Age: 26yr 7mth Games: 1 Born: Jan 29, 2021
Height: 181cm Weight: 83kg Position: DEF
Dream Team Profile

2015 Digest:   Time is surely running out for small defender as he embarks on his fourth season the rookie list. Played one senior game last season and has to be ready for any chance that comes his way.

2015 NAB Cup:   Played in VFL last weekend and will continue to find his feet in the second-tier competition.

2015 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

3 VFL Tracked Fasolo and wasn’t able to curb his impact.
4 VFL Ended with 15 touches in an even display.
5 VFL Roosters’ best shutting out Anastasio after hot start.
6 VFL Worked hard defensively and had 15 touches.
7 VFL Rarely beaten down back in Roosters’ win over Blues.
8 VFL One of the few winners for North Ballarat.
9 VFL Battled hard for 15 touches in loss to Port Melbourne.
10 VFL Held his own opposed to Saad for much of the day.
11 VFL Stuck to task fairly well.
12 VFL Quiet outing in Roosters’ win.
13 VFL Bye.
14 VFL Worked hard but wasn’t a major factor.
15 VFL Battled on but wasn’t his best day.
16 VFL Worked hard and did some good team things.
17 VFL Played his part in 15-goal win with 17 disposals.
18 VFL Moved onto a wing and did well with 19 possessions.
19   Senior emergency.  
20 VFL Not his most productive game but was OK.
21 VFL Bye.
22 VFL Did well with 20 touches in win over Coburg.

2014 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 PM Strong game on a wing with 26 touches.
2 VFL Provided good drive from defence. Kicked the ball well.
3   North Ballarat didn’t play.  
4 VFL One of the better Roosters with 23 disposals.
5 VFL In and out of the game with just 12 disposals.
6 VFL Solid contributor on Steven Motlop. 21 disposals.
7 VFL 14 disposals and nine marks opposed to Giansiracusa.
8 VFL Bye.
9 VFL Played an important role on Shannon Taylor. 20 touches.
10 VFL Good game with 23 disposals driving the Roosters forward.
11 VFL Bye.
12 VFL Did well in defence to continually keep Box Hill at bay.
13 VFL Quiet day with just the five disposals.
14 VFL Competed well in defence in Roosters’ win.
15 Bris Limited opportunities. 3
16 VFL Solid outing. 18 touches and was steady in defence.
17 VFL Held Jeff Garlett to 13 disposals in an impressive display.
18 VFL Quiet game again with just nine disposals.
19 VFL Strong outing in defence with 28 possessions.
20 VFL In and out of the game to end with 16 disposals.
21 VFL Dependable effort in defence with 22 touches.
22 VFL Defended fairly well on Dan Connors (three goals).
23 VFL Played a solid role for North Ballarat with 17 touches.

2013 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1   North Ballarat didn’t play.  
2 VFL Did a decent job on Fasolo but did little going forward.
3 VFL Improved outing after poor game last week.
4 VFL Better defensively with 14 touches, and plenty of tackles.
5 VFL Had 22 possessions. Quiet middle quarters, but finished well.
6 VFL Did well in defence for the Roosters.
7 VFL Bye.
8 VFL Did well in defence. Building his game nicely.
9 VFL Consistent effort again down back. Strong competitor.
10 VFL Gave solid drive from defence and competed well in the air.
11 VFL Bye.
12 VFL Had 15 possessions and did a good job minding Shane Valenti.
13 VFL Stuck to his task and played his role in won over Bendigo.
14 VFL Did well early but was forced from the field after a heavy landing.
15   Collarbone.  
16   Collarbone.  
17   Collarbone.  
18   Collarbone.  
19 VFL Did well on Elton early before being shifted to McBean.
20   Collarbone.  
21   Collarbone.  
22   Collarbone.  
23   Collarbone.  

2012 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 VFL Had the 12 disposals and made six spoils.
2 VFL Did a few nice things but wasn’t overly influential.
3 VFL Struggled to make an impact for the Roosters.
10 VFL Quiet game for North Ballarat.
13 VFL Had 15 possessions and laid seven tackles.
14 VFL Had 14 touches and played his part when required.
15 VFL Played as an undersized key defender. Not his best game.
16 VFL Burst in and out of the game. 13 possessions.
19 VFL Struggled a bit with 11 touches in loss to Cats.
20 VFL Played down back and struggled under constant pressure.
22 VFL Improved outing despite just the 12 touches.