Matthew WATSON


Age: 27yr 1mth Games: 23 Born: Jul 16, 2020
Height: 195cm Weight: 103kg Position: DEF/FWD
Dream Team Profile

2015 Digest:   The positive signs he showed as a forward saved his career when it seemed he was under the hammer. Carlton expects to continue with the placement in attack for the time being.

2015 NAB Cup:   Still a question mark over whether he can make it as a forward. Big kick in Geelong game for nine-pointer and didn’t do much else.

2015 Season

Played for : Carlton

3 VFL Just one goal in attack but competed strongly.
4 VFL Kicked three goals in difficult conditions for forwards.
5 VFL Provided a strong marking target in attack. One goal.
6 VFL Provided a target in attack with three goals then went back.
7 GWS Subbed out after having no impact in attack. 1
8 VFL Had no impact in attack but had little space to move.
9 VFL Kicked 2.2 and was the main avenue to goal in attack.
10 VFL Booted two goals and gave a strong target at times.
11 VFL Bye.
12 VFL Matchwinner in attack with six goals. Had multiple opponents.
13 VFL 10 marks and three goals against undersized Frankston backs.
14 VFL Started forward but ended in defence to try to plug gaping holes.
15 VFL Competed hard in front half but wet weather didn’t help.
16 VFL Worked up from attack and spent time in ruck. Struggled.
17 VFL Bye.
18 VFL Goalless in attack in 20-goal loss.
19 VFL Kicked two goals but didn't get great supply.
20 VFL Well held in Blues’ front half. Nine touches.
21 Melb Used up forward and provided a contest. Worked up the ground as well. 5
22 GWS Booted the first goal but from there was a spectator. 3
23 Haw Did some things that suggest all might not be lost. Two goals. 5

2014 Season

Played for : Carlton

1 Port Matched on Butcher initially. Strong but had a pretty ordinary night. 3
2   Ankle.  
3 VFL Much better than his previous outing. Good confidence builder.
4 VFL Toiled away on a good player in Haretuku who kicked three.
5 VFL Took Cordy and did the job well. Rarely afforded him any room.
6 VFL Under siege down back and couldn’t stop the flow.
7 VFL Injured a finger in the first half and left the field.
8   Senior emergency.  
9 VFL Bye.
10 VFL Defended fairly well then was swung forward. 21 touches.
11 VFL Bye.
12 VFL Beaten early, but slowly got the better of Rhys Stanley.
13 Haw Disastrous first quarter then recovered slightly but subbed out late in third term. 3
14 VFL The best of the Blues’ defenders. Marked strongly.
15 VFL Fairly sturdy down back in poor conditions for marking talls.
16 VFL Caught the eye in attack with his strong marking. Three goals.
17 VFL Looked good again playing solely as a forward. Kicked 3.4.
18 VFL Starved for opportunities in attack after a few good weeks.
19 VFL Well-held in attack but delivery was ordinary.
20 VFL Used at both ends and always made a contest in the air.
21 VFL Battled hard in attack against a few opponents. Three goals.
22 VFL Booted three goals from limited opportunities in attack.
23 Ess A real surprise packet in effective forward role: 16 possessions and four goals. 7

2013 Season

Played for : Carlton

1 PM Led to the ball too often. Used the ball well though.
2 VFL Started well but had his hands full at times with Clouston.
3 VFL Controlled the back half. Especially strong in the air.
4 VFL Had his hands full at times down back but bounced back well.
5 VFL Had his hands full on Port talls but never gave in.
6 VFL Sturdy game down back. Used the ball well, spoilt strongly.
7 VFL Bye.
8 VFL Controlled the back half and his kicking was penetrating.
9 VFL Bye. 2
10 VFL Defended fairly well again but had his hands full at times.
11 VFL Defended well one on one and ball use was solid.
12 VFL Haretuku kicked six on him but he battled hard.
13 VFL Did a fairly good job down back on Cordy/Campbell. Kicking was good as well.
14 VFL Taken to the cleaners by Hogan early, but when moved, settled down.
15 VFL Bounced back from last weeks poor showing to clean up Gumbleton.
16 StK Late inclusion for first game of the year. On Lee and had mixed day. 4
17 NM Booming torp set up a first-term goal. Sometimes troubled by height. 5
18 GCS A long range goal in the third quarter to cap off his day. 4
19 Frem Used mostly forward and lead up well at the ball. Lovely long goal in third term. 6
20 WB Took Campbell in defence but was subbed out after injuring his foot before half time. 2
21   Foot.  
22   Foot.  
23   Foot.  
QF   Foot.  
EF   Foot.  

2012 Season

Played for : Carlton

1 VFL Nice effort. Used the ball well and defended sternly.
3 VFL Played on Boland for the most part and was beaten.
4 VFL Didn’t have a great deal to do down back.
5 VFL Struggled down back and was shifted forward. Poor day.
7 VFL Competed fairly well throughout under a bit of pressure.
8 VFL Good duel with Tarrant. Not the worst.
10 Port Did enough to hold his spot down back in his first game of the year. 5
11 Geel Taylor got him a couple of times in second half but he showed enough. 5
12 WCE Looked poised and calm on last line. Blues have found a 200-game defender. 6
14 Haw At first he had match-up with Roughead but it didn’t last. 3
15 Coll Kept Dawes covered and did well. A player of the future. 7
16 NM Had to do some ruck work as back-up to Kreuzer. 3
17 WB Cool head under pressure on back-line on occasions. Thumping kicking. 5
18 VFL Strong commanding effort in Blues back half.
19 VFL His best game this year in defence. Improving each week.
20 Bris Had Lisle who caused his a few problems at times. 4
21 VFL Forced from the ground early with a hand injury.