Age: 33yr 2mth Games: 149 Born: Jun 11, 2021
Height: 194cm Weight: 97kg Position: DEF

2016 Digest:   Turns 30 this year and his experience in defence is highly valued. Missed a chunk of the early part of the season with a calf issue, but found some form on his return. Has had an uninterrupted pre-season.

2016 NAB Cup:   Veteran has been solid in his three games and in good shape in defence.

2016 Season

Played for : Carlton

1 Rich Teamed well down back with Weitering and Rowe but came under increasing pressure late. 5
2 Syd Great tussle with Franklin. Tried valiantly but beaten by supply in the end. 6
3 GCS Hands full all night and swung forward late to get into the game. 3
4   Senior emergency.  
5 VFL Battled hard down back. Certainly didn’t play himself back into senior mix.
6 VFL Did what he could early but then knocked out and didn’t return.
7 Coll A late inclusion for White and had jobs on Moore/Cox. Enjoyed manning the American more. 5
8 Port Had a few different matchups in the back half and was OK without being a big factor. 5
9   Ill.  
10   Ill.  
11   Ill.  
12   Ill.  
13   Ill.  
14   Personal leave.  
15   Ill.  
16 VFL Veteran defender had his hands full. Offered nothing offensively – two kicks.
17   Didn’t play for Northern Blues.  
18   Didn’t play for Northern Blues.  
19   Didn’t play for Northern Blues.  
20   Didn’t play for Northern Blues.  
21   Retired.  
22   Retired.  
23   Retired.  

2015 Season

Played for : Carlton

1 Rich Lowered colours to Riewoldt who covered too much ground for him. 3
2 WCE Horror night on Kennedy (10 goals) who took him to the cleaners. 2
3 Ess Battled Daniher (three goals) all day. Couple of unlucky frees against him. 4
4 StK Went in under injury cloud and didn’t complete game but on top of McCartin. 3
5   Calf.  
6   Calf.  
7   Calf.  
8   Calf.  
9   Calf.  
10   Calf.  
11   Calf.  
12 VFL Returned from calf issue and got through OK.
13 VFL Ready for senior return but didn’t have to do a great deal.
14 WB Solid return from injury down back. 6
15 Rich Copped heavy knock from Vickery early and subbed out with concussion. 1
16 Frem Had his hands full because Freo had 61 inside 50s. 4
17 Haw Not sighted playing on variety of opponents. Really struggling. 2
18 NM Did a good job down back on Brown despite weight of Roos’ entries. 7
19 Coll Had Moore's measure all afternoon. Used body smartly against youngster. 7
21 Melb Had the better of Hogan in a key win. Hogan failed to kick a goal. 7
22 GWS Kept Cameron quiet in first half then the Giants’ star went ballistic. 4
23 Haw Beaten by Roughead and will be looking forward to more support in 2016. 4

2014 Season

Played for : Carlton

1 Port Started on Schulz. Went to damaging Westhoff late second. Hard pressed. 4
2 Rich Kept close to Riewoldt but the Tiger was always on the move. 5
3 Ess Only clear winner. Beat Daniher and gave something up forward late. 7
4 Melb Battled Frawley and found him a tough match. Why was he always behind? 3
5   Leg.  
6 WCE Did his job on Kennedy. Kept him under control. 5
7 Coll Started on Cloke and alternated with Rowe. Hurt shoulder but battled on. 5
8 StK Did what he had to down back in a steady performance. 5
10 Adel Kept Podsiadly goalless and just five marks. Among the better Blues. 7
11 Bris On Brown and lowered his colours. 3
12 Geel Started forward (why?) then went to Hawkins and kept him goalless in second half. 6
13   Calf.  
14 GWS Another Blue returning from injury, had an even battle with Boyd. 5
15 Coll Kept Cloke to one goal and beat him in a number of one-on-ones. 7
16 StK On Riewoldt and had his job made easier by Saints’ delivery. 5
17 Syd Kept Franklin goalless in first half before the Swan exploded in the third term. 4
18 NM Had Daw at start. Handy defensive game. 4
19 Frem Started on Pavlich and when he was subbed out went to Mayne. Solid. 7
20 GCS Completely outpointed Day who had no impact at all. 7
21 Geel Kept Hawkins goalless for one of few times this year. Great effort. 8
22 Port Good dual with Jay Schulz restricting him to two goals in the massacre. 5
23 Ess Beat Bellchambers and cool down back for most of the afternoon. 7

