#19   GWS Giants

Age: 27yr 6mth Games: 82 Born: May 18, 2021
Height: 193cm Weight: 89kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Athletic defender got valuable game time against Swans and is a certain to round out preparations against the Roos.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Adel Could not contain the Crows midfielders when they rotated through half forward. 4
2 GCS Gave handy aerial support in defence and was able to press higher up the ground the longer the game went. 6
3 NM 11 kicks coming off half back/wing. Did a few nice things. 4
4 Port Plenty of ball in the back half, mostly as a spare at half back. Good contributor in the win. 7
5 Syd Showed good judgment and anticipation in the backline and his output is under-rated. 7
6 WB Athleticism a feature of a wonderful game where he defended well and attacked at every opportunity. 8
7   Hamstring.  
8   Hamstring.  
9   Hamstring.  
10   Hamstring.  
11   Hamstring.  
12   Hamstring.  
13   Hamstring.  
14 Bris Won his duel with Berry but overall only a minor player. 4
15 Geel Great game in defence. Kept Cats at bay a lot and won 26 possessions. He is a gun and few know it. 8
16 Haw Brave in the air. But copped one in the ribs then hobbled off with a leg injury in the third quarter. Came back and got crunched again 5
17 Syd Still not back to his form pre-injury, but some okay signs. Need him up and firing come September. 5
18 Rich Rebounding defender okay early then went forward in second half to play a role on Rance. Kicked one goal. 5
19 Frem One of the Giants’ better players when things weren’t going their way in the middle of the match. 19 touches went at 95 per cent. 7
20 Melb Took some good marks and provided run from the back half. Solid game. 7
21 WB Couple of clangers early but found range later in game to be an effective defender. 5
22 WCE His intercept ability and rebound from defence was massive all day. Went at 94% from 17 disposals. 7
23 Geel Rebounding defender struggled to impact. Started well but couldn’t sustain it. 4
QF Adel Had time on McGovern and was good in early stages. Soldiered on under pressure. 6
SF WCE Floated across the defensive zone. Hobbled by knee issue in third term but appeared okay. 5
PF Rich Struggled early but warmed into the game in second half when side was being well beaten. 5

2016 Season

1   Played in NEAFL trial against Sydney.  
2 NEAFL Continued to build form and fitness. Not far away from senior return.
3 NEAFL Continued his run back to full fitness in defence. Not far away from senior return.
4 NEAFL Nearing full fitness after another good showing. Important when sent forward late.
5 NEAFL Doing all he can in the back half to force his way back into senior team. 29 touches.
6 Haw Late inclusion for Griffen and didn’t look like he’d missed a beat in defence. 6
7 Frem Solid in defence. Took seven marks. 5
8 GCS Found space in the back half and made good decisions with the ball. 5
9 WB Starting to cement his place in the backline and was impressive on Bulldogs’ resting rucks. 6
10 Adel Magnificent job on Jenkins, giving up 7cm and 17kg. One who stood tall. 7
11 Geel Took Kersten (two goals) in an even battle. Solid without starring down back. 5
12 Syd Found a lot of the ball in the back half, but was just beaten by Rose. 4
13 Ess Took Brown in a good duel. Intercepted well but copped hard knock in third term. 6
14 Carl Defended stoutly on several opponents and got in the right spots to take nine marks. 5
16 Coll Excellent early and kept battling on. 5
17 Bris A couple of second half goals improved his worth. 5
18 Port Excellent as the plus-one in defence, mopped up every wayward attack. 7
19   Ill.  
20 GCS Did not standout, though did some useful things. 5
21 WCE OK for the most part down back but got a rotten bounce in closing stages. 5
22 Frem Desperate and fearless in the air down back. Appeared to be everywhere. 7
23 NM Versatile in roles on Daw and Anderson in defence. Played his part. 6
QF Syd Often found himself as the spare defender. OK at times. 5
PF WB Strong effort down back all night. Stood up to the challenge superbly. 7

