47 hitouts, but still trying to find ways to impact the game around the ground.
12 VFL Huge effort in ruck wioth 54 htiouts. Got more of the ball than normal too – 17 possessions.
13   Bye.  
14 VFL More than held his own against Spencer in the ruck. 32 hitouts.
15 VFL Got the better of the ruck duel with Korcheck in the end. 41 hitouts.
16 VFL Kicked a goal and had 23 possessions, but wasn’t his best outing.
17   Didn’t play for Box Hill Hawks.  
18 VFL Really threw his body around in the ruck against Goldstein. Massive with 49 hitouts.
19 VFL Competed well in the ruck. Best thing about his game was his was his contested marking and his ability to get back and help backline.
20 VFL Got the better of Abbott in the ruck duel. Tackled well when the ball hit the deck.
21 VFL Got the better of Draper in ruck contest and pushed forward at times to take marks.
22   Senior emergency.  
23 VFL Got the better of ruck battle with Blues big men. 41 hitouts and 15 possessions.

2016 Season

1 Geel On debut as a late inclusion for Ceglar and took first bounce but looked out of his depth. 3
2   Played in VFL trial against Casey.  
3 VFL Good battle in the ruck and showed the value of senior exposure.
4 VFL Enjoyed a good battle with Meese and helped swing things Hawks’ way.
5 VFL 37 hitouts opposed to Goodwin in ruck. Developing well.
6   Late withdrawal.  
7 VFL Bye.
8 VFL Beaten in ruck by Preuss in pivotal battle in the end.
9 VFL Good battle in ruck with Spencer. Held his own but faded a bit in final term.
10 VFL Bye.
11 VFL Edged in ruck battle by Stephenson but competed hard enough.
13 VFL Had 34 hit-outs but didn’t take a single mark in battle with Vardy and Lucey.
14   Didn’t play for Box Hill Hawks.  
15 VFL Bye.
16 VFL Toiled all day in the ruck (20 hit-outs). Laid an impressive 11 tackles.
17 VFL Lot of hit-outs and won a bit of ball for a ruckman but not outstanding.
18 VFL Battled to have an impact in ruck and around the ground.
19 VFL Struggled in the ruck contests with 19 hit-outs opposed to Minson.
20 VFL OK in ruck against Preuss, but beat the big Roos around the ground.
21 VFL Tried hard in battle against Longer and Pierce. Had 20 hitouts.
22 VFL Had hands full in battle with Witts in ruck. Big task in replacing Ceglar.
23 Coll Struggled all day. Likely to make way for McEvoy in the final. 2

2015 Season

3 VFL Did a bit of ruck work but was out-bodied fairly easily.
4 VFL 37 hitouts opposed to Goodwin. Did well for a youngster.
5 VFL Bye.
6   Rested.  
7 VFL Tried hard against bigger opponents in ruck. Good experience.
8 VFL Had trouble with the bigger-bodied Holmes in ruck.
9 VFL Struggled against Kreuzer in the ruck. 18 hitouts.
10 VFL Started in attack and kicked a goal. Did OK in ruck too.
11 VFL Bye.
12 VFL Limited ruck time with McEvoy in team. Nine hitouts.
13 VFL 13 hitouts but still struggling to find ball around ground.
14 VFL Five touches and 17 hitouts playing support role to McEvoy.
15 VFL Kicked a goal and had some time in ruck. Quiet.
16 VFL Used height to advantage in attack to end with two goals.
17 VFL Rucked and went forward with limited effect.
18 VFL No real impact on the game.
19 VFL Tried hard in ruck against Jamar and Spencer.
20 VFL Competed well against Simpson to have 31 hitouts.
21 VFL Wasn’t really a factor in ruck battle. 19 hitouts.
22 VFL Tough outing in the ruck. Beaten convincingly.
23 VFL Combined with Ceglar to tackle Minson. Just fair.
SF VFL On and off ground un second half. Beaten in ruck.