#22   Geelong

Age: 28yr 5mth Games: 160 Born: Jun 10, 2021
Height: 188cm Weight: 88kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Out to improve on a disappointing 2016 campaign. Physically in good shape to better assist Selwood/Dangerfield.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Frem Huge positive. Grabbed plenty of the ball (30 disposals), six tackles and four clearances. Great start to year. 8
2 NM Backed up good Round 1 effort with another even performance highlighted by five tackles and 24 disposals. 6
3 Melb Busted his boiler to provide support to the dynamic duo. Seven inside-50s, 11 contested possessions and three clearances. 7
4 Haw Great first term (13 disposals) and went on with it to rack up 32, five clearances, 11 contested possessions and two goals. 8
5 StK Worked into the game to be among the better performers with 32 disposals, seven inside-50s and four clearances. 8
6 Coll In terms of sheer possession numbers he was best of Cats’ onballers; 27 disposals, seven inside-50s and a goal. 7
7 GCS Worked hard up and down the ground for 33 disposals but interestingly only one inside-50, two tackles and two clearances. 6
8 Ess Battled hard but effort was a significant one. Only 14 effective disposals, one tackle and two clearances. 5
9 WB Laid career-high 18 tackles to go with 31 disposals, six clearances and four inside-50s. 8
10 Port Racked up 17 first-half disposals and ended match with 31 disposals, three clearances and four tackles. 8
11 Adel Not as prolific as some weeks but did his bit and got better as the game dragged on; 24 disposals and five tackles. 7
12   Bye.  
13 WCE Probably close to Cats’ best with 32 disposals, seven inside-50s and four tackles. Did have team-high nine turnovers. 7
14 Frem Got caught a few times but it was a strong performance highlighted by 30 disposals, six clearances and seven inside-50s. 8
15 GWS Gave great support to Dangerfield and Menegola with 26 possessions and five clearances. Steady, solid form continued. 7
16 Bris Had a night out for his 150th by collecting an equal game high 38 disposals and kicking two goals. Too easy. 8
17 Haw Hard running a feature of his game that netted 27 possessions, four clearances and seven tackles. 8
18 Adel At least looked smooth when he got near the pill and gave his all. Not his best game but tried hard. 6
19 Carl Strong form continued with 28 possessions, five inside-50s, three clearances and a goal. 7
20 Syd Good form continued through the middle. Did all he could to end with 32 disposals but only two inside-50s and three clearances. 7
21   Suspended.  
22 Coll Strong effort again with 32 disposals, seven clearances, five clearances and five tackles; 333 metres gained. 7
23 GWS Strong again around the ball and breaking through the middle; 27 possessions, four inside-50s and 12 score involvements. 8
QF Rich Plugged away in the midfield for 29 disposals, seven clearances but only two score involvements. One inside-50. 5
SF Syd After quiet first term his second quarter was superb (12 disposals). Key player again with 36 touches. 8
PF Adel Started well but after quarter time he was not in the game at all; 14 effective possessions. 6

2016 Season

1 Haw Worked hard up and down the ground to be among Cats’ best. Five inside-50s. 7
2 GWS Struggling until a Mumford bump knocked him into next week and day was over. 1
3 Bris Overcame knock from previous week to be a key cog in midfield. Six inside-50s, a goal, three clearances. 7
4 Ess Won plenty of the ball and worked hard. Five inside-50s and four clearances. 6
5 Port Used the footy well and linked through the middle of the ground to set up teammates. 7
6 GCS Linked through the middle to end with team-high nine inside-50s and five tackles. 8
7 WCE Took a while to get going but once he did it was a handy effort. Good supporting act. 6
8 Adel All but one of his touches hit the target. Five clearances and three inside-50s. 6
9 Coll One of few Cats to produce an even display and among best: six inside-50s, eight tackles. 7
10 Carl Ran hard and won plenty of ball. Laid six tackles, made three clearances. 6
11 GWS Impact not huge and affected by efficiency but still contributed to overall effort. 5
12 NM Quiet first half (eight disp) then worked into it. Huge last term padded stats out a bit. 6
13 WB Struggles continue despite numbers being OK. Looks unsure when he gets the ball. 6
14 StK As he has in previous weeks won a bit of ball but not hurting the opposition. 5
16 Syd Like all year found a bit of the ball but not damaging. Eight inside-50s but few resulted in scores. 5
17 Frem Won his share of ball but still seems uncertain with decision-making. 5
18 Adel Struggled first half and while got better he still looks very tentative. 4
19 WB Better than previous weeks. Decision-making looked more assured. One goal. 6
20 Ess At least won some ball forward of centre for five inside-50s. Better performance. 6
21 Rich Horror first half and while lifted he is still out of form. Four inside-50s. 4
22 Bris Linked well through midfield at times in an improved effort. Six inside-50s. 7
23 Melb Chimed in at times but not as prominent as some. Five kicks and four inside-50s. 5
QF Haw Fine first half (12 disp) then drifted right out of the game. Four inside-50s. 5
PF Syd Mistake-filled performance but had a crack. Eight inside-50s. 5

2015 Season

1 Haw Did not influence the match at all, either defensively or offensively. 4
2 Frem Struggled whether around the ball or in defence. 2
3 GCS Won his share of ball but did look shaky in defence. Is that his best spot? 5
4 NM Much better than previous week but still well short of his best. 5
5 Rich Responded from poor Round 4 effort to be the Cats’ best. 8
6 Coll Monster effort. 18 cont. possessions, seven clearances and four inside-50s. 9
7 Syd Burning until injured foot in third term and subbed out. Changed game. 5
8   Foot.  
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16 WB Return game a bottler. Made the play and clean with everything he did. 7
17 GWS Quieter game than last week but still found a way to offer something. 5
18 Bris Even output throughout highlighted by solid ball use and hard running. 6
19 Syd Still finding feet but contributed two goals, three clearances, nine marks. 6
20   Calf.  
21   Calf.  
22   Calf.  
23   Calf.  

