Age: 27yr 10mth Games: 57 Born: Oct 03, 2020
Height: 184cm Weight: 82kg Position: DEF
Dream Team Profile

2015 Digest:   Coming off a disappointing year in which he was dropped three times and missed three weeks with a foot injury. Coach loves his commitment but he’s one of many Lions looking to push his name in front of selectors with strong showings in the NAB Challenge.

2015 NAB Cup:   Fact he hasn’t been sighted at senior level this pre-season does not bode well for Round 1 selection. Played NEAFL last weekend.

2015 Season

Played for : Brisbane

2 NEAFL Unable to impact the game as he’d like.
3 NEAFL Starred in win with 28 possessions.
4 WCE Solid contributor who showed up a number of the more senior midfielders. 7
5 GCS Plenty of handball receives as he tried to provide drive. 5
6 Carl OK in first term then offensive impact dampened but pressure good. 4
7 Port Subbed on in last quarter. Not much time to shine. 2
8 Ess Sub came on in fourth quarter and had a few touches. 2
9 NEAFL Rotated through midfield and was fair.
10 NEAFL In and out of the game in swamped Lions outfit.
11 NEAFL Bye.
12 NEAFL Good return to form with 28 disposals and a goal.
13 NEAFL 23 possessions but wasn’t as clean as usual with ball.
14 NEAFL Pressed claims with 22 disposals and a goal in midfield.
15 NEAFL Driving force with 28 touches, five inside 50s.
16 NEAFL 20 touches and battled hard throughout.
17 NEAFL Unable to get anything going through the middle.
18 NEAFL Steady without starring. Needs to finish off season well.
19 NEAFL Best ball-wining game of year. 35 touches, six inside 50s.
20 NEAFL 28 touches and six inside 50s. Running into form.
21 NEAFL Bye.
22 NEAFL Starred in midfield with 28 touches and two key goals.

2014 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1 Haw Played up on a wing opposed to Smith. OK without being great. 4
2 Geel Eleven of his disposals were gathered in first half then tired. 4
3 GCS Amassed plenty of the footy mopping up in defence. 7
4 Port Won his fair share of footy across half back. 6
5 Rich Started well and contained Edwards for three quarters. 5
6 NEAFL Even battle against Ryan O’Keefe.
7 Syd Provided some spark when subbed on in third term. 5
8 NEAFL Played through the centre of the ground and did OK.
9 NM Couldn’t contain Harvey in first term but soldiered on after that. 6
11 Carl Not prominent. 3
12 WB Made some blues, but also did a few handy things. Interesting night. 5
13 GWS Defensive forward role on Shaw. 3
14 NEAFL Bye.
15 NEAFL Played in various roles and was among Lions’ best.
16   Senior emergency.  
17 WCE Big first half with 15 touches but faded with six possessions for last two terms. 6
18   Foot.  
19   Foot.  
20   Foot.  
21 NEAFL Played across half-back and was a wall. One of the best.
22 NEAFL Gave plenty of run and rebounded the ball well.
23 Geel Sub. Failed to impact in any meaningful way when he got on in final term. 1

2013 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1 WB Tried hard in defence. 7
2 Adel Got plenty of the footy but didn't impact the contest. 4
3 GCS Got a bit of the footy but was far too loose when he was on Matera. 3
4 NM Tried hard under all sorts of pressure. 6
5 Melb Had good numbers but kicking and influence was a touch down. 5
6 Syd Did a good job on McGlynn and provided some drive going forward. 7
7 WCE Played on the wing and kicked two goals. That may be his best position. 7
8 Ess Defensively he was first class with 10 tackles. Developing well. 7
9   Foot.  
10 NEAFL Kicked a team-high two goals, and provided his usual spark.
11 NEAFL Bye.
12 Frem Won a heap of the ball and looks like a player who will build a long career. 7
13 Geel Did some toughs stuff and produced key goal at 25-min mark of last. 7
14 Haw Breust gave him a lot of trouble but he did produce some good footy at times. 5
15 GCS Burned a lot of energy and returned with 20 disposals, 10 marks. 6
16 NM Burned in first half with 10 disposals, but just three more for the game. 5
17   Injured.  
18 Port Played well across half back with four rebounds out of defensive 50. 7
19 StK Not a big influence. 4
20   Suspended.  
21 GWS Big first half, helping set up several goals. 6
22 WB Continued good recent form. 6
23 Geel Ran with Selwood at times and stuck to task. Won plenty of ball. 7

2012 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1 Melb Moved off Howe to Davey and had him check for rest of the day – 19 disp. 6
2 Carl Not his night minding a myriad of Blue forward options. 4
3 Frem Didn’t use the ball well. 3
4 GCS In the action all night and mopped up well in defence. 6
5 Geel Given the job on Johnson. Ok. 5
6 Ess Quiet afternoon but tried hard, laying five tackles. 4
7 Coll Mopped up well in defence. 5
8 GWS Racked up disposals without really being noticed. 5
9 NM Hard worker who was one of few Lions to show out in first half 6
10 WCE Busy without really making a statement. 5
12 Haw Ran to receive and wasn’t the worst. 5
13 WB Deployed across half back and played his role efficiently. Improving type. 7
14 Melb Collected 17 touches down back and did a decent defensive job. 6