#21   GWS Giants

Age: 26yr 1mth Games: 41 Born: Oct 19, 2020
Height: 189cm Weight: 84kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Strength of list is exemplified by the fact a former No.3 draft pick with five years experience is on the fringe of the best 22.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Adel Provided outside run from the Giants defensive 50. 4
2 GCS Didn’t have a great deal to do down back but was okay. 4
3   Late withdrawal.  
4   Knee.  
5   Knee.  
6   Knee.  
7   Knee.  
8   Knee.  
9   Knee.  
10   Knee.  
11   Knee.  
12   Knee.  
13   Knee.  
14   Knee.  
15   Knee.  
16   Knee.  
17   Knee.  
18   Knee.  
19   Knee.  
20   Knee.  
21   Knee.  
22   Knee.  
23   Knee.  
QF   Knee.  
SF   Knee.  
PF   Knee.  

2016 Season

1 Melb Defensively stout switching on a variety of players. Role player who did it well. 5
2 Geel Did a fine job stopping Kersten and in one-on-ones he excelled. Solid defensive effort. 6
3   Hamstring.  
4 Port Defended admirably on a range of forwards. 4
5 StK Not overly prominent down back but held firm when required. 4
6 Haw Stationed in defence as usual and was solid. Showed clean hands to get a few chains started. 6
7 Frem Aggressive in defence with his attack on the ball and run. 6
8 GCS Serviceable effort in defence and found a lot of space with eight marks. 4
9 WB Left concussed after a big hit from Jong in the first term and took no further part. 0
10   Concussion.  
11 Geel Battled McCarthy and for most part was solid. Offensively didn’t get involved to any great degree. 4
12 Syd Strong contributor in the back half who always made a contest. 5
13 Ess Had all sorts of trouble on Fantasia who kicked four goals. Not a great day. 2
14 Carl Played his part in backline before spending the last term on the bench with a hamstring injury. 4
15   Hamstring.  
16   Hamstring.  
17   Hamstring.  
18 NEAFL Promising return from injury. Took a game-high 11 marks and laid seven tackles.
19 NEAFL Bye.
20 NEAFL Strong outing. Used it very well out of the back half.
21 NEAFL Solid all-round performance. 33 possessions (14 contested), four inside-50s.
22 NEAFL Stress-free day in back half. Didn’t waste any of his 10 disposals.
23   Concussion.  
QF NEAFL Did the job required down back in thrilling Grand Final triumph.

2015 Season

2 NEAFL Marshalled the troops down back against the Suns.
3 NEAFL Rarely beaten in defence. Strong effort.
4 NEAFL Solid again down back. 16 possessions.
5 NEAFL Good effort down back. Competed strongly.
6 Haw Roamed across half back but couldn’t impose himself on the game. 3
7 Carl Played his role down back picking up Bell amongst others. 5
8 Adel Provided aerial support in defence. Nine marks – many from Crow kicks. 6
9 WB Limited output. 3
10 Bris OK down back following Robinson and rotating midfielder. 5
11 Coll Started on Fasolo early then shifted to White, then Cloke. Cleaned up Patfull. 5
12 NM Battled hard opposed to Waite despite sore shoulder. 6
14 Rich Took Griffiths and had him beaten. Did well as undersized defender. 5
15 StK Prominent in defence on Membey but too many up-and-under kicks. 5
16 GCS Copped a big head knock in last quarter. OK until then. 5
17   Concussion.  
18 Frem Concussed early in the match and couldn’t return. 1
19   Concussion.  
20   Concussion.  
21   Concussion.  
22 NEAFL Back after concussion and was fair in back half.
23 NEAFL Bye.

2014 Season

1 PM Kicked a goal and attacked the ball hard.
2 NEAFL Worked well in defence.
3 NEAFL Solid in defence for the Giants.
4 NEAFL Best game for the year thus far.
5 NEAFL Bye.
6 NEAFL Continued good form with 28 touches.
7 Port Lined up mostly on Wingard, and did a terrific job. 7
8 WCE Forced to battle out of his weight and height division in defence. 4
10 NEAFL Solid in defence and broke the lines.
11 NEAFL Serviceable down back.
12 NEAFL Solid down back.
13 NEAFL Among Giants’ best down back.
14 NEAFL Bye.
15 NEAFL Played down back and was very good.
16 NEAFL 23 touches and a goal running off half-back.
17 Frem Showed some composure down back without setting game alight. 4
18   Calf.  
19   Calf.  
20 NM Gave away centimetres at times to Black and co. but defended fairly well. 5
21 Melb Had to go to Dawes when Davis went down and did fine job. Great one-on-one. 7
22 Coll Had the job on Fasolo and stuck to it well. 15 touches of his own. 5
23 WB Beaten by Stringer down back and was hesitant on occasions. 4

2013 Season

1   Lung.  
2   Lung.  
3   Lung.  
4 NEAFL First game back from punctured lung and got through OK.
5 NEAFL Impressed at half back and through midfield.
6 NEAFL Bye.
7 NEAFL Worked hard but unable to stem the Swans flow.
8 NEAFL Best for the Giants in heavy loss to Brisbane.
9 WCE Took an important step in his first game back from a punctured lung. 4
10 Carl Saw little of the pill. 3
11 NEAFL Forced to play on a taller opponent and did quite well.
12 NEAFL OK without starring in close loss to Gold Coast.
13 NEAFL Bye.
14 NEAFL Good defensively and provided a cool head when under pressure.
15 NEAFL Dropped off well to support others, then rebounded well.
16 NEAFL Strong game in the Giants defence. Helped keep the Swans at bay.
17 NEAFL Bye.
18 NEAFL Solid in defence despite Gold Coast finishing all over UWS.
19 NEAFL Played as a spare early and had a constructive second half.
20 NEAFL A standout with nine uncontested marks across half back.
21 NEAFL Gave some drive off half back but not as prominent as past weeks.
22 NEAFL Solid effort down back to help repel Eastlake attacks.
23 GCS Had a big first half before fading after half time. 6

2012 Season

2 NEAFL Still regaining match fitness after pre-season injury.
3 NEAFL Second game back. Got through OK.
4 NEAFL Strong showing. Like Adams, not far off an AFL debut.
7 NEAFL Solid defenders game and went through the middle.
8 Bris Never got much of a chance to get into the game. 3
13 NEAFL Only fair across half back. Will improve.
14 NEAFL Still trying to hit top form.
15 NEAFL Played well across half back.
16 NEAFL Played his role when required.
18 NEAFL OK game. Taking his time to find his feet.
19 Port Performed reasonably well on his return to the team, including 14 touches. 4
20 GCS Played his role. 4
21 Melb Started in a back pocket and had a very quiet afternoon. 3
22 StK Sub came on in third term for McDonald and had 13 touches.. 3
23 NM Among his better performances in a difficult debut season. 4