#1   Western Bulldogs

Age: 30yr 8mth Games: 142 Born: Jul 25, 2020
Height: 187cm Weight: 85kg Position:

2017 Digest:   A hard luck story from last year’s flag. Battled an Achilles issues over summer and managed through JLT series but kicked four against Suns.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Coll Some of his 17 kicks were lasers cutting through the Magpie defence to set up goals. Fine game. 7
2 Syd Great early when side was under pump. Proving one of the shrewdest pick-ups in recent times for the Dogs. 7
3 Frem His kicking set the team up for key moments. Had 30 possessions. 6
4 NM Skill execution was way off and caught with the ball at times but two second-half goals proved critical in tight finish. 6
5 Bris Used left foot when he got the pill which was 22 times. Missed two chances for goal but was a contributor. 6
6 GWS Played predominantly across half forward and produced steady output. One goal from 22 disposals and six inside-50s. 6
7 Rich Worked in attack but only two shots at goal were astray. 5
8 WCE Kicked short a lot so he couldn’t get the most out of his booming foot. 5
9 Geel When he got it things looked good for Dogs. Only issue was he didn’t get it enough; seven kicks and no goals. 4
10 StK Kicked trademark booming goal but rest of game was mixed bag. 4
11   Bye.  
12 Syd Saw a bit of the ball on the very outside, but in games such as this, had to get hands dirtier. 5
13 Melb Claimed his share of possession but rarely hurt Demons with penetration or creativity. 4
14 NM Veteran rebounder had it 14 times in the opening two terms then faded right out of the game to end with 21. Great long goal late. 7
15 WCE Heading for a shocker until some final quarter involvement, although not decisive, rescued his day somewhat. 3
16 Adel The perfect conditions for his game, get it on the boot and kick long. 7
17 Carl Used left foot to advantage at times from 24 disposals and four rebound 50s. Handy performance. 6
18 GCS Kicking at times cut the Suns apart and played his role well enough. 6
19 Ess One goal, 19 possessions, two inside-50s and a couple of piercing balls to teammates. Steady without starring. 6
20 Bris Did well until three-quarter time and then just the three disposals in final term when Dogs’ were on their way to victory. 5
21 GWS Veteran rebounder had some handy patches but also made mistakes at times. To his credit he kept battling. 6
22 Port Massive early goal from boundary with the wind, then looked to bomb the ball each time he got it. 5
23 Haw Former Hawk didn’t set the world on fire. Rarely able to penetrate with his slicing left foot despite 17 touches. 4

2016 Season

1 Frem Started on Danyle Pearce on a wing. Kicking was good as usual, including a snapped goal. 6
2 StK Continued solid start to life at a new club on a wing. 6
3 Haw Decent performance against his old club. Lifting third quarter goal. 6
4 Carl Brilliant game. Used the footy with precision off the left side and kicked a wonderful long goal. 7
5 Bris Injured leg early when he landed awkwardly in a marking contest and played no further part. 1
6   Ankle.  
7   Ankle.  
8   Ankle.  
9   Ankle.  
10 Coll Crucial long kicks set up goals at vital stages and he booted sealer. 6
11 WCE Precision kicking a highlight of a steady and poised performance from the back half. 7
12 Port Six rebounds from defensive 50, but his kicking efficiency was down. 6
13 Geel Kicked a lovely long goal and used the ball well as usual. 7
15 Syd Not a big night and tried too often for fancy kicks. 4
16 Rich Kicked an early goal and provided some rebound from defence. Handy. 6
17 GCS Set up a lot of play out of back half. Rarely missed a target by foot. 7
18 StK OK in first half apart from clanger kick-off. Sometimes too clever by half. 5
19   Achilles.  
20   Achilles.  
21 Coll Didn’t make usual impact as he only had eight kicks. 4
22   Achilles.  
23 Frem Only 10 of his 20 possessions were kicks so his effectiveness was quelled. 5
EF WCE Used ball well mostly but had a few insipid contests where he non-competitive. Has to be better. 4
SF Haw Used long kicking to good effect at times. 5
PF   Achilles.  
GF   Senior emergency.  

