Age: 25yr 0mth Games: 0 Born: Aug 11, 2020
Height: 187cm Weight: 82kg Position: FWD
Dream Team Profile

2014 Digest:   Second-year rookie-lister the club hopes will develop into a goalkicking midfielder. Has impressed his coaches so far.

2014 NAB Cup:   Five clearances in loss to Hawthorn in February was a good starting point for him. Back in NEAFL.

2014 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1 PM Had a go for four quarters.
2 NEAFL Didn’t impact the contest.
3 NEAFL Did well in the midfield around the stoppages.
4 NEAFL Solid, consistent performer but didn’t have a big influence.
5 NEAFL Looked quicker and appeared to have more zip through midfield.
6 NEAFL Workmanlike. Started half forward and played a little bit on ball.
7 NEAFL Bye.
8 NEAFL Used at half back and was probably the Lions best on the day.
9 NEAFL Had five goals kicked on him in defence.
10 NEAFL Bye.
11 NEAFL Had some crucial ball wins in one-on-one contests, used ball well.
12 NEAFL Good early and was able to take a few intercept marks.
13 NEAFL Was ill but managed to soldier on.
14 NEAFL Bye.
15 NEAFL Didn’t have much influence on game but pressure was good.
16 NEAFL Played half-back and onball and was one of Lions’ best.
17 NEAFL Lions’ best. Played on Dunne and held him to six touches.
18 NEAFL Only had 14 touches but was good with his defensive efforts.
19 NEAFL Had a quiet game with only 12 disposals.
20 NEAFL Good in close and his tackling was of a high standard.
21 NEAFL Backed up last week’s good performance.
22 NEAFL Another really solid game to finish the year. 20 disposals.

2013 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1 NEAFL Kicked a goal, did some nice things.
2 NEAFL Soiid game but didn’t set the game alight.
3 NEAFL Played forward and wing, and a little on-ball. Very good.
4 NEAFL Best game for year playing through the midfield.
5 NEAFL Very good for the second week running, particularly early.
6 NEAFL Quieter than he has been in the past fortnight.
7 NEAFL Did some good things in NEAFL state game.
8 NEAFL Played through the middle in the first half before switching to defence.
9 NEAFL Played back, midfield, and forward, and did well in all positions.
10   Thumb.  
11   Thumb.  
12 NEAFL Great game. 33 disposals and a goal.
13   Rested.  
14 NEAFL Played in defence all day, 24 touches.
15 NEAFL Played back, used the ball well.
16 NEAFL Midfield/forward, smart decision maker.
17   Foot.  
18   Foot.  
19   Foot.  
20   Soreness.  
21 NEAFL Comeback game and got through well.
22 NEAFL Bye.
23 NEAFL OK game running off half-back.
SF NEAFL Rebounded well from defence. 11 possessions.
PF NEAFL Did some good things to play a solid role.