#46   Geelong

Age: 27yr 12mth Games: 111 Born: Mar 28, 2021
Height: 198cm Weight: 100kg Position:

2017 Digest:   How will abolishment of third-man up affect the Cat? Battled knee injury Jan/Feb but played opening two JLT matches.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Frem Struggled to get into the game for long periods. Handy enough when opposed to Fyfe around stoppages. 4
2 NM Got going late in second term but overall he was only a bit player; 14 effective disposals and three tackles. 4
3 Melb Huge first term (10 disposals, 2 goals) then he went as cold until term when had five touches. 6
4 Haw Quiet first half (one kick) and theme continued until copped shin injury in second half and was taken off the ground. 3
5 StK Five effective disposals in first half and theme continued. Opened up a butcher shop at one stage he was so poor. 2
6 Coll Another poor day in the middle. At some point coaching staff will work out he can’t play midfield to save himself; 9 eff disposals. 2
7 GCS At some point he has to find his way back to the VFL. Thrashed in ruck and had four kicks for the night. 1
8 Ess Copped a knee injury but to that point was a non-factor for third week in a row. Playing midfield he had four kicks, no tackles. 1
9 WB Much better effort without starring; 18 possessions but only nine were effective. Four tackles, one clearance. 4
10 Port Played best game for some time. Hands were cleaner and marked the ball well at times; 19 disposals and five inside-50s. One goal. 7
11 Adel Tagged Sloane and won the battle comprehensively. Had 18 disposals himself and kept Sloane to 23 nondescript touches. 7
12   Bye.  
13   Soreness.  
14 Frem Won a bit of the ball (21 disposals) but a number failed to got the target. Nine tackles and three clearances. 5
15 GWS Battled super hard all night. Six tackles and kept pushing the team forward all night; 17 disposals. 7
16 Bris Proved to be a mis-match for the Lions. Kicked three goals and easily had the better of Lester and Bastinac. 7
17 Haw Went to Mitchell after quarter time but had trouble containing him. Quiet offensively with 16 possessions. 5
18 Adel Battled hard when others were struggling until injured knee in third term and did not return. 5
19   Ankle.  
20   Ankle.  
21   Ankle.  
22   Ankle.  
23 GWS Good effort first-up after injury. Didn’t make any mistakes and got better the longer the game went. 5
QF Rich Horrid first half and successfully continued the theme in second half; nine effective disposals and four tackles. 3
SF Syd Disposal efficiency down but workrate high and stopped Kennedy. Laid 14 tackles. 7
PF Adel Struggled. Fumbled, looked slow and was hammered in his midfield match up. 2

2016 Season

1 Haw Monster effort in the middle highlighted by 10 contested possessions. 7
2 GWS Among best with two second-term goals and six tackles. Output stout all afternoon. 7
3 Bris Steady contributor with four inside-50s and a goal. Handy. 6
4 Ess Quiet one by his standards. One inside-50 and one clearance. 4
5 Port Laid 12 tackles and that kept him involved in the game. Three inside-50s and three clearances. 5
6 GCS Played a secondary role but still contributed five clearances and six inside-50s. 7
7 WCE Played supporting roles to others and did that OK without starring. Ten tackles. 6
8 Adel Hardly sighted in opening half (five disp). Did lift in second half – 11 tackles. 5
9 Coll Quiet one. Always under pressure with everything he did but kept trying. 5
10 Carl Tagged Cripps in first half and OK in that role. Struggled second half. 3
11 GWS Relieved of tagging duties to grab four clearances. Only four kicks and no inside-50s. 5
12 NM Better effort highlighted by four clearances. Did make one horrible mistake but handy. 6
13 WB Shadowed Bontempelli for parts of the night and handy in that role. Twelve tackles. 6
14 StK Couple of poor turnovers dampened his impact. One inside-50, one clearance. 5
16 Syd Run of outs continues. Rarely got near it and might be due for a spell in VFL. 3
17 Frem Struggled again. Five kicks and on current trajectory is heading to VFL. 2
18 Adel Struggles continue but worked into game late. Decision-making improved. 5
19 WB Struggled throughout. Decision-making is way off and indecisive. 3
20 Ess Won more ball than recent weeks and while not at best it was a step the right way. 6
21 Rich At some point his name has to come up at selection. Lifted late but struggling. 3
22 Bris One inside-50 and one goal but form still a big concern. Looks uncertain. 4
23 Melb Best game since early in season. Clean hands and impact a highlight. 7
QF Haw Mixed good and bad. Still uncertain with ball use but did lay six tackles. 5
PF Syd Seemed indecisive and looked out of his depth. 2

