Age: 37yr 8mth Games: 354 Born: Dec 31, 2020
Height: 192cm Weight: 99kg Position: FWD

2016 Digest:   Appeared certain to retire but has pushed on for another season as he chases that elusive flag. Handed over the captaincy to focus on his own game and is still the most dangerous key forward in the team. If he can get some support around him, Pavlich will be a threat despite his age.

2016 NAB Cup:   Increased his game time as the pre-season progressed. Needs someone else to shoulder more of the load.

2016 Season

Played for : Fremantle

1 WB Dirty day in attack compounded by report for high bump. Should get all clear from MRP though. 3
2 GCS Looked injured but still kicked two goals. 6
3 WCE The forwards barely saw the ball but he finished with two goals. 6
4 NM Continues to move quite well in attack and was influence in resurgence with two goals. 6
5 Carl Off target but presented and worked hard. Led well. 6
6 Adel Left his kicking boots back in WA, one goal from five attempts. 5
7 GWS Marked the ball well. Strong contesting, missed his shots though. 6
8   Rested.  
9 Rich Not a night for big men. Moved into the midfield at times. 4
10 StK Freo champ not allowed by Fisher to take charge. 4
11 Ess Fantastic in the air and his presence gave the team a target. Kicked three goals. 6
12   Groin.  
13 Port Back to his best with four goals including one from long range. 7
14 Coll Ball at other end early, but kicked a couple of goals later. 4
16 Melb Got on the end of a few handy breaks for three goals and provided a target. 6
17 Geel One goal from six marks and 18 disposals. Handy performance from veteran. 5
18   Rested.  
19 Syd Kicked two goals and set up two more. The team only kicked seven. 7
20 WCE Kicked two goals. Worked hard from limited chances. 6
21 Adel Booted two goals from limited supply. 5
22   Rested.  
23 WB Retired in style. Kicked 1.3. Could have had a day out. Went out with a bang. 7

2015 Season

Played for : Fremantle

1 Port Superb. Kicked four goals and contested like crazy. 8
2 Geel Got the better of Lonergan in a good battle. Seven marks and two goals. 6
3 WCE Left kicking boots at home with 0.3. Didn’t need to be at his best though. 5
4 Syd Booted three goals and a clutch player when it mattered. 6
5 Melb Doing well on Dunn until accidental knock put him out with concussion. 3
6 Ess Outstanding after his concussion the previous week. Booted 4.2. 7
7 WB Fitting that he kicked the sealer. Five goals and is still a class act. 8
8 NM Beaten by Thompson and subbed out at three quarter time. 3
9 Adel Two clutch goals when his team needed him most. 6
10 Rich Shocker of a night. Dropped chest marks, fumbled and copped bronx cheers. 3
11 GCS Kept goalless, but pushed further up the ground to get involved. 4
13 Coll Brown on his wheel all night and didn’t hit the scoreboard. Forced high. 4
14 Bris Finished with three crucial goals and bobbed up when team needed him most. 7
15 Haw Despite only kicking one goal, was the only Freo forward to look dangerous. 5
16 Carl Back in the thick of things. Kicked 2.5 and the goals came early. 6
17 Rich Stood up when his team needed him all day to end with three goals. 7
18 GWS Did his job. Kicked two goals. 5
19 StK Skipper only made a quiet impression. 4
20 WCE Quiet in the first half. Kicked two goals in the second half. 5
21   Achilles.  
22 Melb Subbed out for a rest after three goals and 20 touches. 7
23   Rested.  
QF Syd Had to work up the ground to get involved. No marks inside-50. 4
PF Haw Noble warrior couldn’t impact in attack during his last game. 4