2014 Season

1 Adel Not his best game but contributed with a goal and good ball use. 5
2 Bris One great goal in second term but only five disposals first half. Quiet day. 4
3 Coll Best game of year. Work between the arcs set teammates up all night. 8
4 WCE Linked brilliantly through the midfield – nine inside-50s, 15 handball receives 8
5 Haw Efficient across four quarters – six inside-50s, 11 contested possessions. 7
6 Port Effort marred by uncharacteristic mistakes down back and through the middle. 4
7 Rich Two fine goals, five inside-50s and 11 contested possessions. Among best. 7
9 Frem Work-rate solid but didn’t always hurt Dockers with ball – six inside-50s. 6
10 NM Goals in first and third terms to go with three tackles. Handy. 6
11 Syd Only one inside-50 is telling for a player who likes to push forward. 4
12 Carl Mixed good with bad but generally pretty quiet through the middle. 4
13 StK Three goals, 13 marks and ball use was first class all over the ground. 8
14 GCS Stood tall all night to be one of the side’s most consistent. Five inside-50s. 7
15 Ess Two clutch goals in final term were critical plays in turning the tide. 7
16 WB Two goals, 10 tackles and superb ball use had him comfortably in Cats’ best. 7
17 Melb One goal but not a huge factor as Demons marked him close. 4
18 GWS Found space in through the middle and used ball well. Handy without starring. 6
19 NM Big effort netted three critical goals, 11 contested possessions. Fine ball use. 8
20 Frem Huge influence with two goals, eight inside-50s and great workrate. 7
21 Carl Really quiet in an uncharacteristic night. Two inside-50s, no goals. 4
22 Haw Cats’ best. First half (25 disposals) massive. One goal, six clearances. 8
23 Bris Defensively not great on Hanley early but won plenty of ball himself. 7
QF Haw Not damaging forward of centre and couple of poor defensive efforts. 5
SF NM Occasionally darted through the middle but not influential. 5

2013 Season

1 Haw Only two effective disposals to half time. Lifted after main break 4
2 NM Effectiveness down a little but took a couple of key contested marks late. 5
3 Carl Best game for the year. Four inside-50s, four tackles and good efficiency. 7
4 Syd Best game for year with six inside-50s and two clearances. 6
5 WB Had his share of ball but a knee injury sustained early slowed him. 5
6 Rich Impressive again with two goals, five inside-50s and 10 handball receives. 8
7 Ess Ran with Goddard at times in second and third quarters and did well. 5
8 Coll Horror night. Fumbled his way through the match and made skill errors. 3
9 Port Much better than last week. Key was the fact he used the footy well all match. 7
10 GCS Work-rate superb, highlighted by 10 cont poss, six inside-50s and seven tackles. 8
11 GWS Sub. On final term and kicked a great set shot goal. Good sub role. 2
13 Bris OK at times but wanders in and out games mentally too often. 4
14 Frem Rose to the occasion to win plenty of footy. Always around the ball. 7
15 Haw For second week in a row he was a real factor off a wing – kicked 0.3. 7
16 Melb Not his best game but contributed a goal and four tackles off a wing. 5
17 Adel Racked up the stats but ball use not always spot on. Influence not huge. 6
18 StK Grabbed 12 marks and set others up all night as a link man. Top performance. 8
19 NM Disappointing first half then lifted to give the side some hope after main break. 7
20 Port Copped heavy hit five minutes in and subbed out with concussion. 0
21 WCE Great game after concussed previous week. Dangerous forward of centre all match. 7
22 Syd Huge playing a role behind the ball and across half back. Used ball really well. 7
23 Bris Used loose in defence at times and handy without starring. 6
QF Frem Made some poor skill/decision making errors at times. Consistency not there. 5
SF Port Made some skill errors and will certainly need a lift next week. Kicked a goal. 4
PF Haw Efficiency was down and made some fundamental decision making errors in final term. 4

2012 Season

1 Frem Used his increased muscle at times and was hard at the contest. 6
2 Haw Quiet day after a good first-up effort. Just 10 disposals. 3
3 NM Had 18 touches and five inside 50s but wasn’t hugely damaging. 5
4 Rich Really quiet day and might be in need of a rest. Just the eight possessions. 2
5 Bris Workrate up on previous week. The coach might have had a word. 5
6 Melb Played himself back into form and was handy off half back in second half. 7
7 Adel Kicked three goals and was at least constructive with what he did. 7
8 Coll Went with Sidebottom but too loose at times. Two goals but impact limited. 4
9 WB Impact not great and didn’t score for first time in a few weeks. 4
10 GWS Offered nothing in first half before lifting – 4 inside-50s and five rebound 50s. 5
11 Carl Produced timely good performance. Found space and was a good link player. 7
13 Syd Struggled big time until late in game when he was OK. 4
14 Port Couple of dashes through middle a highlight – team high seven inside-50s. 6
16 Coll Not sure if it’s fitness or premiership hangover but having little impact. 4
17 Ess Produced best game yet, highlighted by team-high 16 contested possessions. 8
18 Adel Ran with Dangerfield at times and OK in that role. Kicked two key goals. 6
19 Haw Found space and showed courage and intensity all night. Fine effort. 7
20 WCE A quiet one. Only nine possessions after quarter time. 4
21 StK Found space, ran hard and created play all night to be among the best. 7
22 WB Found space again and was dangerous all day forward of centre. 7
23 Syd Played a role forward of centre with seven inside-50s and a goal. Handy. 7
EF Frem Efficiency well down for class player. One goal and four inside 50s. 5