Age: 25yr 9mth Games: 6 Born: Nov 18, 2020
Height: 182cm Weight: 80kg Position: FWD
Dream Team Profile

2015 Digest:   After serving a six-month jail sentence the former first-round draft selection has returned to the club in shape and ready to right some wrongs. Trained throughout the club’s eight-week break and has added considerable muscle. Might be a story of the season.

2015 NAB Cup:   Not sighted in NAB series but returned to training in great condition and is at least giving himself every chance.

2015 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 WAFL Encouraging signs as small forward with four goals.
2 WAFL Bye.
3   Hand.  
4   Hand.  
5   Hand.  
6   Hand.  
7   Hand.  
8   Hand.  
9   Hand.  
10 WAFL Returned from injury with a goal from 15 touches and eight marks.
11 WAFL Dangerous up forward but kicked just one goals from five attempts.
12 WAFL Impressive as small forward with three goals from 14 touches.
13 WAFL Bye.
14 WAFL Lively with 15 possessions but goalless as a small forward.
15 WAFL Just the seven possessions and one behind.
16 WAFL Worked hard for 19 possessions and eight marks, but didn’t score.
17   Senior emergency.  
18 WAFL Quiet game with just 10 touches and two behinds.
19 WAFL Struggled for an impact with 12 disposals and no score.
20 WAFL Worked into the game with 16 disposals and kicked a nice goal.
21 WB The sub. The stadium shook when he kicked a goal. 2
22 Adel Started as the sub and came on in the last term for McGovern. 3
23 WAFL Quiet on return with just nine touches, six tackles and a goal.
QF WAFL Quiet performance with just 10 disposals and no score.

2014 Season

Played for : West Coast

1   Personal leave.  
2   Personal leave.  
3   Personal leave.  
4   Personal leave.  
5   Personal leave.  
6   Personal leave.  
7   Personal leave.  
8   Personal leave.  
9   Personal leave.  
10   Personal leave.  
11   Personal leave.  
12   Personal leave.  
13   Personal leave.  
14   Personal leave.  
15 WAFL Bye.
16   Personal leave.  
17   Personal leave.  
18   Personal leave.  
19   Personal leave.  
20   Personal leave.  
21   Personal leave.  
22   Personal leave.  
23   Personal leave.  

2013 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 WAFL Just 10 disposals and no score for Swan Districts.
2 WAFL 15 possessions but scoreless for Swan Districts.
3   Injured.  
4 WAFL 24 possessions for Swan Districts.
5   Knee.  
6   Knee.  
7   Knee.  
8   Knee.  
9   Knee.  
10   Knee.  
11   Knee.  
12 WAFL 16 disposals and two goals with Swan Districts.
13 WAFL Just 11 disposals and a goal for Swan Districts.
14 WAFL 13 touches and a goal with Swan Districts.
15 WAFL Only 11 touches but two goals for Swan Districts.
16 WAFL One first quarter kick before he walked out of ground. Bizarre!
17   Personal leave.  
18   Personal leave.  
19   Personal leave.  
20   Personal leave.  
21   Personal leave.  
22   Personal leave.  
23   Personal leave.  

2012 Season

Played for : West Coast

2 WAFL Played Monday for Swan Districts.
3 WAFL Lively for Swan Districts but four behinds was costly.
4 WAFL Quiet for Swan Districts with seven disposals.
5 WAFL Good game for Swan Districts with 18 touches, two goals.
7 WAFL 13 possessions and 1.3 for Swan Districts.
8 WAFL Just seven disposals but two goals for Swan Districts.
10 WAFL Brilliant for Swan Districts. Five goals and 29 disposals.
11 WAFL Goalless and for Swan Districts coming off five goals.
12 WAFL 15 disposals, 10 marks and a goal for Swan Districts.
13 WAFL 15 possessions and three goals with Swan Districts.
14 GCS Cam eon as the sub and was lively. Kicked two goals. 5
15 NM Second gamer was encouraging early, but subbed off in third. 2
16 Syd Kicked a goal but was quiet. 3
17 Adel Came on as the sub at the start of the fourth term. 2
18 WAFL 12 touches and two goals for Swan Districts.
19 WAFL Hurt early and just three possessions for Swan Districts.
23 WAFL Good on return for Swans with 12 marks and three goals.
EF WAFL Good for Swan District– 20 possessions, two goals.
SF WAFL Struggled for Swan Districts and didn’t score.