#40   Sydney Swans

Age: 30yr 9mth Games: 192 Born: Jun 12, 2021
Height: 183cm Weight: 83kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Does his job week in, week out and will be expected to do so again as part of a rock solid back six. Flies under the radar.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Port Couple of clangers and looked a little flustered which is unusual for him. Just a little off first-up. 4
2 WB Couldn’t get into the contest in any phase. Quiet in loss to Port Adelaide so needs to find some form. 3
3 Coll All sorts of issues with Fasalo who booted three first-term goals and four before halftime. Got on top after that but still struggling. 3
4 WCE Had task of minding LeCras and was fair throughout, but had a few bad turnovers that went back over his head. 5
5 GWS Had demanding night against small GWS forwards. As usual stuck to the task. 5
6 Carl Better game than previous weeks but still not at his best. Defensively okay but very little going other way. 4
7 Bris Rarely sighted in defence for much of the day, but a lot of the game was played in Sydney’s half when it mattered. 4
8 NM Picked up Turner early. Toiled hard down back. 5
9 StK Blanketed any danger from small Saint forwards Gresham and co. 6
10 Haw Didn’t do much wrong down back after a slow start. Used ball well enough. 5
11   Bye.  
12 WB Thrown the job on Dickson and was the proverbial dung on blanket pretty much all night. Conceded one goal. 7
13 Rich Took Rioli and had him covered with ease. Quiet in terms of offensive output but kept his opponent goalless. 6
14 Ess Okay at stages, but also troubled by Essendon’s smalls. 4
15 Melb Job was made easy due to Dees lack of ball movement and Garlett absence. Quiet night, but didn’t make many mistakes. 5
16 GCS Was impressive down back, won the hard ball when the Suns looked threatening late in the first. 7
17 GWS Not at his best with just seven kicks, and was turned inside out by Steve Johnson for an early last quarter goal 5
18 StK Started on Gresham and maintained a tight rein. 6
19 Haw Only 13 disposals in a quiet night down back. 4
20 Geel Unassuming defender was never under pressure and had Parsons among others in check all night. 4
21 Frem Got caught a couple of times in the defensive 50. Just fair. 4
22 Adel Lucky for him Eddie Betts missed three out of his five shots on goal. 5
23 Carl For the most part kept the Carlton smalls in check. Dogged and reliable as always. 5
EF Ess Gave Fanstasia a bath in what was a key win for the team. Just does his job. 7
SF Geel As dour as a private school boarding master on Menzel. Did what he could but was under siege Falklands War style. 4

2016 Season

1 Coll Dropped an early mark, but that was only real mistake. Didn’t have much to do. 6
2 Carl Put the screws on former teammate Lamb. Hardly put a foot wrong. 7
3 GWS Produced a solid first-half effort, but registered just two touches after half time. 4
4 Adel Had the unenviable task of manning Betts and lost out. 5
5 WCE Ensured that Le Cras did not have a substantial say. 7
6   Knee.  
7 Ess Spent a lot of time on Baguley in what was a good battle. 5
8 Rich Had a few troubles late and didn’t find much of the footy on the night. 4
9 Haw Kept tight wraps on Rioli in first half, which was a key factor. 6
10 NM Had hands full with Thomas in first half but knuckled down to keep Roo under wraps. 5
11 GCS Familiar role in defence and got the job done. 5
12 GWS Impressive work-rate in defence – six tackles and five rebounds. 4
13 Melb Non-factor down back. Competed hard but made a few errors. 3
15 WB Efficient down back and clean with his disposal. 5
16 Geel Did the job on Menzel in restricting his influence. Just plays his role. 6
17 Haw Had Rioli at times and that was a tough ask to keep him quiet. Little rebound. 3
18 Carl Impressive down back on a range of different opponents. 5
19 Frem Blanketed Michael Walters. 6
20 Port Locked down Impey and others in solid role as a small back. 6
21 StK Efficient, calm and mistake-free in defence as usual. 6
22 NM Spent long periods on Harvey and had great difficulty containing the veteran. 3
23 Rich Played his role down back on Richmond’s smalls. 5
QF GWS Made some mistakes by foot in back half but got a bit of the ball. Not as tight defensively as usual. 5
SF Adel Kept Betts to two touches in first half. He got away a bit after main break but job was done. 7
PF Geel Strong down back and continued previous week’s form to stifle Cats. 6
GF WB Took Dickson (three goals) and a handy defender over four quarters. 6

2015 Season

1 Ess Effective job deep in defence on dangerous Chapman. 6
2 Port All-Australian defender rebounded eight times out of defensive 50. 7
3   Adductor.  
4 Frem Kept his composure when mayhem was going on. 6
5 WB Battled away in defence but couple of errors proved costly. 4
6 Melb Wore Garlett (two goals) like a second skin for most of the night. Steady. 6
7 Geel Took Johnson for lot of game and reasonable in that role. 6
8 Haw Tried to match livewire Rioli, a tough task. Couple of key touches late. 6
9 Carl Got the gig on Menzel and towelled him up. Typical solid performance. 7
10 GCS OK down back opposed to Boston. Not a big factor though. 5
11 NM OK down back without setting game alight. Ball use good when he got it. 5
13 Rich Vanilla game down back. Set shot miss a howler. 4
14 Port Huge job on Wingard (three goals) and won some key duels late. 6
15 Bris On Adcock for parts, which was a strange match-up. Quiet. 3
16 Haw On Puopolo and kept him to a goal. That’s a win. 5
17 WCE Went to Hill and had better of that match-up. Good effort given scoreline. 6
18 Adel Vital role on Betts and kept him to one goal. 7
19 Geel Played an unassuming role at half back but offensively not much. 4
20 Coll Did a good defensive job on Elliott. 6
21 GWS Did his job down back without much fuss. 6
22 StK Started on Schneider and did OK til hamstring tweak forced him off in third. 5
23   Hamstring.  
QF   Hamstring.  
SF NM Came in after injury and did his job better than most teammates. 6

