Michael HURLEY

#18   Essendon

Age: 28yr 9mth Games: 141 Born: Jun 01, 2021
Height: 193cm Weight: 92kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Rolled ankle early February but recovered and played in JLT series. Injured late in win over Suns but he’s OK.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Haw Looked like he hadn’t missed a beat at centre-half back after 12 months off. Great tussle at times with Roughead but got the points. 7
2 Bris Collected 20 disposals in defence which showed his worth in directing traffic out of defence. 7
3 Carl Held Weitering well all day. Looks poised and was able to read play and get across to win the footy. 7
4 Adel Taken to the cleaners early by Tex Walker, moved to Tom Lynch and redeemed himself. 5
5 Coll Eight touches in a solid first term and rarely let a ball past him at centre half back. 7
6 Melb Took Petracca and controlled the game in the air in the back half in the opening hour, then subdued. Opponent booted four though. 7
7 Frem Essendon’s best player. He stood out with his ball use and damaging play 8
8 Geel Had the ball on a string down back where he ran off Stanley constantly. Ended with 27 disposals to provide great drive. 8
9 WCE Dominated the back half. Allowed to roam free until McGovern was sent forward to mind him. 8
10 Rich Went to Elton and was able to manoeuvre himself into positions to cut the Tigers off. One of the Bombers best; 27 disposals. 8
11 GWS Did well on Cameron for three quarters, then the Giants star had an impact when game was on the line. 7
12 Port Didn’t take best forward, but presence was important in defensive 50. Continued fine season. 7
13   Bye.  
14 Syd Took Reid and had hands full. Turned the ball over a bit, but fought back and ended up kicking a big goal. Good last term. 6
15 Bris Was always a stumbling block for Brisbane’s attacking thrusts. 7
16 Coll Took Reid and did a fine job. Took some nice marks and repelled the Pies throughout. Strong performer. 8
17 StK Had the edge over Riewoldt to half time and Saint star was moved elsewhere to get him into the game. 8
18 NM Waite too quick on the lead then Brown too tall. Still had it 21 times and 9 rebound 50’s 5
19 WB Controlled the game with Bont in midfield, but had hands full when the star Dog rested forward. Took 13 marks. 7
20 Carl Patrolled the back half with aplomb and was close to team’s best. Got in the way like a mother-in-law after newborn delivered. 8
21 Adel Matched up on Jenkins initially and had strong first half. Read game beautifully with 34 possessions. 8
22   Calf.  
23   Calf.  
EF Syd Got owned by Sinclair in first half in what was a disappointing result given the season he’s had. Forget possession numbers. 4

2016 Season

1   Suspended.  
2   Suspended.  
3   Suspended.  
4   Suspended.  
5   Suspended.  
6   Suspended.  
7   Suspended.  
8   Suspended.  
9   Suspended.  
10   Suspended.  
11   Suspended.  
12   Suspended.  
13   Suspended.  
14   Suspended.  
16   Suspended.  
17   Suspended.  
18   Suspended.  
19   Suspended.  
20   Suspended.  
21   Suspended.  
22   Suspended.  
23   Suspended.  

2015 Season

1 Syd Until final quarter was superb on Franklin, but then the gates opened. 7
2 Haw Back to his very best in defence. 25 possessions and kept Roughead in check. 7
3 Carl Got the better of Henderson after conceding two early goals. A key to the win. 8
4 Coll Given job on White and had him covered. Went forward late but no success. 6
5 StK Started on Membrey then crucially quietened Bruce in second half. 6
6 Frem Conceded a goal to Pavlich but kept attacking. Went forward late. 5
7 NM OK on talls then went to dangerous Thomas and huge in final term. 8
8 Bris Strong all day at centre half back and helped lead a tight defence. 8
9 Rich Broke even in an enthralling battle with Riewoldt. 6
10 Geel Beat Walker early and tried hard but certainly not his best effort. 5
11 WCE Superb in the air. Strong marking game. 7
13 Haw Great battle with Roughead. Gave as good as he got in a spirited display. 7
14 StK Fought on against Riewoldt despite constant bombardment. 4
15 Melb Excellent again. Read the play beautifully and too good for Hogan. 8
16 NM Stood Waite and held him to one goal. Drifted down for long late goal. 7
17 Port Tradesman-like game down back and drifted forward for a goal. 6
18   Knee.  
19   Knee.  
20   Knee.  
21 GCS Terrific return from injury and helped steady the Bombers’ defence. 8
22 Rich Did a fine job keeping Riewoldt goalless and clearly among the best. 8
23 Coll Took White and did that job in solid fashion. Good late when game on line. 6