2014 Season

Played for : Fremantle

1 Coll Skipper won the ball OK opposed to Brown but finishing was wayward with 1.4. Looks in shape. 6
2 GCS Had a relatively quiet day with only three marks and one goal. 3
3 Haw One of few to keep his side afloat in first hour. Always kept going. 7
4 Ess Back to his best with three goals and eight marks in attack. 8
5 Syd Added nine marks and 22 touches to four goals in his 150th game as skipper. 7
6 NM The Dockers main avenue to goal for much of the night. Ended with two. 6
7 WCE Exerted a strong physical presence but not dangerous as a forward. 4
8 Port Well held. Only four of his 12 touches were kicks. Managed one goal. 5
9 Geel Three goals in first half set team alight in game 300. 6
11 WB Kicked two goals from limited chances. 5
12 Adel Clear-cut best key forward on the ground and booted three goals. 7
13 Rich Chaplin did well to restrict him to three goals given Freo efficiency inside-50. 6
14 Bris Three goals was a handy return in hard fought battle with Maguire. 6
15 WCE Well held by Mackenzie. Just one goal but competed hard in the air. 3
16   Ill.  
17 GWS Great battle with Mohr. Ended with three goals from six marks. 6
18 StK Kicked a couple of goals but Delaney stuck close. 4
19 Carl Copped accidental knock to face in second term and subbed out. 1
20 Geel Kept goalless for one of rare occasions in career. Was he 100% right? 3
21 Haw His five goals and eight marks were almost the difference. Brilliant. 8
22   Quad.  
23 Port Solid game at centre half forward on Carlisle. 5
QF Syd Booted four goals as the lone hand up forward. 7
SF Port Inaccurate in front of goal (0.3), which proved to be costly in the end. 4

2013 Season

Played for : Fremantle

1 WCE Unusually quiet night, but had a few important touches to set up scores. Reported. 3
2 WB Still looks underdone but kicked two goals and had three score assists. 6
3 Ess Still battling for form and slippery conditions didn’t suit. Thrashed by Carlisle. 2
4   Achilles.  
5   Achilles.  
6   Achilles.  
7   Achilles.  
8   Achilles.  
9   Achilles.  
10   Achilles.  
11   Achilles.  
12   Achilles.  
13   Achilles.  
14   Achilles.  
15 StK Welcomed back and had major impact with back-to-back goals. 4
16 WCE On Mackenzie and booted three goals, but was reported. 5
17   Suspended.  
18   Suspended.  
19   Suspended.  
20 GWS Only goal came 20 minutes into final term. Pretty well held by Davis all match. 3
21 Melb Good battle with McDonald early but got upper hand in second half – four goals. 6
22 Port Chimed in with four goals. Most of good work came when game was in the bag. 6
23 StK Only a leisurely trot for the big forward. 4
QF Geel Kicked 2.3 and importantly kept Taylor from controlling the game from defence. 5
PF Syd Wayward in front of goal early opposed to Richards but settled down to play a role. 6
GF Haw Kicked 3.2 and threatened at times without ever taking game by scruff of neck. 6

2012 Season

Played for : Fremantle

1 Geel Lifted in the final term when it counted and kicked crucial goals. 6
2 Syd Not up to his usual high standard and took only two marks. 4
3 Bris Well held by Patfull but contributed on the scoreboard. 4
4 StK Kept within reasonable limits by Dempster. 5
5 Carl Worked strongly in good duel with Henderson. 6
6 GCS Got a bit of the ball but was not a major factor. Kicked a late goal. 4
7 Port Kicked four goals and was an important player all day. 8
8 Haw Marked well, but was below his best. 5
9 WCE A shining light in the midfield but didn’t score. Where to play him? 7
10 Adel A target in attack with 3.3. Also played midfield when needed. 7
11 Rich Three goals in first term and four by the half. Ended with six. The difference. 9
13 Ess Quality game. Took strong marks, kicked three goals and set up others. 8
14 Coll Kept working all day and was rewarded with five goals. Great effort. 7
15 WB Best on ground. Kicked six goals and took 10 marks. Dominated. 9
16 Melb Frawley a tough match but showed class to scrounge four critical goals. 7
17 GWS Clearly best on ground with seven goals including four in the first term. 9
18 Port Kicked two goals and took a great mark in the second term. 6
19 WCE Eight goals, 24 possessions and one huge mark. Arguably his best ever game. 10
20 Adel Two goals but had his colours lowered by Talia. 5
21 Rich Kicked three goals despite looking sore all day. 6
23 Melb Off target with 2.3. Looked after his body when the game was won. 5
EF Geel Three goals in opening term led the way for his side and he sealed it at end. 8
SF Adel No influence in first half. Eclipsed by Rutten 4