Age: 34yr 5mth Games: 241 Born: Mar 21, 2021
Height: 184cm Weight: 90kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Star midfielder will relish having Mitchell alongside him and looks set for another big year if pre-season outings are any guide.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 NM Relished having Mitchell riding shotgun to ease the load inside the contest. Six clearances and five tackles. 7
2 StK Tough amid congestion. Won a lot of hard balls and fed them out to the runners. 6
3 Rich Was up against Martin in a midfield battle for most of the game, and was beaten thoroughly. Quiet game to his standards 6
4 Syd Had four first-half clearances and won the ball well in tight. Good numbers and played his role, but not his best. 6
5 Haw Precision handballing caught the eye in early exchanges, but couldn’t cover the ground as well as Hawks opponents. 6
6 Frem Busy all night with 32 touches and one goal. 8
7 Port Kept the Eagles in the game with his brilliant centre clearance work. Won nine clearances and had six inside-50’s. 8
8 WB Laid 10 tackles and that was exactly what the Eagles needed. Also had 24 touches. 7
9 Ess Another key Eagle who was well down on normal output. Outpaced in midfield. 5
10 GWS Only three clearances among his 26 touches. He didn’t hurt the Giants. 6
11 GCS In and under the packs and was another who could hold his head up. 8
12   Bye.  
13 Geel In third term he was the key when the Cats tried to fight way back into the game; 12 tackles, six clearances and four inside-50s. 8
14 Melb His quietest game for the season with only 17 possessions. 5
15   Soreness.  
16 Port Started well and faded. Only two touches in the final term. 5
17 Frem Back to his ball winning self. Won five clearances and laid six tackles. Also kicked one goal. 6
18 Coll No pace but he is still a bull inside with his contested work 6
19   Quad.  
20   Senior emergency.  
21 Carl His 10 tackles were vital for the Eagles and he won five clearances too. His inside work was strong as usual. 6
22 GWS Mountain of work at the coalface. 31 disposals, 15 contested possessions and 10 clearances. 8
23 Adel Tackled and pressured relentlessly. Also won six clearances. 7
EF Port Lack of speed saw him flop on the ball a lot but was in Brownlow form around the ball. 10 tackles to go with 33 touches. 7
SF GWS Just one possession in first quarter with two frees against. Improved, but as slow as a treacle in career finale. 4

2016 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 Bris Brought his own ball. Decided to share it after half time. The dominant onballer. 9
2 Haw Quiet game by his standards in midfield. Unable to get much going. 4
3 Frem Won the Glendinning Medal. Had 10 clearances among 31 disposals. 8
4   Groin.  
5 Syd Started with 12 touch first term , but Kennedy got on top . Disposal wasn’t accurate. 6
6 Coll Didn’t have as much of the footy as usual. Only two clearances. 6
7 Geel Never gave up. Six clearances, 12 contested possessions, six tackles and four inside-50s. 7
8 StK Won every early clearance and destroyed the Saints in the first 15 minutes. 8
9 Port Unassuming performance, still the leading disposal winner in the game with 28. 8
10 GCS Won eight clearances. His contested ball winning was strong. 7
11 WB Battled hard for nine clearances, 20 contested possessions and 12 tackles. 8
12 Adel Can hold his head up. Laid 12 tackles and had eight clearances. 7
13 Bris Had trouble shaking Hanley and later Robinson. Still serviceable despite breaking his beak. 6
15 Ess Laid 10 tackles and won seven clearances. Worked both ways. 7
16 NM The intent to tackle set the tone. Had 12 tackles and five clearances. 7
17 Carl Not best game but still contributed nine clearances and five inside-50s. 7
18 Melb West Coast’s best player both with and without the ball. 8
19 Coll Seven clearances to go with 31 possessions to play steady role, but looked slow in space. 7
20 Frem Won the ball, laid tackles and had five clearances. Quality. 8
21 GWS Slow start but got going after main break to provide valuable support to Shuey. Two goals too. 7
22 Haw Masterful in congestion. Fired the ball out to his runners. 8
23 Adel Quickest hands and brain in the AFL, never makes a mistake with the footy. 8
EF WB Tagged by Jong until he got injured then Liberatore went to him. Little influence. 5

2015 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 WB Racked up stats but only one inside-50s. Did collect eight clearances. 7
2 Carl Continuously won the ball around stoppages and was a driving force. 8
3 Frem Led the Eagles in clearances – six, but was part of a well-beaten midfield group. 5
4 Bris Didn’t seem to have a direct opponent. Directed midfield traffic. 8
5 GWS Standard game. Had 29 touches and laid nine tackles. Does he ever play poorly? 7
6 Port Best on ground with nine clearances, nine tackles and four inside-50s. 8
7 GCS Dominant. Had 39 disposals, two goals, 7 tackles and seven inside 50s. Ran amok. 9
8 StK Couldn’t be quelled by Dunstan and had amazing stat of 25 handballs 7
9 Geel Huge night. Eight clearances and 17 contested possessions. 8
10 NM Won 14 contested possessions and four clearances. Tackled tirelessly too. 7
11 Ess Helped himself to 11 clearances. Superb in tight. 8
12 Rich Plenty of the ball, and tackles. Form may be better than Brownlow year. 7
14 Melb Tagged by Vince, who got the better of him, but still contributed. 5
15 Adel Typical Priddis. Had 35 touches, laid eight tackles and won seven clearances. 8
16 Coll Greenwood matched up on him. Continual output from the middle. 7
17 Syd Racked up stats whenever he felt like it. Seven clearances and 16 CPs. 8
18 GCS Ball magnet who continued to accumulate across four quarters. 8
19 Haw Seven clearances and 17 contested possessions. Played well. 8
20 Frem Strong midfield game against the odds of a dominant opposition ruckman. 7
21 WB High quality game with 37 disposals and seven clearances. 8
22 Adel An average game for his lofty standards; won a game-high 10 clearances. 6
23 StK Laid 10 tackles, won nine clearance and had 35 touches. Impressive. 8
QF   Thigh.  
PF NM Six effective disposals opening half then exploded into action. Key player. 7
GF Haw Four effective disposals to half time and 14 for match. Influence well down. 4