2015 Season

1 Haw Solid all day slipping back into defence and among the Cats’ better players. 6
2 Frem Battled hard in defence. One of few Cats to play consistently in both losses. 6
3 GCS Started in defence then thrown into the midfield in second half and did well. 7
4 NM Great first term (11 disposals) then Roos able to restrict his influence. 6
5 Rich Celebrated 50th game with a solid game. Third-man-up work solid. 6
6 Coll Gets better and better through midfield – 15 contested possessions. 8
7 Syd Beaten in then middle by Kennedy among others but still gave something. 6
8 Carl Continues to surprise. Won 16 contested possessions, seven clearances. 8
9 WCE Not as prolific as previous weeks. Had to ruck solo for entire second half. 5
10 Ess Took ruck duties but most effective around the ground. Among best. 7
11 Port Tackled hard and a presence around the ball. Played a role. 6
12 Melb Among better Cats with six clearances and 13 tackles. Played with intensity. 8
15 NM Struggled in first half then did lift but short of best. Two inside-50s. 5
16 WB Work around the ground troubled Campbell and was a key performer. 7
17 GWS Possession count down but handy in the ruck with seven hit-outs to advantage. 5
18 Bris Great first half helped set up lead. Able to hurt Lions with his run. 6
19 Syd Won ruck battle with his athleticism. Five clearances and 20 hit-outs. 7
20 Haw Matched Hale/McEvoy in the ruck but not huge around the ground. 5
21 StK Not really a factor at any stage. Two inside-50s and no clearances. 3
22 Coll Tried hard and one of the better Cats. Could win best and fairest. 7
23 Adel No match for Jacobs in ruck. Played one of his quieter games of year. 4

2014 Season

1 Adel Sub. On midway through third term and grabbed six disposals. 2
2 Bris Ran well and attacked the ball well throughout. Solid effort playing everywhere. 6
3 Coll Sub. Missed two gettable chances that would have helped his cause. 2
4 WCE Had some good moments. Nothing flashy but played a small role. 4
5 Haw Off a wing and drifted forward but didn’t win enough ball to impact. 3
6 Port Work-rate good but has to get himself into more dangerous positions. 4
7 Rich Sub. Limited influence when swung into the ruck in final term. 1
9 Frem Next phase of development is to use endurance to find ball in space. 3
10 NM Sub. On to start second term and played as a deep defender on Daw. 6
11 Syd Only real positive for Cats. Took seven marks and mopped up down back. 7
12 Carl Pinch-hit in the ruck and also used in defence. Handy first half then faded. 5
13 StK Given great experience playing on Riewoldt in second half. Six marks. 6
14 GCS Used down back and OK then pushed into the ruck but didn’t impact. 3
15 Ess Solid first and third quarters. Adding layers to his game. 6
16 WB Great first term (7 disposals) then drifted out of game when rain hit. 4
17 Melb Roamed around well between the arcs but only six touches after quarter time. 4
18   Rested.  
19 NM Stats not huge but with every minute he plays his career moves forward. 5
20 Frem Did some good things around the footy but no match in the ruck. 5
21 Carl Easily in the best. Ran Wood into ground and got into dangerous positions. 7
22 Haw Another strong effort. Starting to get into better positions to win the ball. 6
23 Bris Quiet game after a big month. Just three kicks and rarely dangerous. 4
QF Haw Rose to occasion with a solid performance but did find Hill tough when on him. 6
SF NM Well beaten in the ruck and failed to get hand to ball around the ground. 3

2013 Season

1 Haw Ran around like a giraffe but competed well when he had to. 2
2 NM Real improvement on first outing. Used ball well when he got it. 4
3 Carl Ran hard and linked well at times. Showed some hardness to boot. 4
4 Syd Getting better with every minute. Showed a real appetite for the contest. 3
5 WB Coach suggested he might need a rest and it could be this week. 2
6 Rich Really struggled early but worked way into game after the main break. 3
7 Ess Starting to look a player. Kicked two goals and used his body well at times. 5
8 Coll Teammates should have used him at times but didn’t. 2
9 Port Work-rate great and really involved in the game all day. 5
10 GCS In just his 10th game led side in clearances and contested poss. Sky is the limit. 8
11   Rested.  
13 Bris Really good around the ground. Another positive for Cats. Looked cool. 6
14 Frem Had a role on M. Johnson at times and did it well. Played his part. 5
15 Haw Great goal first term off the left side. Rucked solo for last 40 minutes. 5
16 Melb Coach experimented with him in defence at times. Development continues. 5
17 Adel Attacked ball well in the air and while stats not huge did some nice work. 5
18   Rested.  
19 NM Only two kicks and two hit-outs to advantage. Never a threatening factor. 3
20 VFL Got through the game and got the better of Cameron Wood.
21 WCE Won 12 of his 17 touches in contested fashion and did some nice things. 6
22 Syd Made presence felt around ground at times. Played a small role from ruck/CHF. 5
23 Bris Not a big impact then copped a concussion in final term and day was done. 3
QF Frem Started brightly, held his own around ground. No match in the ruck, though. 5
SF Port Limited touches but used them well and workrate pretty solid. 4
PF Haw Battled hard but fell away after half time where he had only three disposals. 3

2012 Season

18 VFL Worked into the game in first outing of the season.
20 VFL Three goals in just his second VFL game. Marked well.
21 VFL Kicked a goal after three last week. Developing.
22 VFL 11 touches ranging across the half forward line.