Nathan FYFE

#7   Fremantle

Age: 28yr 2mth Games: 139 Born: Sep 18, 2020
Height: 190cm Weight: 91kg Position:

2017 Digest:   One of the side’s best in JLT games and will hopefully return to the form that made him the AFL’s best player before leg injury.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Geel Quiet first half then turned himself inside out to lift team in the second half. Not his best game but effort first class. 7
2 Port Struggled to make an impact on the result despite winning lots of footy, managed a goal though. 6
3 WB Stepped up when it mattered. His final term was crucial and he finished with 33 disposals and seven clearances. 8
4 Melb Skipper was as busy as a Beirut bricklayer. Seven clearances and 17 contested possessions provided great drive for the team. 8
5 NM Won 19 contested possessions. Was big when it mattered and won nine clearances for the night. 8
6 WCE Was rarely free to use the ball without pressure. Managed only 19 touches. 6
7 Ess Worked relentlessly during the third term to get his team into the contest. Kicked two goals from 26 disposals. 8
8 Rich Fact team won without huge contribution from him was a huge positive. One clearance, one inside-50 and one goal. 5
9 Carl Started forward but lifted the team in the midfield with a big second half. Had 30 disposals. 7
10 Adel Tried to do too much on his own, and as Captain needs to drag his teammates into the game. 6
11 Coll Lifted in the second half to drag his team back into the match. Played as the ruckman at times in the final term. 8
12 Bris Gave his all when either in the midfield and when resting in attack. Had few teammates in the same category. 7
13   Bye.  
14   Sternum.  
15 StK Played forward and midfield. Took three contested marks among 23 disposals. 7
16 NM A beast in midfield in the first half. Mark going back with the flight was a sight to behold too. 8
17 WCE Fantastic performance. Back to his best because he’s dominating in congestion and taking big marks. 8
18 Haw Launching at the footy again. Tagged but won 23 possessions and kicked one goal. Good signs. 7
19 GWS Shook the Kennedy tag with ease in first half. 31 disposals, 19 contested, 25 pressure acts, 11 score involvements. 8
20 GCS His contested marking was a highlight of the game. Took four big marks among 29 touches. 8
21 Syd Never stopped but did lose his footing at times. By far Fremantle’s best. 7
22 Rich Clearly the team’s best player. Had 30 disposals, eight clearances and kicked a goal. 8
23 Ess A driving force in midfield to help Freo get back into the game. Six clearances and two goals. 8

2016 Season

1 WB Copped a corkie early and struggled to have his normal level of impact. Rough day. 4
2 GCS Kept Freo in the game with a superb third term. Played a lone hand. 8
3 WCE Freo’s best player both as a midfielder and forward. Stand-in captain. 8
4 NM Shrugged off close attention of Jacobs to be a grand contributor and also booted four goals. 8
5 Carl Started well. Then injured his leg and sat out most of the second half. 5
6   Leg.  
7   Leg.  
8   Leg.  
9   Leg.  
10   Leg.  
11   Leg.  
12   Leg.  
13   Leg.  
14   Leg.  
15   Leg.  
16   Leg.  
17   Leg.  
18   Leg.  
19   Leg.  
20   Leg.  
21   Leg.  
22   Leg.  
23   Leg.  

2015 Season

1 Port Fantastic in air and on ground. Had 31 touches and kicked a goal. 8
2 Geel Three Brownlow votes in bag after 25 contested possessions and three goals. 9
3 WCE A beast once again around the stoppages with 10 clearances. In rare form. 8
4 Syd Freo’s best yet again with 27 touches, eight clearances and 1.2. 8
5 Melb Gave Lumumba a bath. Clearance work and marking a highlight. 8
6 Ess Destroyed Heppell. Won seven clearances and took three contested marks. 8
7 WB Dogs’ had no answers. Three goals and some highlight-reel marks. Reported though. 8
8 NM Just a lazy 37 possessions and 11 clearances in his 100th game. 8
9 Adel Running out of superlatives for his performances each week. 10
10 Rich Not his best game, but still extremely influential. A great goal and mark. 7
11 GCS Cameo of two goals in third quarter proved crucial. Another three votes? 8
13 Coll Not his best game but still had nine clearances and two goals. 8
14 Bris Robinson wore him tight, but still had 10 clearances five score involvements. 7
15 Haw Action-packed first term with plenty of ball but a few frees against. Tried hard throughout. 6
16 Carl Restricted by White. Still had eight clearances though. 6
17 Rich Head to head with Cotchin and was a tireless worker although not at his best. 7
18   Thigh.  
19   Thigh.  
20 WCE Sparked the team with 19 second half possessions and nine clearances. 7
21 NM Spending more time forward which made it harder for his match-up Jacobs 6
22   Leg.  
23   Leg.  
QF Syd Despite being hampered by leg injury grabbed eight clearances and 17 CPs. 8
PF Haw Re-injured lower leg early but enormous courage to continue. Still contributed. 6

