#5   Port Adelaide

Age: 28yr 7mth Games: 162 Born: Aug 01, 2020
Height: 189cm Weight: 90kg Position:

2017 Digest:   A hamstring kept the running defender out of the first two JLT matches. Should be OK for Round 1 but needs game time.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Syd Quiet by his standards in terms of possession numbers but played a small role in victory. 4
2 Frem Unassuming role in the back six playing as the plus one. 6
3 Adel Had to play a more defensive role in the absence of Jack Hombsch. 4
4 GWS Okay at times defensively at half back then drifted out in final term. 20 touches, but didn’t use ball as well as normal. 5
5 Carl Played like a traditional European soccer sweeper and mopped up any loose ball in defence. 7
6 Bris Good contribution on the wing and helped set up plenty of attacking chances. 6
7 WCE Played high half back and it showed with four inside-50’s and a trademark long goal from outside 50 in the last quarter. 6
8 GCS Did well at half back to shut down space quickly. Solid performance. 6
9   Bye.  
10 Geel Mistake early cost 50-metres and a goal and he had no influence offensively with seven effective disposals. 2
11 Haw Took Puopolo for periods and had better of that match-up and any other he had during the night. 5
12 Ess Okay at half back, but not his best outing. Like team, a bit better half main break. 5
13 Bris Played well between the 50 metre arcs and provided plenty of outside run. 6
14   Ankle.  
15 Rich Struggled to maintain the livewire Richmond small forwards when the game was on the line. 4
16   Ankle.  
17   Ankle.  
18 Melb Back from injury and was fair at half back. Lack of speed was shown up at times by Hannan. 5
19 StK Worked deep in defence and was solid. 4
20   Ankle.  
21   Ankle.  
22   Ankle.  
23 SANFL Just okay in return from injury. Probably didn’t quite do enough for an immediate finals recall.
EF   Didn’t play for Port Magpies.  

2016 Season

1 StK Rebounded well from defence and rewarded with a big goal in the first term. 7
2 Adel Not impacting the game between the 50-metre arcs as he usually does. 5
3 Ess His best game for the year, played as the plus-one in defence and was superb. 7
4 GWS Tough day in defence. Used the ball well when he got it. 4
5 Geel Huge start (eight disposals first term) then just struggled through. Four inside-50s. 5
6 Rich Kicked a 60m pearler on the run in second term at a key time. Important contributor. 7
7 Bris Seven tackles, three inside-50s and an opportunist goal in the first term. 6
8 Carl Had 15 touches but lacked his typical incisiveness and run off half back. 5
9 WCE Playing his role within the team between the 50-metre arcs. 6
10   Ill.  
11 Coll Did his bit across half back but wasn’t as damaged as he can be. 5
12 WB Apart from his five rebounds from defensive 50 went unnoticed. 6
13 Frem In and out of the game like a lot of his teammates. 5
15 Rich Two goals from half back a great return for the rebounding defender. 5
16 Haw One of the few Power players to win his position, played well across half back. 7
17 NM Worked hard in an outside running capacity. 5
18 GWS Acclimatised to the conditions as well as anyone. 6
19 Bris Fulfilled his role watching Cutler and Bastinac when they played forward. 5
20 Syd One of the better performer at half back and used the ball better than most. 6
21 Melb Stopped Vandenberg and won plenty of rebound across half back. 7
22 Adel Great game as the plus-one, pushed forward for a goal into time-on of last term. 7
23 GCS Worked hard off half back and also made himself an attacking option. 4

2015 Season

1 Frem Ran when he got the ball and that gave the team drive. 6
2 Syd Crunched early on by Hannebery and never fully recovered. 5
3 NM Loose in defence and was able to orchestrate attacks. Key late goal. 7
4 Haw Not as free flowing out of the defensive 50 as usual. 5
5 Adel His influence curbed due to disciplined display of van Berlo. 5
6 WCE Out of form at the moment, opposition sides shutting down his run. 4
7 Bris Might have just won his battle with Robertson on a wing. 7
8 SANFL Bye.
9 Melb Back to near his best form running off half back. 7
10 WB Got better as the game wore on, not back to his best yet. 6
11 Geel Had it 15 times in the first half then faded slightly. Six inside-50s. 7
12 Carl Faded after half time but among Power’s best with rebound from back half. 7
14 Syd Won some ball in half back but also beaten in a few contests. 5
15 Coll Superb last term, gathered 11 disposals as spare defender. 7
16 Adel The plus-one in defence, didn’t produce enough run as he would have liked. 6
17 Ess Deployed as extra man in defence and the tactic wrong-footed Dons. 5
18 StK Back to his best form as the plus-one in defence. 7
19 WB Kept Redpath goalless until last term. Six marks and five tackles, brave effort. 6
20 GWS Sent to curb the influence of Ward in the last term. 6
21 Haw Provided rebound off half back and took on some risky kicks. 6
22 GCS Swept across half back and provided good rebound. 6
23 Frem Played much more up the ground as evidenced by six inside-50s. 6

