#10   Fremantle

Age: 28yr 2mth Games: 112 Born: Jan 07, 2021
Height: 177cm Weight: 75kg Position:

2017 Digest:   A third placing in the 2016 best and fairest his best so far. Brilliant in attack and round the ground and is showing good touch.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Geel Stinker. Beaten by Mackie and rarely got his hand to the ball playing forward or up the ground. 2
2 Port Well held by Darcy Byrne-Jones and undisciplined at times. 3
3 WB Well held for most of the game. Kicked two goals in the final term to have an impact and finished with three. 6
4 Melb Despite being under injury cloud coming in he moved well and got involved in plenty of scoring chains. Goal came in third term. 7
5 NM Shut out of the game by Marley Williams. 4
6 WCE Couldn’t get near the ball for most of the game. Looks injured. 3
7 Ess Moved into the midfield and got his groove back with 26 possessions. 7
8 Rich Thrown into midfield and relished the opportunity to gather 38 disposals, six clearances and two goal assists. 9
9 Carl Scintillating third term with three goals. Had 27 disposals for the day too. 8
10 Adel No goals, no shots on goal and no impact in the game. 3
11 Coll Was having an impact in the midfield but went forward in the final term and the ball didn’t come down. 7
12 Bris Showed selfish side in first term with an overly ambitious 55m shot when there were options. Took 10 uncontested marks. OK. 6
13   Bye.  
14 Geel Ran riot through the middle and was a key force In keeping the Cats’ at bay all afternoon; 28 touches, six inside-50s, two goals. 8
15 StK Epic performance in losing team. Dominated with 32 disposals, three clearances and six goals. 10
16 NM On fire in the first half with three goals. Then had the clamps put on by Swallow. Ran hard late. 7
17 WCE Tagged. Still kicked two goals. Will get plenty of attention from here. 5
18 Haw Injured his knee in the final term but hadn’t had an influence earlier. 4
19   Knee.  
20   Knee.  
21   Knee.  
22   Knee.  
23   Knee.  

2016 Season

1 WB Provided a bit of spark but also made some uncustomary mistakes by hand and foot. Tried at least. 5
2 GCS Kicked three goals and was in the midfield too. Had a crack. 6
3 WCE With two goals, at least he impacted the scoreboard. 6
4 NM Showed the energy and creativity that the Dockers have been lacking this season. Good. 6
5 Carl The Dockers needed him forward and up the ground. He can kick. 6
6 Adel Kicking elite from the midfield, pushed forward in last term for three goals. 8
7 GWS High possessions and kicked a goal. His combined role is working well. 6
8 Haw Busy and always positive with his ball use unlike many teammates. 7
9 Rich Played midfield in the first half and forward in the second. In and out. 5
10 StK Busy and lively but his disposal unusually errant. 5
11 Ess Booted three goals and was dangerous up the field too. 7
12 Bris Played mostly in the midfield and was quite good. 6
13 Port Needs to get more of the ball because what he does is classy. 4
14 Coll Not in it early; picked up work-rate but wasteful with ball and had too many turnovers. 6
16 Melb Mostly in midfield then started second half in attack. Threatened at times, but made some errors. 5
17 Geel Looked super dangerous early then Kolodjashnij started to wear him down. 6
18 GCS Freo’s most dangerous attacking option as he finished with four goals. 8
19 Syd Shut down by Nick Smith. 3
20 WCE Kicked a goal but looked frustrated. 4
21 Adel Freo’s best player. Kicked five goals. Had a real crack. 8
22 GWS Won some ball and hard at the contest but couldn’t impact the scoreboard. 5
23 WB Kicked two goals. Won Fremantle’s goalkicking award with 36 majors for the year. 6

2015 Season

1 Port The Dockers needed the ball in his skilled hands a lot more. 5
2 Geel Smedts did a solid job in him but chimed in at opportune times. 5
3 WCE Dangerous all afternoon in the front half and ended with 3.2. 7
4 Syd Failed to kick a goal but had his disposals up the field. 5
5 Melb Copped heavy knock in second term and subbed out of the contest. 2
6 Ess Kicked a goal but if he keeps ducking his head he’ll get badly hurt. 5
7 WB Smart with every touch and kicked two crucial goal with pressure on. 6
8 NM Brilliant. Kicked four goals, gave one away and looked imposing. 8
9 Adel Three quality goals from three beautifully executed left-foot snaps. 7
10 Rich Quiet early but led the fight back in front half with goals and intensity. 6
11 GCS Looked dangerous at half forward but didn't hit the scoreboard. 6
13 Coll Book-ended first half goals and ended with four in opportunistic display. 8
14 Bris Game-breaker with four goals in a low-scoring slog. Electric inside 50. 8
15 Haw Just the one goal and well held by Stratton. 4
16 Carl Dangerous. Took two hangers and kicked 1.3. Lively all night. 6
17 Rich Lively opening and had some class touches to set up goals but held goalless. 5
18 GWS Kicked four goals. Gave the team life. 7
19 StK Not big stats on Geary but always loomed dangerous when near the ball. 5
20 WCE Lively. Kicked three goals and gave West Coast problems. 7
21 NM On Wright. Pace and skills always a big threat to North. 7
22   Calf.  
23   Calf.  
QF Syd Three goals, three inside-50s and a heap of touches for a big day. 8
PF Haw Got away from Stratton for three goals and always a menace. 6

