#2   North Melbourne

Age: 25yr 8mth Games: 82 Born: Jul 22, 2020
Height: 181cm Weight: 83kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Fiesty former Magpie has immediately stepped into small defensive role. Club hoping he can quell best small forwards.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 WCE Went to Cripps then shifted onto LeCras when he torched McDonald. Kept the Frenchman goalless thereafter. 6
2 Geel Former Magpie kicked a goal late that team might have thought was the sealer. Battled hard down back. 5
3 GWS Big task on the mercurial Greene. Got his hands on the footy a lot (23 touches) and wisely handballed (18) more than he kicked. 5
4 WB Small defender plugged away as he rotated on a number of opponents. Not huge but not the worst. 5
5 Frem Fantastic job on Walters. Kept him quiet all night. 7
6 GCS Hard worker in defence and always did something positive with the ball when he won it. 5
7 Adel Big task on Betts and although the little Crow got three goals, he can be pleased with his efforts. 6
8 Syd Ran strongly and wasn’t the worst in Roos colours. 5
9 Melb Had job Garlett and kept him to six kicks and no goals in a fine defensive effort. Had 16 touches himself. 8
10 Carl Has fitted well in North’s defence. Provided good dash from half back and generally used it well but failed to lay a tackle. 6
11 Rich One of the better Roos. Defended well and when he could worked off his opponent to provide some rebound. 7
12   Bye.  
13 StK Worked hard and was always running in defence and had a brief go up forward. 6
14 WB Didn’t win as much ball as he has been (12 touch) but defended well when he had to and kept working. 6
15   Back.  
16   Back.  
17   Back.  
18   Back.  
19   Back.  
20   Back.  
21   Back.  
22   Back.  
23   Back.  

2016 Season

Played for : Collingwood

1 Syd OK out of the back pocket but not a lot of penetration from his possessions. 5
2 Rich Made a few mistakes but couldn’t question commitment to the contest. Five tackles, six rebound 50s. 5
3 StK Injured leg early and while tried to come back he was done by half time. 1
4   Foot.  
5   Foot.  
6   Foot.  
7   Foot.  
8   Foot.  
9 VFL Sat out the first quarter then worked into the game on return from injury.
10 VFL Bye.
11 VFL Made some bad errors coming out of defence but played well late when it mattered.
12 Melb Plugged holes down back all day but lacked support. Not the worst. 6
14 Frem Solid game and created moves from half back. 6
15 Carl Only seven possessions but defence has a harder edge when he’s playing. 3
16 VFL Among Pies’ best. Fought hard in close to win 13 contested possessions.
17 VFL Nuggetty defender won plenty of the pill and used it pretty well. Handy.
18 NM A fair contributor in defence. Heated clash with Thomas didn’t help. Battling. 4
19 WCE OK defensively on LeCras, but disposal and decisions at times were sub-standard. 4
20 Rich Hardly sighted. Three kicks not enough from usually attacking player. 3
21 VFL Ball use was much better coming out of defence. 24 possessions.
22 GCS Late inclusion for Goldsack having also played in VFL and was much better in back half. 6
23 Haw Rotated through small forwards and did what he could to rebound. Turned it over a lot. 4

2015 Season

Played for : Collingwood

1 Bris Best work in last quarter when Magpies were desperately trying to hang on. 5
2 Adel Intriguing battle with Betts who kept him honest. Worked hard. 6
3 StK OK on Saad without having a big say in the game. 4
4 Ess Among the better Pies with an even performance at half back. 7
5 Carl Lively in the backline. Turned a few over but just kept buttering up. 7
6 Geel A few good moments and fought it out as always. 5
7 Rich Worked hard to provide some run and rebound from the back 50. 7
8 GCS Constantly won the ball back for the Pies. Had Matera's measure. 8
9 NM Found Nahas a bit nippy and clever at stages but competed well. 5
10 Melb Didn’t set game alight but did some good things from the back half. 6
11 GWS Gave good dash from defence and read ball well in air. 7
13 Frem Among the best. Pies tried to use him as the rebounder and it worked OK. 8
14 Haw Very confident game – constantly prepared to back himself. 7
15   Personal leave.  
16 WCE Busy in defence on Le Cras and in excellent touch. 7
17 WB Steady without starring in defence. 6
18 Melb Defender provided a few dashes through the middle of the ground. 6
19 Carl OK in defence without being a standout. 5
20 Syd Not a great start and things didn’t go his way but kept battling. Big goal late. 5
21 Rich Great game. Defended bravely, won the ball and did what he could all day. 7
22 Geel Great form continues. Rebounded with authority and work-rate first class. 7
23   Hamstring.  