2013 Season

Played for : Carlton

1 Rich Battled Riewoldt and good then had to do a job on rampant Vickery. Solid. 7
2 Coll Kept Cloke goalless and wore him like a glove. 7
3 Geel Great duel with Hawkins. Conceded three goals but won share of one-on-ones. 6
4 WCE Rotated on Darling/Kennedy and did it really well all night. Among best. 7
5 Adel Spoiled well and kept a tight lock on Josh Jenkins. Found Walker slippery early. 5
6 Melb Superb in the air and on the ground down back. Close to the side’s best. 8
7 StK Injured shoulder in opening minute but battled on under duress on Riewoldt. 4
8 Port Beat Schultz and showed courage after hurting shoulder last week. 7
9 Bris Notable 10 marks, second highest for the Blues. 6
10 GWS Beat the dangerous Cameron and subbed at three-quarter time. 6
11 Ess On Hurley initially then had others. As usual didn’t concede an inch. 5
12 Haw Great battle with Franklin. Probably stiff to have four goals kicked on him. 5
14 Syd Had hands full down back opposed to Tippett. Battled on gamely though. 4
15 Coll Great battle with Cloke but in the end beaten by weight of ball. 4
16 StK Couldn’t stay with Riewoldt. 3
17 NM Lined up on Petrie. Lacked touch. 4
18 GCS Had his opponent well covered and pushed up the ground to get the footy. 6
19 Frem Competed hard on resting ruck and held his own in marking contests. Solid. 6
20 WB Interesting night. Kept Jones quiet but had some poor turnovers and fumbles. 5
21 Rich Shifted to Riewoldt early and kept the spearhead quiet. Some fantastic spoils. 6
22 Ess Battled hard down back and was under the pump in the last quarter surge. 6
23 Port Had a tough night with Schulz who kicked four goals. 4
EF Rich Went every metre with Riewoldt. 7
SF Syd Initial opponent Tippett was off early. Tested by smalls. Stretchered off late. 4

2012 Season

Played for : Carlton

1 VFL Got through OK but had his hands full with Cordy.
3 Coll Defensive role on tall Magpies starting with Wood. OK but a little rusty. 5
4 Ess Average day. A couple of strong grabs. Looked better up forward. 3
5 Frem Ball use good running from defence and got better longer game went. 6
6 GWS Steady and calming influence down back – particularly early. 7
7 StK Kept Koschitzke to four marks and a goal so did his job at full back. 6
8 Adel Defended pretty well until late in final term when Tippett got away. 6
9 Melb Battled Clark who kicked 3.4 but he did enough to keep him honest. 6
10 Port Had the tough task to stand the inform Jay Schulz and came up second best. 4
11 Geel Kept Hawkins well under control apart from five-minute patch in third term. 7
12 WCE Had revolving door of opponents and held his own but not much rebound. 5
14 Haw Shoulder troubles and couldn’t stop Franklin. Off injured in fourth term. 3
15 Coll Lazarus-like return after early injury. Did job quelling Cloke; disposal a worry. 5
16 NM Nightmare start on Petrie. Dirty night overall as kicking radar astray. 3
17 WB Didn’t give dangerman Williams a sniff in second half. Fine spoiling. 6
18 Rich Did very well on Riewoldt and his game was pivotal. 8
19 Syd Matched on Pyke. Hamstring problem in third term and subbed off. 2