2014 Season

1 NM Good battle with Black and although unspectacular had the edge. 6
2 Haw Took Gunston/Hale and after couple of shaky early moments he did the job. 6
3 Carl Had Waite’s measure all night although Blues delivery made life easy. 7
4 Frem Struggled to contain Pavlich. Has had better afternoons. 4
5 StK Had a tough learning night chasing Riewoldt and run to a frazzle. 3
6 Coll Took White (two goals) and OK defensively. Needed him up the other end. 6
7 WB Controlled the battle with Crameri. Kept him to just one behind. 8
8 Bris Overcame early troubles with Merrett to play solid game. 5
9 Syd Out-bodied, out-smarted, out-pointed hands down by Franklin. Hannebery hit left him dazed. 4
11   Back.  
12   Back.  
13 Melb Frawley was too quick at times and got him on lead. Missed tackle on McKenzie was poor. 4
14 Adel Did well on Podsiadly for most of the night then kicked a great goal late. 6
15 Geel Grew in confidence as game wore on and nullified Kersten after quarter time. 6
16 Port Rotated with Carlisle between defence and attack. 5
17 Coll White got away from him early then he tightened up. 5
18 WB Steady effort highlighted by some brilliant creative ball use from the back half. 7
19 Syd Strong at the contest in defence and one of Bombers’ best. Went forward late. 8
20 Rich Griffiths troubled him at times and went forward in final term but missed set shot. 6
21 WCE On Darling in return game and kicking was poor early but stuck at it. 5
22 GCS Huge game. Lynch kicked four goals but he kept attacking. Added two goals. 8
23 Carl Broke even with Waite. Positioned his body well and strong in the air. 6
EF NM On Black at start. Good all night in defence. Went to Brown late. 7

2013 Season

1 Adel Started well then impact diminished. 7
2 Melb Took seven marks and provided a great lead up target. 7
3 Frem A force at centre half forward against Dawson but unfortunate end with wrist injury. 7
4 StK Again showed real presence in attack early but hurt ankle in third term 6
5   Ankle.  
6   Ankle.  
7 Geel Never a factor. Only goal came when game was done in final term. 3
8 Bris Concussed 12 minutes into the game after Merrett tackle, subbed out. 0
9 Rich Subbed off with an ankle injury after a quiet first half. 3
10   Ankle.  
11 Carl Started in attack and went to defence second term. To Waite after half time. 5
12 GCS Used solely up forward and tried to mark a lot of balls one-handed. Injured wrist late. 4
14 WCE Couldn’t make impression in attack but held Darling when he went to defence. 5
15 Port Three goals and gave a strong contest in the front half. OK without starring. 6
16 WB Struggled up forward on the smaller Morris. Looks far better in defence. 4
17 GWS Battled all day against Mohr and gradually worked his way on top. 5
18 Haw Struggled up forward early but got going late to kick three goals. 6
19   Ankle.  
20   Ankle.  
21   Ankle.  
22 Carl Led well clunking nine marks and kicking three crunch goals. Had better of Waite. 7
23 Rich Came into the game more as it wore on. Two late goals but still needs to do more. 5

2012 Season

1 NM Firrito matched up on him and made sure he had nothing easy. 4
2 Port Presented well and workrate first class. Took nine marks and kicked 1.3. 7
3 GCS Had an absorbing battle with Warnock, kicked big last quarter goal. 5
4 Carl Looked threatening in the air until hamstring injury just before half time. 4
8 Rich Solid in return game and covered plenty of ground. 6
9 GWS Threatened to explode but never really got going, kicking one goal. 4
10 Melb Young star had a dirty night. 2
11 Syd Couldn’t make an imprint on the game. Headed to backline by mid third term. 3
13 Frem Best on ground. Kicked 6.1 and was always a danger. 8
14 WB Wore guard on injured hand but started brilliantly and finished with five goals. 8
15 StK Started in promising fashion but hamstring niggle forced him to be subbed. 3
19 Adel Had Talia as his opponent and damaging at times. 5
20 NM Led well and looked sharp. Provided a target. 6
21 Carl Hardly gifted with opportunities and inaccuracy didn’t help – 1.4. 3
22 Rich Batchelor was assisted by lack of supply to him. To defence in third and lifted. 5
23 Coll To defence second term on Cloke and quelled influence only briefly. 5