2014 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 WB Shadowed by Boyd but still able to contribute with clearances and a goal. 8
2 Melb Good duel with N. Jones. Very good at the stoppages early on. 7
3 StK Good game and finished on strongly around the ground. 7
4 Geel Always under pressure and didn’t impact the game like he can. Three clearances. 4
5 Port Got plenty of the leather in midfield but wasn’t overly damaging. 6
6 Carl Typically busy. Had 35 disposals and laid five tackles. Tried hard. 7
7 Frem Played the inside midfield role perfectly, had few friends. 7
8 GWS Did his best work in tight with his hands (20 handballs) to set up Eagle attacks. 7
10 Coll Big effort with two goals, 19 contested possessions and seven clearances. 8
11 NM Kept at it and was one of the few Eagles to play at an acceptable level. 7
12 Haw The midfielder leaders. Won clearances, laid tackles and never gave up. 7
13 GCS Stacks of handballs among 32 touches. Suns’ led speed caused him a few issues. 6
14 StK In the thick of it all day mostly firing out handballs. 7
15 Frem Won plenty of ball but kicked it to purple jumpers too often. His biggest knock. 5
16 Syd On fire early but Bird shifted onto him and slowed him a touch. Still good. 7
17 Bris In the thick of it but nine of his 25 touches were deemed ineffective. 7
18 Rich Relished conditions to lead team in contested possessions, tackles and inside-50s 8
19 Adel Along with Gaff and Shuey tore the Crows’ midfield apart. 8
20 Coll Broke Blair shadow early and went on to star – 22 contested possessions huge. 8
21 Ess Not as prolific a usual up until three-quarter time but ran harder than most at end. 6
22 Melb Tagged by Cross and wasn’t able to break free like his usually does. 5
23 GCS Seven tackles, six clearances and 10 contested possessions kept him in the game. 7

2013 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 Frem Strong early opposed to Mundy, but the Docker just shaded him on the night. 7
2 Haw Stats were high as usual but not damaging. 5
3 Melb A typical Priddis performance: 17 contested possessions and 10 clearances. 8
4 Carl Shadowed by Carrazzo early then ran his own race to gather seven clearances. 7
5 Port Left the playing arena after only two minutes and never returned after hitting his head. 1
6 WB Won a heap of the ball despite attention of good tagger in Lower 7
7 Bris Relished the wet conditions. Won 10 clearances and had 29 touches. 8
8 NM Kept on keeping on in midfield against Swallow and was creative by hand. Laid 11 tackles. 7
9 GWS His toughness and ability to win the ball a valuable lesson for the young Giants. 7
10 Rich Started head to head with Martin and then Cotchin. Tackled hard. 5
11 StK Crucial last quarter with plenty of clearances and a vital goal. 7
13 Haw Burrowed in all night in a typically rugged effort – nine tackles, five clearances. 7
14 Ess Excellent early but had less impact in final term. 7
15 Adel 11 clearances and four inside 50s for the ball magnet. 8
16 Frem Won his usual share of the ball but it wasn’t match-turning. 6
17 Syd Busy in the engine room and had few friends willing to help get the ball to advantage. 7
18 WB Played typical consistent game highlighted by 10 clearances and 20 cont poss. 8
19   Calf.  
20 Ess Slow start but ended with seven clearances to wear down the Bombers. 7
21 Geel Got a lot of the ball and won 15 cont poss. Kept plugging. 7
22 Coll Toiled away in typical fashion for 13 cont poss, four clearances, team-high nine tackles. 7
23 Adel Nominally matched on Thompson and both enjoyed a stat-fest. 6

2012 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 WB Grabbed 33 disposals (22 effective) and 17 clearances to be among best. 8
2 Melb Everywhere. Won eight clearances and 16 contested possessions. 8
4 Haw Well held. Had 20 disposals but only two clearances. 5
5 Rich Nine clearances and helped bring others into the game – 24 disposals. 7
6 NM Won nine clearances and had 29 disposals. 8
7 Ess Copped knock and subbed off late in the second term 1
9 Frem Stereotypical Priddis game. Lots of touches, tackles, clearances and a goal. 7
10 Bris Struggled with tag early on but eventually broke free to play a big role. 7
12 Carl Best of Eagles midfielders. 7
13 Coll On Swan initially. Had a lot of it early. Usual high percentage of handballs. 7
14 GCS Had 16 contested possessions and seven clearances. 8
15 NM Prolific ball-winner all day and also kicked lovely low goal. 8
16 Syd Won 10 clearances, laid 14 tackles and had 22 contested possessions. 8
17 Adel Won nine clearances and pivotal when the Eagles pressed forward. 7
18 Bris Had 14 contested possessions, seven clearances and kicked a goal. 7
19 Frem Worked hard but his clearances and tackles weren’t enough. 6
20 Geel Started to get on top as game wore on. Two goals and four clearances. 7
21 Port Just keeps racking up possessions and shrugged off the attempts of his taggers. 8
22 Coll Terrific performance. Had 15 contested possessions and 10 clearances. 7
23 Haw Really quiet first half (zero clearances) then lifted after half time. 6
EF NM Racked up six clearances and five inside-50s to be a damaging player. 8
SF Coll OK without being a significant factor. 5