Age: 34yr 12mth Games: 210 Born: Aug 15, 2020
Height: 188cm Weight: 85kg Position: DEF

2016 Digest:   The star recruit didn’t hit the heights expected of him in his first season at the Suns – even finding himself back in the NEAFL. Should be better settled this time around and his experience and class with ball in hand should come to the fore after a good summer.

2016 NAB Cup:   Hoping for a better season than what he had in his debut year on the Gold Coast. Steady in NAB Challenge.

2016 Season

Played for : Gold Coast

1 Ess Appears to be moving much better than a year ago. Efficiency still open to improve. 6
2 Frem In the midfield and while he didn’t have big numbers, he gave the team run. 5
3 Carl Back to his form of two years ago; solid night at the office. 6
4 Bris Copped heavy knock mid-game but kept going. 7
5 NM Fair game playing on a wing, though wasted the footy a bit. 6
6 Geel Laid six tackles but under pressure all night and never able to penetrate from half back. 4
7 Melb Copped a battering every time he got the footy. Father time catching up? 4
8 GWS Tough night for defender in 200th game. Didn’t hurt the Giants with ball in hand. 3
9 Adel Slow start but worked his way into the match. Disposal not fantastic. 6
10 WCE Butchered the footy. His kicking was off. 4
11 Syd Well held by Swans defensive forwards who curtailed his running game. 4
12 Rich Horrible effort. Decision making not that of a player of his experience. 2
14 Haw Veteran defender was better than previous week but is miles away from best. 4
15 StK Looked far more assured with the footy and bounced back to form. 7
16 Bris Made a couple of costly turnovers and generally struggled. 3
17 WB Solid in back half. Nine marks, four rebound-50s. 5
18 Frem Steadying influence through the middle and in defence. 6
19 Melb Shadow of player he was. Only touched it 10 times but did kick a goal. 3
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2015 Season

Played for : Gold Coast

1 Melb Influence nullified by Watts at times and he struggled for large parts. 5
2 StK Lacked usual certainty in use of the ball. 4
3 Geel Struggled for third week in a row. Just not finding the footy as he did at Swans. 3
4 GWS Poor start to year continued in defence then sent forward with no effect. 3
5   Knee.  
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9 NEAFL Had ball on a string in first half then rested after main break.
10 NEAFL Not as influential as one would expect at this level. 18 disp.
11 Frem Short of a run and used more than what was planned. Better for the run. 5
13 Carl Sub. Highest paid player to wear the sub’s vest? Did what he could. 3
14 NM Teammates looked to use him but a couple of costly turnovers led to goals. 5
15 WB Used ball well off half back and kicked what looked like steadying final term goal. 6
16 GWS Great rebound and ball use better than has been. 6
17 Adel Returned to form across half back with four rebound 50s. 6
18 WCE Much more efficient with the footy and read the play well in defence. 5
19 Bris Kept Adcock in check. 6
20 Rich Provided some rebound from the back half but still well below Sydney form. 4
21 Ess Not a lot of the footy but used it a lot better than previous weeks. 5
22 Port Finishing the season well, with trademark carry off half back. 7
23 Syd Started pretty well but drifted right out of game after half time. 5

2014 Season

Played for : Sydney Swans

1 GWS Great reading of the game as extra in defence thwarted GWS early. 5
2 Coll Found some of the ball and also got forward to kick a goal. 5
3 Adel Along with Grant Birchall, the best left footed half-back flanker in the AFL. 8
4 NM Dangerous off half back and got the Swans moving forward. 6
5 Frem Guilty of a few turnovers, still important coming out of half back. 6
6 Melb Alongside other veterans he defended with aplomb. Used it well. 6
7 Bris Played under sufferance after heavy knock in first term. Courageous. 6
8 Haw Rebounded when he could (five) and provided steady influence down back. 7
9 Ess Set up Swans attack from defence well. Clashed with umpire leaving him concussed. 6
11 Geel Close to best with sublime run and rebound from the back half. 9
12 GCS Set up the Swans off half back once again. Damaging by foot. 7
13 Port Troubled by Monfries at times but still was able to link up from defence. 6
14 Rich Was the extra in defence early then forced to man up and did well. 7
15 GWS Presses his claims for All-Australian selection more with every passing week. 7
16 WCE Drifted back off a wing to mop up across half-back and provide good drive. 7
17 Carl Only needs to maintain his form to finally secure All-Australian honours. 6
18 Haw Ball use down back was superb but influence waned as the game wore on. 6
19 Ess Essendon tried to negate him early with Hocking, but he still had impact. 6
20 Port Defensive rebound machine read the play beautifully across half back. 7
21 StK Tracked by hard-working Curren but couldn’t be totally subdued. 5
22 WB First goal of either half and ball use was very good. A rebounding machine. 8
23 Rich With another glut of possessions, kept building All-Australian credentials. 7
QF Frem Injured his hamstring in the first term and subbed out. 1
PF NM Brilliant second term helped side to a winning lead by half time. Did his job. 6
GF Haw Close to Swans’ best, particularly in first half when flow all against his team. 7