2014 Season

Played for : Collingwood

1   Personal leave.  
2   Personal leave.  
3   Personal leave.  
4   Personal leave.  
5   Personal leave.  
6 VFL Returned from enforced layoff and was composed down back.
7 Carl Did enough in his return game. Adds energy to the back six. 5
9 Adel Battled Cameron who got away from him at times after quarter time. 5
10 WCE Cripps kicked three goals but he often drove the ball out of defence. 6
11 StK Ran well off half back and one of many who got better as game progressed. 8
12 Melb Had Salem beaten then did likewise to Kennedy-Harris in final term. 6
13 WB His run from defence was vital. It gave the team life. 6
14 Haw Battled manfully against Rioli but couldn't stop him getting off the chain. 5
15   Ankle.  
16 GCS Nothing flashy but performed role required of him. 5
17 Ess Showed great desperation under pressure down back 6
18 Adel Betts got off the chain in first quarter then he got on top. Kicking astray. 6
19 Port Defensively superb on Gray when he was forward. Handy offensively at times. 7
20 WCE Took Cripps for a lot of the day and did pretty well in that battle. Battled hard. 6
21 Bris Plugged away down back on variety of opponents including Green. Goer. 7
22 GWS Shifted into the middle and showed he has more strings to his bow. Good. 6
23 Haw Used as shadow player in the midfield but got swamped. Ineffective. 3

2013 Season

Played for : Collingwood

1   Rested.  
2   Injured.  
3 VFL Rarely sighted, will need to lift to play senior footy.
4 VFL One of his better games so far this year. 23 touches.
5 VFL Rebounded well from half back. A chance to take Toovey’s spot.
6 VFL Rebounded well at times at half back but needed to do more.
7 VFL Bye.
8 Geel Just four kicks from defence. Defended OK but not much going other way. 3
9 Syd Had Bolton and Jetta at various stages. Far from the worst. 5
10 Bris OK as a part of the Pies back six but wasn’t a standout. 5
11 Melb Went with Davey and had him covered for most of the day. Strong effort. 6
12 WB On Smith. Moved well and was impressive coming out of defence. 6
14 Port Run and carry was a highlight for Magpie fans. Defensive forward role later. 5
15 Carl Kept Yarran kickless in the first half and was stout defensively. 7
16 Adel Some good work in defence in air and on ground. Drifted down for a nice goal. 7
17 GCS Impressed with his pace of the half back line and got plenty of the footy. 7
18 GWS Didn’t do a whole lot wrong defensively and was clean with ball in hand. 6
19 Ess Steady defensive effort. Improving with every minute he plays. 6
20 Syd The youngster continued his impressive recent form out of the backline. 6
21 Haw Had the job on Puopolo and whilst doing a few nice things, was shaded on the night. 4
22 WCE Repelled well when ball came into his area and always kept his feet. Improving steadily. 6
23 NM Good first half (10 disp) then faded right out after half time. 5
EF Port Played with zest and energy in defence. Pushed forward for a goal too. 6

2012 Season

Played for : Collingwood

1 VFL Hurt a shoulder in the last term.
2 VFL Good game. Won his own ball and dished it out.
3 VFL Showed clean hands at the stoppages at times.
5 VFL Impressed again. Used ball well and created play.
7 VFL One of the Magpies best. Used the ball well all day.
9 Adel Made his debut and didn’t look out of place – promising start. 4
10 GCS Had Ablett at times and showed he isn’t frightened to take game on. 6
11 Melb Didn’t really get asked too many pressing questions but stood up OK. 4
13 WCE A little outgunned in this company but fought on and won some touches. 4
14 Frem Had a few dust-ups with Ballantyne but his second efforts stood out. 5
15 Carl Injured collarbone early in second term but returned. Then off again. 2