2014 Season

1 Carl Sub. Gave the game the life it needed in final term with nine disposals. 3
2 Adel Rotated through the midfield, up forward and down back when needed. 6
3 NM Had a standout game, great delivery by foot and nearly the difference. 8
4 Bris Played a great role as the plus-one in defence and repelled many attacks. 8
5 WCE Drifted across half back for long periods unattended. Solid evening. 6
6 Geel Not as prolific as previous week and efficiency not up to usual standard. 4
7 GWS Had a solid duel with Palmer, who finished with 2.3. 5
8 Frem Will have nightmares about kicking in as Ballantyne ran at him. 4
10 Haw Played between the 50-metre arcs and was consistent. 6
11 Melb Developed into a consistently reliable performer at half back. 7
12 StK Great user of the footy between the arcs. 6
13 Syd Freed up in the back half and helped set up play with his long kicking. 7
14 WB Mopped up many wayward Bulldog attacks. 6
15 Adel Rebounded the footy outside the defensive-50 on seven occasions. 5
16 Ess Played as the plus one and was ineffective. 2
17 Rich Kicked two long-range goals to keep Port in it. Solid hard at half back too. 7
18 Melb Quiet afternoon. Even his kicking skills were a touch off. 4
19 Coll Close to Power’s best playing as a loose from half back. Worked tirelessly. 8
20 Syd Left unmarked as plus one and rebounded many Swans forward entries. 6
21 GCS Mopped up well across half back and wasn’t manned up effectively. 7
22 Carl Fine performance from the 100-game player. 5
23 Frem Worked solidly. 4
EF Rich Slow start but not challenged in the first three quarters. 5
SF Frem Lifted after half time to play a key role in the second half from half back. 6
PF Haw Influential off half back in second half when Port made their late charge. 6

2013 Season

1 Melb Solid, integral part of midfield. 7
2 GWS Usual terrific workrate all game and snagged lovely running goal. 6
3 Adel Chipped in with a goal and had four inside 50s. 7
4 GCS Had eight touches in first 10 minutes to get things going before fading. 5
5 WCE Kicked an important goal at the end of the third term to keep Port in touch. 6
6 NM Had a handy day. 5
7 Rich Not finding as much of the footy as he and his coaches would like. 5
8 Carl Got a bit of it but had little impact on the contest. 5
9 Geel Sub. Quickly racked up the stats. 3
10 WB Needed to get his hands on the ball more in the midfield. 4
12 GWS Ran with Whitfield at times and broke even. Not his best game, but good enough. 6
13 Syd Played his best game for several weeks and kicked an important goal. 7
14 Coll Best on ground with his gut running between defence and forward. 9
15 Ess Down on recent outings in midfield, but battled hard to get into the game. 5
16 Haw Found plenty of the footy but did not hurt the opposition. 5
17 StK Good for all four quarters across half back. 7
18 Bris Inspirational in the last term as the plus-one winning 10 possessions. 8
19 Adel Had to deal with defensive forward Petrenko shadowing him. 5
20 Geel Quiet. Didn’t give much to the cause offensively and only one clearance/inside-50. 3
21 GCS Making the plus-one position his own in the Power backline. 8
22 Frem Half back who didn’t have a major say. 3
23 Carl Nearly won the game with a shot from 50 but the ball slammed the post. 6
EF Coll On Beams early. Swan torched him in third quarter but he fought on. 5
SF Geel Had plenty of the ball and kicked good goal in last quarter. 5

2012 Season

1 StK Came off the bench and played his part in the win, kicked three behinds. 6
2 Ess Steady effort with 20 disposals and six clearances. Among the best. 7
3 Syd Lively coming off the bench, kicked one goal and set up two others. 6
4 Coll Didn’t affect game to any real degree playing through the middle. 4
5 Adel Kicked two opportunist goals coming off the bench. 6
6 Rich Continues to pop up with goals week in week out. 5
7 Frem Kicked two goals and won the hard ball. 6
8 NM Given the confidence by his coach to start in the centre square. 7
9 GCS Possibly his best game at the top level. Booted two good goals. 7
10 Carl Arguably his best ever game for the club plus kicked two goals. 9
11 Haw Port’s best never stopped running, had five clearances and four inside 50s. 7
12 WB Battled hard and at least pushed to be an option forward. Seven inside-50s. 7
14 Geel Battled hard and dangerous at times through middle. Efficiency down a tad. 6
15 Adel Tries as he always does but not as clean with his disposal efficiency. 5
16 Ess Continued his impressive form with six clearances and three inside 50s. 7
17 Melb Solid contributor and kicked an important goal at crucial stage. 5
18 Frem Quiet afternoon for the robust midfielder. 5
19 GWS Picked up 19 touches and spent time on Tom Scully, who had a dismal day. 5
20 Haw Tried hard but not his best outing this year in the midfield. 5
21 WCE Though he managed five clearances and inside 50s was not damaging. 6
22 Bris Power’s leading goalkicker with three goals. 7
23 Rich Among the better performers on the day. Linked well in the middle. 7