2015 Season

Played for : Hawthorn

1 Geel Goes about his business with minimum of fuss and great compliment to others. 6
2 Ess Ball use wasn’t as clean as usual but found the footy well at half back. 6
3 WB Tried to be too fancy a couple of times, but good overall coming out of defence. 6
4 Port Instrumental in the Hawthorn revival with a big last term. 7
5 NM Started in attack and drifted between positions. OK without starring. 5
6 GWS Decent contributor in the backline with four rebound-50s. 6
7 Melb Kicked a goal but move to half forward is taking time to get used to. 5
8 Syd Looked a little shaky at times and got beaten in a key one-on-one late. 5
9 GCS Prolific ball-winner coming out of defence. 6
10 StK OK game but occasional errors punctuated his efforts. 5
12 Adel Not kicking the footy as sweetly as he usually does. 6
13 Ess Sub. On early to replace injured Frawley and did a few nice things after half time. 5
14 Coll Sub came on last change and made impact with long goal. 2
15 Frem One of his better games this year. Ball use was better and got more of it. 7
16 Syd One 65-metre goal and was all over the place, particularly in the first half. 6
17 Carl Used footy exceptionally well and helped send others into space. 8
18   Hamstring.  
19 WCE The Eagles did well to stop his kicking game from coming out. 5
20 Geel Played a role with his deadly left foot and helped set up teammates. 6
21 Port Horror start with kicking and one-on-one contest losses. Improved slightly. 5
22 Bris Two snapped goals and made most of opportunities. 6
23 Carl Did his bit with ball in hand rarely missing a target. 7
QF WCE Kicking errors let him down at times but not the worst. 4
SF Adel Much improved effort on last week but effectiveness down by foot. 5
PF Frem Goal on three-quarter time was crucial. Found form in nick of time. 7
GF WCE Sub came on for Hale and promptly snapped important goal. Got into it. 3

2014 Season

Played for : Hawthorn

1 Bris Welcome return to senior side after a knee injury. Kicking good as usual. 5
2 Ess Two first-half goals dashing from half back. Looks to be finding his feet quickly. 7
3 Frem Matched on Crozier at start. Untroubled in defence and did as he liked. 7
4 GCS Kicking is worth watching on its own. Good game. 7
5 Geel Left foot was used as a weapon but Cats nullified him in the second half. 6
6 Rich Contributed a solid game. 5
7 StK Incisive kicking from defence a feature as ever. 7
8 Syd Swans pressured him well and he rarely got off the chain. 3
10 Port Marshalled the troops in defence with all the key absentees. 8
11 GWS Handy at half back without starring. Used the ball well, which was key. 6
12 WCE When the Hawks took over, Suckling played a big role with his kicking. 6
13 Carl Two long-range goals early got side off to a flyer. Solid all night from back half. 7
14 Coll Impeccable disposal by foot off a wing. 7
15 GCS Not called upon to make big impact. 3
16 NM North made a point of cramping him at every opportunity to limit output. 4
17 Adel Kept Walker to two goals while pushing forward for eight inside-50s. 8
18 Syd Efficiency not as high as it can be but did enough good things to play a part. 6
19 WB Busy off half back and had usual penetration in kicks. 6
20 Melb Provided something Melbourne don’t have – elite kicking skills in defence. OK game. 6
21 Frem Subbed off after providing very little in half-back role. 3
22 Geel Looked hampered and subbed out with an injury in third term. 2
23   Knee.  
QF   Knee.  
SF   Knee.  
PF Port Fired in a trademark low goal and had big second term after shaky opening. 5
GF Syd Handy game off half back and kicked soul destroying goal. 5

2013 Season

Played for : Hawthorn

1   Knee.  
2   Knee.  
3   Knee.  
4   Knee.  
5   Knee.  
6   Knee.  
7   Knee.  
8   Knee.  
9   Knee.  
10   Knee.  
11   Knee.  
12   Knee.  
13   Knee.  
14   Knee.  
15   Knee.  
16   Knee.  
17   Knee.  
18   Knee.  
19   Knee.  
20   Knee.  
21   Knee.  
22   Knee.  
23   Knee.  
QF   Knee.  
PF   Knee.  
GF   Knee.  

2012 Season

Played for : Hawthorn

1 Coll Long kicking a feature despite one howling mistake – 25 possessions. 7
2 Geel Made a couple of blues with his kicking early. 5
3 Adel Prepared to work hard in pushing forward. 6
4 WCE A play maker off half back. Had 21 possessions. 6
5 Syd Had 19 touches until half time then tapered. 6
6 StK Important link-man with typically penetrating and pinpoint kicking. 6
7 Melb Not a factor early but had a heap of the ball after half time. 5
8 Frem Slow out of blocks then was instrumental in vital second term. 6
9 Rich Disposal off; for some reason looked slow. Has to stand up when tide against. 4
10 NM Beaten defensively by Wright but provided his typical rebound and penetration. 5
11 Port His disposal by his left foot is poetry in motion. 6
12 Bris Tradesman-like job in defence. 6
14 Carl Good second quarter coming out of defence. 5
15 GWS Almost has the most lethal left foot in the game. Match-high 35 touches. 9
16 WB While others shone he was quiet. One of the few. 3
17 Coll Couple of blues but for most part was rock solid in the back half. 7
18 Ess Long kicking raised four goals as he sliced through from defence. 7
19 Geel Only one rebound and one inside-50 plus no goals after four last week. 4
20 Port Came on at half time for Rioli and had a good second half. 4
21 GCS Quiet day by his standards. 4
22 Syd Swans shut him down reasonably effectively but he still kicked two key goals. 6
23 WCE Left foot hurt Eagles all night – five rebound 50s and three inside-50s. 7
QF Coll Influence nullified first half (9 disp) but lifted a little. OK but can play better. 6
PF Adel One lovely goal off a couple of steps, but not a big influence elsewhere. 4
GF Syd Jack went a long way to countering his drive. One 70m torp was a gem. 5