Age: 32yr 4mth Games: 56 Born: Apr 23, 2021
Height: 195cm Weight: 93kg Position: DEF

2016 Digest:   Put behind the eight-ball early in 2015 with a hamstring problem then had four games in the firsts before another hammy strain. Slight calf strain a couple of weeks ago and has been closely monitored because of that soft tissue history. Has chance to grab Lake’s old spot.

2016 NAB Cup:   Has had another calf issue that saw him on a modified program. A handy back-up who is close to resuming full training, but a while away. yet.s.

2016 Season

Played for : Hawthorn

1   Calf.  
2   Calf.  
3   Calf.  
4   Calf.  
5 VFL Managed through the game then sat out the final stages.
6 VFL Plenty of one-percenters in the back half. Nine possessions too.
7 VFL Bye.
8 VFL Used in back half and was fair. Not banging selection door down though.
9 VFL Covered well in back half at times but wasn’t the influential force has can be.
10 Bris Injured hamstring in the early stages of the first term and took no further part. 0
11   Hamstring.  
13   Hamstring.  
14   Hamstring.  
15   Hamstring.  
16   Hamstring.  
17   Hamstring.  
18   Hamstring.  
19   Hamstring.  
20   Hamstring.  
21   Hamstring.  
22 VFL Finally returned from hamstring injury and was rusty.
23 VFL Ran out in development league then very good in back half in seniors.

2015 Season

Played for : Hawthorn

2   Calf.  
3 VFL Injured hamstring in first term and took no further part.
4   Hamstring.  
5   Hamstring.  
6   Hamstring.  
7   Hamstring.  
8   Hamstring.  
9   Hamstring.  
10 VFL Strong return game in defence. Didn’t miss a beat.
11 VFL Bye.
12 VFL Controlled the air in defence. Ready to return to seniors.
13 VFL Wasn’t beaten one-on-one but pulled up sore.
14 Coll Started on Moore in defence and looked off the pace. Subbed out last change. 3
15 Frem Did his bit down back and got involved in a few chains from defence. 6
16 Syd How many clubs would love to have him? He’s fourth in line at Hawks. 6
17 Carl Going OK until subbed out early in game with a leg injury. 2
18   Hamstring.  
19   Hamstring.  
20   Hamstring.  
21   Hamstring.  
22 VFL Wore a few heavy hits but was OK in back half.
23 VFL Did his job down back and pressed for a call up.
SF VFL Helped keep Sandy at bay for much of day in defence.
PF VFL Unable to get into game at all down back.

2014 Season

Played for : Hawthorn

1   Box Hill didn’t play.  
2 VFL Went well until injuring his calf.
3 Frem Handy fill-in down back and did his bit. 4
4 GCS Picked up Lynch and others but subbed off after ankle injury in third quarter. 7
5   Ankle  
6   Ankle.  
7   Ankle.  
8   Ankle.  
9   Ankle.  
10   Ankle.  
11   Ankle.  
12 WCE Reminded everyone he can play. Took four contested marks. 7
13 Carl Did brilliantly on a variety of opponents. Unlikely to stay in team long-term. 6
14 Coll Played on a number of opponents and also as a loose behind play. Solid. 7
15 GCS Continues to play his part down back when needed. 4
16 NM Matched on Brown. Started quite well then tapered. 4
17 Adel Great dual with J Pod and came out even. 5
18   Ankle.  
19 WB OK game without being exceptional. 4
20 Melb Had the resting ruck and had issues with Gawn’s height on occasions. 4
21   Calf.  
22 Geel Tried to get to Taylor as a defensive forward but ended up on Rivers. No impact. 2
23 Coll Used down back on White at times and OK in that role. Does what he’s asked. 5
QF Geel Used in defence and was OK without locking down his spot entirely. 5
PF Port Went everywhere with Westhoff in straight negating role. 3
GF Syd Rags to riches story and showed courage and commitment down back. 6

2013 Season

Played for : Hawthorn

1   Rested.  
2 VFL Kicked two goals and presented well from half forward.
3 VFL Presented well but Pears had his measure all day.
4 VFL Sent back this week and did a good job.
5 VFL Bad start in defence but looked better when moved forward.
6   Senior emergency.  
7 VFL Bye.
8 GWS Used in backline on resting tall forwards and sometimes on Cameron. 5
9 VFL Did what was required and competed strongly all day.
10 VFL Did what was required down back.
11 VFL Bye.
12 VFL Best on ground for Box Hill and took the match-saving mark.
13 VFL Continued his string form in defence. Rarely beaten.
14 VFL Played forward and kicked three goals before a hamstring problem.
15   Hamstring.  
16   Hamstring.  
17   Hamstring.  
18 VFL Had the task on Galea and did a serviceable job.
19 VFL Rarely beaten in defence and showed good composure under pressure.
20 StK Given forward job after being a defender in AFL. Kicking for goal was poor. 4
21   Rested.  
22 VFL Used up forward and was a handful with two goals and 10 marks.
23 Syd Started in attack. Tended to rush hid disposals. 4
QF Syd Stand-in tall forward competed hard and made a contribution. 5
PF VFL Played a strong game in defence opposed to Cats quality talls.

2012 Season

Played for : Sydney Swans

7 NEAFL Back from injury and got through OK.
8 NEAFL Back from injury and got through OK.
10 NEAFL Kicked four goals Was the dominant forward on the park.
11 NEAFL Held goalless after a string outing last week.
13 NEAFL Kicked four goals and competed hard in the air.
14 NEAFL Only the one goal but presented well.
17 NEAFL First game back and was OK without kicking a goal.
18 NEAFL Played second fiddle to Morton, still dangerous with 3.2.
19 NEAFL Booted two goals and tried hard.
20 NEAFL Big third term saw him net three goals.
21 NEAFL Chimed in with three goals in win over Brisbane.
22 NEAFL Had a “nearly” game. Things just didn’t fall his way.
23 NEAFL Presented well up forward. Just the one goal though.
SF NEAFL Moved to defence and helped the Swans plug the holes.