#12   Essendon

Age: 31yr 10mth Games: 105 Born: May 21, 2021
Height: 178cm Weight: 81kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Underrated defender looking to be in the team for Sunday’s clash with Geelong after missing last match.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Haw Had task on Puopolo/Rioli and stuck to it very well. Ankle tweak in final term. 7
2 Bris Cleaned up well in a sweeping role across half back, while minding several Lions small forwards including Robinson. 6
3 Carl Didn’t get into the game as a rebounder. Had eight disposals for the day and ended match with cranium heavily taped. 2
4 Adel Nightmare of a game with Eddie Betts running riot. 4
5 Coll Big job on the energetic Fasolo and worked him out of the game. Fine last quarter filling the hole. 7
6 Melb Took Garlett for long periods and battled hard, but the Dee goalsneak snagged three goals. 5
7 Frem Good job on the small forwards. Stuck to his task. 5
8 Geel Took Menzel and for the most part he had that match-up covered. Not much offensively but handy. 6
9 WCE Stuck to his task down back on LeCras and co. Played a handy role. 7
10 Rich Took Rioli and won that battle. Grabbed 18 disposals to boot so certainly played his role. 7
11 GWS Had big job on Greene for long periods and stuck to his task well enough. 5
12 Port Only one first term possession and given a bath by Robbie Gray in opening hour. Better late. 3
13   Bye.  
14 Syd Had some important spoils and contests and threw himself at the footy when needed. 7
15 Bris Stuck to his guns in the backline for a low key job. 5
16 Coll Had Fasolo on the day and he kicked four goals so probably lowered his colours to a degree; 14 disposals. 4
17 StK Low key job in back pocket and did his bit. 5
18 NM Quiet afternoon just 10 disposals and one mark. Little influence on the result. 4
19 WB Had job on Picken for long periods and did a pretty good job considering the supply. 7
20 Carl Stick-to-glue type defender who did his bit, although Wright kicked three goals. 4
21   Senior emergency.  
22 GCS Played on Martin at times and kept him to just one goal, and collected 25 possessions himself. 6
23 Frem Copped a knock but bounced back and took a great mark. Steady enough in defence. 7
EF Syd Had job on Papley and actually did a relatively good job given how game transpired. 5

2016 Season

1 GCS Copped a whack to the head early on but fought on to be solid. 5
2 Melb Given task on Garlett and kept him to two goals from six kicks in a fine effort. 7
3 Port Played as the plus-one in defence and took five intercept marks. 5
4 Geel Steady performance highlighted by four rebound 50s and precise ball use. 6
5 Coll Can’t question work ethic and toiled hard in defence. 4
6   Soreness.  
7 Syd Did some good things in the forward half, but was wasteful in front of goal with three behinds. 4
8 NM Close to side’s best. Had Thomas covered all match and rebounded strongly when able. 7
9 StK Worked tirelessly at both ends. A goal-square mark produced his first goal since 2013. 7
10 Rich Played forward in first half without success then looked sharper when returned to defence. 4
11 Frem Being a small forward wasn’t easy with the amount of footy coming in. 4
12   Knee.  
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23   Knee.  

2015 Season

1 Syd OK deep in defence. 5
2 Haw Had the job on Breust and kept him relatively quiet. 6
3 Carl Did his bit in the back half. Doesn’t get credit but keeps bobbing up. 6
4 Coll Had Elliott at times and won a lot of the footy. Among the best. 7
5 StK Had some testing times against Billings. 4
6 Frem Did a good job on Ballantyne. Kept him in check. 6
7 NM Only four touches after half time and couldn’t get hands to the ball. 4
8 Bris Found Green a handful early but then settled down to effective game. 5
9 Rich Battled manfully and was hard and tough at the contest. 6
10 Geel Had Motlop at times and ball just came down to fast to do the job. 4
11 WCE Put his body on the line and won plenty of the ball in defence. 5
13 Haw Good defensively at times and that was his main task. Not much offensively. 5
14 StK Weller matched up on him. Under attack all day. 3
15 Melb Had the better of Garlett in an engrossing battle. Big game. 7
16 NM Did a decent job on Higgins and provided good support to other defenders. 7
17 Port Kept Wingard under wraps early but then the Port star lifted. 5
18 WB Battled hard but swamped as the Dogs pounded the ball forward. 6
19 GWS Arguably Essendon's best down back. Rebounded well and never gave in. 7
20 Adel Had task on Betts and despite conceding five goals was not the worst. 4
21 GCS Solid across half back, and rebound was good. 5
22 Rich Worked hard to defend the back end. Five rebound 50s, seven tackles. 6
23 Coll Took Elliott and did a fine job restricting his influence close to goal. 6

