Nathan GRIMA


Age: 34yr 0mth Games: 88 Born: Aug 05, 2020
Height: 192cm Weight: 94kg Position: DEF

2016 Digest:   Former Roo retired mid-way through 2015 after persistent back injuries hampered his ability to consistently get on the park. Had been concentrating on his landscaping business until the unexpected call from Essendon.

2016 NAB Cup:   Very late addition to list. Will be a coach’s call on when he plays. Needs VFL runs.

2016 Season

Played for : Essendon

1   Played in VFL trial against Footscray.  
2   Played in VFL trial against Richmond.  
3 VFL Got through game in defence and was impressive given limited pre-season.
4 VFL Got through another game without incident but wasn’t a huge factor.
5 VFL Held Cloke to two goals in a pleasing effort down back. Working into form.
6 VFL Repelled attacks all day and among best. Rated best on ground.
7 Syd Played mostly on Sinclair and battled hard in his first game in Essendon colours. 3
8 NM Battled Petrie for most of the afternoon and kept him to two goals from nine kicks. 5
9   Hip.  
10   Hip.  
11   Hip.  
12   Hip.  
13   Hip.  
14   Hip.  
15   Hip.  
16   Hip.  
17   Hip.  
18   Hip.  
19   Hip.  
20   Hip.  
21   Hip.  
22   Hip.  
23   Hip.  

2015 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1   Back.  
2   Back.  
3   Back.  
4   Back.  
5   Back.  
6   Back.  
7   Back.  
8   Back.  
9   Back.  
10   Back.  
11   Back.  
12   Back.  
13   Back.  
14   Back.  
15   Retired.  
16   Retired.  
17   Retired.  
18   Retired.  
19   Retired.  
20   Retired.  
21   Retired.  
22   Retired.  
23   Retired.  
EF   Retired.  
SF   Retired.  
PF   Retired.  

2014 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 Ess Began on Carlisle. Not a major factor. 4
2 WB Kept close eye on Jones before replaced by Greenwood. 5
3 Port Did job on Westhoff early. Worked well with Hansen in defence. 7
4 Syd Nine rebound 50s and 10 one-percenters – played his role. 6
5 Coll Rotated through variety of players including Elliott. 7
6 Frem Resolute down back and one of the main reasons North got over the line. 8
7 GCS Injured an ankle early and appeared hampered for long stretches. 5
9   Foot.  
10   Foot.  
11   Foot.  
12   Foot.  
13   Foot.  
14   Foot.  
15   Foot.  
16   Foot.  
17   Foot.  
18   Foot.  
19 VFL Played the first half and was solid on return.
20 GWS Late inclusion for Hansen. Had Boyd’s measure all afternoon. 7
21 WB Played as the spare in defence early. Went about his business. 5
22 Adel Strong job on potentially dangerous Walker. 6
23 Melb Found Fitzpatrick a bit quick at times then copped cork to upper leg. 4
EF Ess Did his bit down back. Second quarter was by far his best. 6
SF Geel Hawkins gave him the most torrid of nights early. 4
PF Syd Not big enough to stand Tippett and swallowed up by Swan forward. 3

2013 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

1 Coll Minded Lynch and did a reasonable job. 7
2 Geel Had the wood on Podsiadly all day and was among the Roos’ best. 8
3 Syd Picked up resting talls and played OK. 5
4 Bris Excellent understanding with Thompson. 6
5 Haw Ensured that Hale didn’t have a big say in attack. 5
6 Port Forced Westhoff into places where he didn’t pose threat. 7
7   Soreness.  
8 WCE Darling gave him problems early but then he fought back. 5
9 Adel Had a variety of opponents and OK defensively but not much else. 4
10 StK Picked up resting rucks McEvoy and co. 7
11 GCS Got plenty of the footy in defence and tried hard. 6
13 Frem Solid in defence. 5
14 GWS Rarely under any pressure down back and solid. Subbed out late. 6
15 Rich Vickery lively early but as the game wore on he gained the upper hand. 6
16 Bris Had the better of Merrett in defence. 6
17 Carl Had his share of it against Henderson, but the Blue finished on. 5
18 Melb Part of a well drilled defensive unit. Solid. 6
19   Back.  
20   Back.  
21 Ess Picked up dangerous Crameri at start and gave solid display. First goal ever. 6
22   Foot.  
23   Foot.  

2012 Season

Played for : North Melbourne

4 VFL Defended stoutly and seemed to pull up fairly well.
5 VFL Still gradually regaining match fitness. Steady in defence.
6 VFL Sturdy game down back.
7 VFL Defended well for the most part.
8 Port Played as sweeper in defence and rebounded the footy outside 50 four times. 6
9 Bris Picked up Cornelius initially and generally did as he wished. Pressed later. 5
10 Haw Started on Roughead but spent time on Franklin. Battled hard. Not the worst. 6
12 GCS Equal leading possession winner and took12 marks. Super game. 8
13 Adel Alternated in match ups on Walker and Tippett at start. 5
14 StK Did a sterling job at centre half back on Riewoldt. 7
15 WCE Did a good job on Darling. 6
16 Carl Briefly on Walker before Carlton man went off. Always got to contests. 7
17 Rich Hammered McGuane and among the best defenders on the day. 7
18 Melb Another defender who played his role without fuss. 6
19 WB Saw Grant off and did what was required without setting game alight. 5
20 Ess Excellent job on Crameri. Hurt hamstring late in game. 7
EF WCE Zero stats first half and conceded goals. Horror day for the defender. 2