2014 Season

1 Coll Finished the game strongly and capped off a miserable night for Magpies. 6
2 GCS Earned plenty of opportunities but couldn’t convert and finished with 2.5. 7
3 Haw Flashed in a couple of times in first half. Hurt ankle in third term then off. 2
4   Ankle.  
5   Ankle.  
6   Ankle.  
7   Ankle.  
8   Ankle.  
9   Ankle.  
10   Ankle.  
11   Ankle.  
12   Ankle.  
13   Ankle.  
14   Ankle.  
15   Ankle.  
16   Ankle.  
17   Ankle.  
18   Ankle.  
19   Ankle.  
20 WAFL Solid return from long layoff with 19 possessions and a goal
21 Haw Welcome return after a long lay-off. A dangerous presence all game. 7
22 Bris Classic opportunist who bobbed up at the right time to kick three goals. 6
23 Port Makes Freo forward line look special. Three goals and could be the ingredient. 6
QF Syd Only one goal and not enough impact. 4
SF Port Freo’s most dangerous forward (3.3) and showed how much he has been missed. 7

2013 Season

1 WCE Franked his preseason form and the support of his coach. Damaging up forward. 4
2 WB Developing into one of game’s best small forwards. Busy with three goals. 7
3 Ess Ended with 2.3 and was lively in patches. Looked most likely Docker forward. 7
4 Haw Forced to work high up the ground to get involved. Worked hard. 6
5 Rich Terrific little player with a couple of nice goals before uncustomary misses. 6
6 GCS Constant menace for the Suns, and finished with four goals. 8
7 Coll Match winner with 4.2. Gave Macaffer then every other Pie opponent fits. 8
8 Syd Dangerous but a little wayward before his night was ended by an ankle problem. 5
9   Ankle.  
10   Ankle.  
11   Ankle.  
12   Ankle.  
13 NM Slow start on Mullett but finished strongly and helped Freo kick away. 6
14 Geel Three goals including two in second term. Did well from limited chances. 7
15 StK Quiet by his standards. 4
16 WCE Back to his damaging best and was crucial in finishing surge. 6
17 Rich Gave Morris headaches with his elusiveness. Just so clean in possession. 6
18 Adel Two important goals on Brown and clean with most of his touches again. 6
19 Carl Silky smooth in the forward half. Four goals and a constant threat on Walker. 7
20 GWS One goal in first half and ended with two but pretty well held. 5
21 Melb Just one goal but had four direct scoring assists. Too slippery for a few opponents. 6
22 Port Vital in giving Freo the best possible start. Copped knocks to leg and shoulder. 6
23   Knee.  
QF Geel Kicked one goal and Guthrie and later Bartel shut him down fairly well. 4
PF Syd Provided some spark in the forward 50 and was a handful for Malceski. Three goals. 7
GF Haw Apart from third term (two goals) his contribution was spasmodic. 5

2012 Season

2 WAFL Played Monday for Swan Districts.
3 WAFL Dangerous but kicked 1.4 only for Swan Districts.
4 WAFL 14 possessions but 2.5 for Swan Districts.
5 WAFL Played deep forward for Swan Districts. Kicked three goals.
6 WAFL 18 possessions and a goal for Swan Districts.
7 WAFL 13 touches and four goals for Swan Districts.
8 WAFL 15 touches and three goals with Swan Districts.
10 WAFL Just eight touches and a goal with Swan Districts.
11 WAFL Lively game. 16 possessions and 2.4 for Swan Districts.
12 WAFL 16 touches and two goals for Swan Districts.
13 WAFL 14 disposals and 2.4 for Swan Districts.
14 WAFL 17 possessions and a goal for Swan Districts.
15 WAFL 19 touches and two goals for Swan Districts.
16 Melb Came into game in third term with two goals and iced it with one in the last. 7
17 GWS Had quality touches with two great goals and some classy finishing. 7
18 Port Substituted in the fourth term after no real impact, did manage a goal. 3
19 WCE Classy with 2.2. Looked dangerous all day. 6
20 Adel Fremantle’s best forward with three goals from four attempts. 7
21 Rich Kicked a goal and OK in attack. 5
22 NM Too slippery for McMahon and clever around goals. 7
23 Melb Lively with 1.2 and 16 disposals. 5
EF Geel On Mackie early. Showed a touch of magic especially with soccered goal. 7
SF Adel Dangerous again in attack early and again showed finals aptitude. 6