2014 Season

1 NM Steady as ever in the backline. 5
2 Haw Took Bruest and had him covered for the most part in a solid display. 7
3 Carl Had it on a string down back and barely made a mistake. 7
4 Frem Gave Ballantyne too much freedom at times. Won ball well himself though. 5
5 StK Picked up Templeton initially and worked hard in a defence under the pump. 6
6 Coll Steadily went about amassing 11 contested possessions. Defended stoutly. 7
7 WB Put his body on the line late in a big contest. Good for most of the game. 6
8 Bris Hard worker down back. 5
9 Syd Gave decent drive from the back half but wasn’t able to stem Swans tide. 5
11 Rich Did what was required in defence and was solid with ball in hand. 5
12 GWS Kept busy down back all night but stood firm. 6
13 Melb Struggled to contain Kent and made some costly late errors. 4
14 Adel Played on Betts. The Crow kicked three goals and gave several away. 4
15   Back.  
16 Port Great tackle on Monfries in the final minutes went unrewarded. 4
17 Coll Gritty worker down back and spent unexpectedly large time on Swan. 5
18 WB Ran with Dahlhaus who got away at times but he stuck to the task pretty well. 5
19 Syd Delivered the ball well running off half back. 6
20 Rich Steady defensively on variety of opponents and worked in patches offensively. 5
21 WCE Did some crucial things down back. 6
22 GCS Steady without starring down back. Role player who didn’t make a mistake. 6
23 Carl Played usual lockdown role with good effect. Also provided good rebound. 6
EF NM Started on Thomas and kept a tight clamp, but Roo bagged three goals. 6

2013 Season

1 Adel Low key in defence, but battled along 5
2 Melb Laid six tackles and defended strongly when required. 6
3   Ankle.  
4 StK Did a good job on Milne and limited his opportunities. 6
5 Coll Shaky at times early but settled down and contributed well in defence. 5
6 GWS Had it 23 times playing in a back pocket. Kicked the last goal of the game. 6
7 Geel Struggled to influence the flow of the game from defence. 4
8 Bris Plodded away in defence without standing out. Not a lot of run. 4
9 Rich Not big numbers but did a good lockdown role on Richmond’s small forwards. 5
10 Syd Matched on McGlynn and stuck to his task. 4
11 Carl Stood firm in first half down back when under siege. 7
12 GCS Had his hands full with Brown at times but stuck to the task fairly well. 5
14 WCE Calm type in defence. Started on Schofield and ended up on Le Cras. 5
15 Port Kept Neade very quiet and played his part without being a standout. 5
16 WB Steady in what he did down back but not much going other way. 5
17 GWS The mature-age defender put in another solid display in his highly consistent season. 5
18 Haw Had Breust (two goals) in good battle. Certainly not disgraced. 6
19 Coll Had task on Elliott (three goals). Stuck to his guns on a tough day. 5
20 WCE Troubled by LeCras early but settled into his work until the Eagle caught fire late. 6
21 NM Matched on dangerous Thomas and kept close. 5
22 Carl Kept Betts in check and provided some great run from defence. 7
23 Rich Worked hard in a defensive role on King and although the Tiger kicked two, did OK. 5

2012 Season

1 VFL Solid showing against his old side. Composed effort.
2 VFL Solid game in the back half. Mopped up well.
3 VFL Slow start but had a good final term across half back.
5 VFL Mopped up across half back and through the middle. Fair.
6 VFL Strong game in defence for Bendigo.
8 VFL Mopped up well across half back.
10 VFL Another solid game across half back.
11 VFL Again among the best. Knocking the door down.
13 VFL Another sterling display in the back half.
15 VFL Not his best showing but still contributed.
16 Port Mature age rookie playing his first senior AFL game and didn’t disappoint. 7
17 Geel Battled away. Appears to have no left foot. 3
18 Haw Handy defender in first half and had a reasonable night. 5
19 Adel Mature age rookie taking the most of his opportunities with so many injuries. 4
20 NM Made to run in role on Garlett 4
21 VFL Did well in the defensive half again.
22 Rich Defender wasn’t the worst in first half. Battled on. 5
23 Coll Picked up Krakouer early. Didn’t win a heap of it but did his job. 5