Age: 30yr 6mth Games: 22 Born: Feb 16, 2021
Height: 196cm Weight: 95kg Position: DEF
Dream Team Profile

2013 Digest:   Developing tall defender looking to make a mark after nine senior games last season. The Irishman has great athleticism for his size and has made steady progress in recent years adapting his skill set to football. No surprise to see him become a regular senior player in 2013.

2013 NAB Cup:   Displaced from senior side after NAB 1 and will have to push through NEAFL.

2013 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1 NEAFL Impressed up forward in new role. Two goals.
2 NEAFL Quiet day out for the Irishman.
3 GCS Used in defence as a tall and did the role required. 4
4 NM Used as a step-ladder by Daw in opening minute. 4
5 NEAFL Didn’t set the world on fire after being dropped. Kicked a goal.
6 NEAFL Quiet game.
7 NEAFL Bye.
8 NEAFL Very good. Played ruck and forward. Continued his good form.
9 NEAFL Played back for first three terms, thrown forward late. Solid
10 NEAFL Played deep in defence, did some good things.
11 NEAFL Bye.
12 Frem Enthusiastic second string tall and worth persevering with. 4
13 NEAFL Good game from the Irishman. 19 disposals.
14 NEAFL Very good down back, read the play well, and intercepted marks.
15 NEAFL Wore Nathan Bock tightly to do his job well.
16 NEAFL Shut down Josh Pullman in the Lions defence.
17 NEAFL Played on Thunder star forward Ewing, did OK.
18 NEAFL Bye.
19   Hamstring.  
20 NEAFL Deployed down back and in the ruck. Good intercept marking.
21   Hamstring.  
22 NEAFL Bye.
23 NEAFL Good, particularly in the first half.
SF NEAFL Did his bit down back in win over Aspley.
PF NEAFL OK in defence. Tough after de-listing during week.

2012 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1 Melb Used as a deep defender at times and worked hard off his man. Steady. 6
2 Carl Thrown job on Waite early and not the worst then went forward later. 3
3 NEAFL Played up forward and was out of his depth.
4 NEAFL Bounced back after a slightly down week. Among the best.
5 NEAFL Nice effort down back in a negating role.
6 NEAFL Pretty good at half back.
7 Coll Was under siege in defence and still learning the craft. 4
8 NEAFL Did his bit down back but wasn’t under much pressure.
10 WCE Outsprinted Darling to touch ball through for a point to save game. 6
12 Haw Turned ball over in defence. Not a great day. 2
13 WB Pretty quiet day for the Irishman who didn’t get involved too often. 3
14 Melb Took the resting ruckman down back and did a solid job. 6
15 Syd Irishman taught an absolute lesson by Sam Reid. 2
16 NEAFL Fair down back but didn’t have much to do.
17 NEAFL Did a great job in the back half, providing good drive.
18 WCE Did some promising things. Was under siege. 6
21 NEAFL Did well as a defender in the back half.
22 NEAFL Good job locking down on Southport’s Josh Baxter.
23 NEAFL Defended well for most of the night.
SF NEAFL Rebounded well from defence and spoilt effectively.
PF NEAFL Did what was asked of him down back.