2014 Season

1 Coll Came in underdone and started forward. Shredded Magpies in second qtr and rested for last. 8
2 GCS Active and polished – 19 contested possessions and seven clearances. 7
3   Suspended.  
4   Suspended.  
5 Syd Back from suspension, budding superstar was his typically brilliant self. 8
6 NM Along with Johnson and Mundy strived hard to keep Dockers afloat. Brave effort. 8
7 WCE Found targets going forward with quality kicks in first then tagged out of it. 6
8 Port High class with five contested marks, 34 possessions and two goals. 9
9 Geel Battled Selwood in fine duel. 13 contested possessions and a goal. 7
11 WB Well held by Wallis. Had no impact as a midfielder and then went forward. 4
12 Adel Tagger Kerridge kept with him early, but then he stepped into overdrive. 7
13 Rich Monster game with 22 contested possessions and a towering mark-goal. 8
14 Bris Skills stood out in the wet conditions and he continually drove his side forward. 7
15 WCE Superb in midfield. Used big body to shield the ball and marked well in air. 7
16 Melb Another strong outing and made light of tough conditions with his aerial work. 7
17 GWS Worked into the game like the star he is. Six inside-50s and 15 cont. poss. 8
18 StK Closely checked by Weller for three quarters. Only influential in last half hour. 4
19 Carl Willed his team over line. Superb with 21 contested possessions. 9
20 Geel Huge. Clearance work (10) was a class above and was enormous in final term. 9
21 Haw Gave away free kicks but battled his backside off: eight tackles, two goals. 7
22   Suspended.  
23   Suspended.  
QF Syd With 29 touches and one goal he again led the way in the midfield. 7
SF Port Contested ball winning freak. Enormous in close and laid 11 tackles too. 8

2013 Season

1 WCE Started the season in good form. Slow start but got motoring when it mattered. 7
2 WB Helped himself to 16 cont poss, five tackles, six inside-50s and a goal. Star. 8
3 Ess Shook the Howlett tag enough to be a factor – 14 cont poss, six clearances. 8
4 Haw Along with Mundy, the best in midfield for the Dockers. Super player. 7
5 Rich Not picked up early, also went with Cotchin for a while 6
6   Suspended.  
7   Suspended.  
8 Syd A regular problem for Sydney, he started slowly but had a big say in the comeback. 7
9 Melb Steady early but picked up the pace after the break to be among the best. 7
10 Adel Stood up in the final term when the game needed to be won. 8
12 Bris Did some nice things without being a star. 5
13 NM Class act and a key to the win. 7
14 Geel Tried hard but lacked polish – nine clearances but only two inside-50s. 5
15 StK Usual creative force around field. 7
16 WCE Gathered plenty of ball early but had no real impact until last term. 7
17 Rich Helped drag the Dockers back into contest with a big third term. Strong game. 7
18 Adel Best on ground and the difference between the teams. Four goals from midfield. 9
19 Carl Carrazzo tagged him early but he was huge all night. The driving force in midfield. 8
20 GWS Quiet first half (6 disp) then lifted to end with 12 cont poss and two goals. 7
21 Melb Quiet early opposed to McKenzie but slipped into the groove to play a solid role. 6
22 Port Torched tagger Moore in scene-setting first quarter. 7
23   Rested.  
QF Geel Second term pivotal in result (10 disp). Corey quietened him after half time. 8
PF Syd Good early then took it up another gear. 27 touches to go with his two goals. Star! 8
GF Haw Among the best with 18 disposals in first half let down by finishing. Five clearances. 7

2012 Season

1 Geel Best on ground with 30 possessions, seven tackles and two goals. 8
2 Syd Despite being tagged by Bird a constant menace to the Swans. Excellent. 7
3 Bris Hurt his shoulder in the second term and got subbed out. 2
5 Carl Started well, but Blues tested his sore shoulder whenever they could. 5
18 Port First game back since shoulder surgery and was a star. 8
19 WCE Had a team high 28 possessions which included 22 contested. 7
21 Rich Good job without dominating. 6
22 NM Good first half in middle then cut loose in third term. 7
23 Melb Really good. Hard at the contest and had 30 disposals. 8
EF Geel Took mighty mark. Super delivery a feature. 7
SF Adel Tagged by Wright, but showed quality when it was needed. 6