2015 Season

1 StK Had the job on Bruce who got away on him at times to kick two goals. 5
2 Melb Cut off a few early attack to warm into the game. Ran it out well despite leg knock. 6
3 Syd Rebounded when needed to and tried hard. Plenty of promise. 5
4 GCS Provided great support to fellow defenders and is developing very well. 7
5 WCE Turned the footy over too much. 4
6 Haw Battled hard in the backline and always created a contest. 5
7 Carl Impassable at half back. Chopped off multiple Carlton attacks. 7
8 Adel Continued strong season in defence. Kept Lynch under wraps. 7
9 WB Limped off late second term, but came back. 3
10   Groin.  
11 Coll Went to White then Cloke in second half. Outsized in final quarter. 5
12 NM Took 11 marks in under fire defence. Far from the worst on the day. 6
14   Groin.  
15 StK Kept Schneider quiet all day. 6
16 GCS Held his own in defence and took some good intercept marks. 5
17 Geel Great performance. Had Walker covered and won the ball himself. 7
18   Groin.  
19 Ess Bobbed up unexpectedly with first goal but had issues at times with Laverde. 5
20 Port Tremendous at half back with his rebound and intercept marking. 6
21 Syd Quiet down back then subbed out. 3
22   Groin.  
23   Groin.  

2014 Season

1 Syd Will definitely be a player in defence. Applies good pressure. Lot to like. 6
2 StK One of several players who worked in tandem on Riewoldt. 5
3 Melb Surprised to find himself lining up on Frawley and did a fair job. 5
4 WB One of his better games at the top level. Pushed forward for a goal. 6
5 Adel Ran off from CHB and created plenty of drive out of defence. 7
6 GCS Useful contribution. 5
7 Port Cleaned up a number of Port entries and added six rebound 50s. 6
8 WCE Injured ankle in first five minutes and was subbed. 1
10   Ankle.  
11   Ankle.  
12   Ankle.  
13   Ankle.  
14   Ankle.  
15   Ankle.  
16   Ankle.  
17   Ankle.  
18   Ankle.  
19   Ankle.  
20   Ankle.  
21   Ankle.  
22   Ankle.  
23   Ankle.  

2013 Season

1 NEAFL Solid in defence under plenty of pressure.
2 NEAFL Among the Giants better players in loss to Brisbane.
3 NEAFL Most influential player on the ground. Won plenty of ball.
4 Melb Had a few good touches and provided a good link at times. 5
5 GCS On Hall and neither had much say in the game. 3
6 NEAFL Bye.
7 NEAFL Not his best game in loss to Swans reserves.
8   Rested.  
9 NEAFL Worked into the game well to be a good contributor.
10 NEAFL Did well in the back half in win over Hills Eagles.
11 NEAFL Continued to develop his game. Among the Giants best.
12 NEAFL Named best for the Giants running through midfield.
13 NEAFL Bye.
14 NM Did some good things down back and won a few one-on-ones. 5
15 WB The youngster has strung together consecutive quality games for the first time. 7
16 Syd A deer in the headlights at times in defence. 3
17 Ess Would be in line for the club's most improved player award. 6
18 Coll Did well in patches down back by allowed Sidebottom too much space at times. 5
19 Melb Starting to settle into his role in defence. Had Tapscott and did a good job. 5
20   Hamstring.  
21 Bris Hardly sighted. 4
22 Rich Beaten comprehensively by A.Edwards. 3
23 GCS Would be happy with his finish to the season. 5

2012 Season

4 NEAFL Did well in his first full game of the season.
5 NEAFL One of the best playing as a lead up forward. Three goals.
7 NEAFL Quiet day but managed a goal.
8 NEAFL Tried hard and can hold his head high.
10 Geel Caused a few problems for Cats in first half then disappeared out of game. 3
14 NEAFL Capped off a good effort with an eye-catching goal late.
15 Haw Back in the team for his second game, started as the sub. 3
16 Adel After a slow start to the season, Haynes is starting to add to the forward line. 4
17 Frem Didn’t have an impact. 2
18 Coll Came on as a late sub and had little impact. 1
19 NEAFL Booted a goal but was in and out of the game.
20 NEAFL Solid display on the half back flank.
21 Melb Chased the ball all day long, but it refused to co-operate. 3
22 StK At full back against Wilkes. 5
23 NM Showed vast improvement over the second half of the year. 5