2013 Season

Played for : Sydney Swans

1 GWS Had eight rebound 50s, a team high. Plays his role well. 4
2 GCS Untroubled by Gold Coast small forwards, dangerous going the other way. 5
3 NM Directed proceedings off half back and among the best on ground. 7
4 Geel Had 15 touches in the first half and kicked two goals. Among the best. 8
5 StK Did a tight job on Dennis-Lane in defence and got plenty of ball. 6
6 Bris Kicking skills were exquisite and helped break the game open early. 7
7 Haw Hawks sent Osborne to him as a forward tagger and he was shut out. 2
8 Frem Has been at his damaging best this season, leading the way with seven inside 50s. 7
9 Coll Productive first half. Constantly helped out Richards on Cloke. 7
10 Ess Ran and created despite Essendon’s attempt to muzzle him. 7
11 Adel Did as he pleased off half back despite Van Berlo tagging him. 7
13 Port Reads the play as well as anyone in the AFL; nine rebounds from 50. 7
14 Carl Continued his fine season at half back. Attacked the ball hard and kicked long. 7
15 Melb Even effort and won a mountain of footy from half back – eight rebound 50s. 7
16 GWS Nearing an All-Australian jumper at half back. Influential in most scoring chains. 8
17 WCE The Swans’ quarterback was a standout in defence with quality kicking. 8
18 Rich Copped heavy knock to shoulder early and appeared limited at times. 5
19 WB Slow start and copped hit to ribs, but kept ticking. 5
20 Coll Providing his usual dash and penetration, one of their most dangerous players. 7
21 StK In a crowded game wasn’t able to generate as much run as normal. Well held. 4
22 Geel Racked up 12 rebound 50s and tried valiantly to provide spark from half back. 7
23 Haw On end of high bump from Franklin. Later hurt foot and subbed off. 5
QF Haw Worked hard against the odds. 6
SF Carl Despite Robinson wearing him he still found the footy enough to be a minor factor. 5
PF Frem De Boer played defensive forward on him. Kept working, but not super effective. 5

2012 Season

Played for : Sydney Swans

1 GWS Did enough without setting game alight. Used ball well when got it. 6
2 Frem Returned to form with and gave Swans great run from defence. 7
3 Port Won plenty of footy across half back but burnt it on too many occasions. 6
4 NM Provided plenty of run from defence and is in peak form again. 6
5 Haw Subbed off at half time with apparent injury. 3
6 Adel Provided the Swans with good run in defence after the first quarter. 5
7 Rich Unable to manufacture his usual creativity. 4
8 Melb Gave the Swans plenty of run from defence and generally used the ball well. 6
9 StK Solid game. 5
10 NEAFL Good first three quarters before being rested.
11 Ess Sub came on for Hannebery mid third term 2
13 NEAFL Racked up the touches across half back.
14 NEAFL Used the ball well throughout. A cut above.
15 Bris Late inclusion for Mattner and bounced back to good form with 29 touches 7
16 WCE Not a huge game but provided some key passes. 6
17 StK Constant worker. 6
18 GCS Used the ball well from his limited possessions. 4
19 Carl Good start to game and then was steady. 6
20 Coll Steady at the back and provided his usual run. 5
21 WB Five inside-50s and three rebounds a solid enough effort without starring. 6
22 Haw Teammates fed him whenever they could and he responded – eight rebounds. 7
23 Geel Cats didn’t allow him to hurt them with run and rebound. 6
QF Adel Collected plenty of touches and did a satisfactory job on Callinan. 6
PF Coll Solid early when Swans were setting up the win. Used footy well. 6
GF Haw Kicked first and last goals of game and contributed in between. 7