2014 Season

1 GWS Worked assiduously as usual deep in defence. 4
2 Coll Managed to keep clamps on Swan and play another solid role in defence. 6
3 Adel Did the job on Betts keeping him to one goal. 7
4 NM Kept Thomas to one goal in a typical performance from the small defender. 6
5 Frem Again the no-fuss defender got the job done, beating Ballantyne. 6
6 Melb Won 10 contested possessions and won plenty of the ball. 6
7 Bris Battled hard. 5
8 Haw Rioli’s pace caused him all sorts of troubles then went to Breust in final term. 4
9 Ess Wasn’t a star on the night but was effective in hat he did down back. 5
11 Geel Had Motlop covered in another dour effort in defence. Does job with no fuss. 7
12 GCS Not his best outing opposed to Russell, but did little wrong. 4
13 Port Wingard was a tough matchup but he stuck to his task. 6
14 Rich Picked up Martin early and then others. Improved as game wore on. 5
15 GWS Is he ever beaten? Excellent again, mainly against Hoskin-Elliott. 7
16 WCE Did a fine job on LeCras to cement his credentials as an All-Australian chance. 7
17 Carl Ensured Thomas was a non-factor. 7
18 Haw Without Cyril to follow, went to Breust and battled at times with his aerial strength. 5
19 Ess Standard solid game down back. 5
20   Back.  
21   Back.  
22 WB Had a mix of Hrovat and Dahlhaus down back. Solid enough when required. 5
23 Rich A little quiet, he still handled Gordon and Ellis well when required. 5
QF Frem Outstanding on Ballantyne. Shut him down. 8
PF NM Kept Thomas goalless in a key win for the side. Disciplined performance. 7
GF Haw Went to Rioli in parts. Nothing sort of effort. Not much going either way. 3

2013 Season

1 GWS Found the going tough after coming off a limited preparation. Quiet. 8
2 GCS Helped keep the clamps on Ablett whenever he drifted forward. 6
3 NM Very good in silencing major threat Thomas. 7
4 Geel Had job on Motlop who kicked three goals in the first half. Struggled. 4
5 StK Blotted out Saad and also ran hard to create in his own right. 6
6 Bris Kept Bewick goalless in a solid defensive display. 7
7 Haw Shadowed Breust for a time and OK in that role. Working into the season. 5
8 Frem A classic no-frills footballer, excellent again in another assured display. 6
9 Coll Effective job on Krakouer and did it without fanfare. 6
10 Ess On Jetta and was given some awkward moments. 5
11 Adel Made sure Callinan had minimal impact. 5
13 Port Had a tough afternoon on Monfries conceding two goals. 4
14 Carl Did a great job to limit Betts to just six possessions. Important contributor. 7
15 Melb Had the task on Davey and shut him out completely. 6
16 GWS OK down back but didn’t have a great deal to do. 5
17 WCE Provided great drive from half back. 6
18 Rich Shut down S. Edwards and even bobbed up for a goal. 7
19 WB Usual calm and effective game down back. Slowed by heavy bump. 6
20 Coll A strangely subdued performance from the usually reliable backman. 3
21 StK Solid down back 5
22 Geel Took Motlop in a great battle. Injured leg didn’t help his cause but not disgraced. 5
23   Knee.  
QF Haw Matched on Whitecross at start. Never a factor. 4
SF Carl Spent time on Judd and had him covered. Just does his job down back. 6
PF Frem Had role on Ballantyne and was effective in keeping him off the scoreboard. 6

2012 Season

1 GWS Hasn’t missed a beat from last season; usual steady performance. 6
2 Frem As solid as usual, especially when needed in final quarter. 4
5 Haw Came on as sub and had a ripping second half in running role. 5
6 Adel Did not see much of the ball but kept working. 4
7 Rich Tried hard, as always, with 7 tackles but had minimal impact. 3
8 Melb As safe as ever in defence, even if he rarely wins kudos. Great work ethic. 5
9 StK Overall a good job on Milne apart from third term when Saint got away. 6
10 WB Didn’t let Giansiracusa out of his sight all game long. 5
11 Ess Ran with Monfries at the start. Limped off in third term, but returned. 5
13 Geel Kept Johnson goalless and that was his main task. Good again. 7
14 GWS Influential in defence, keeping the young GWS forwards very quiet. 7
15 Bris Perfect foil for Shaw, tenacity proved too much for the Lions’ small forwards. 5
16 WCE Did his job on the small forwards. Kept them in check. 5
17 StK Fought back after Milne got away early, but conceding five was disappointing. 3
18 GCS Had a variety of roles and played them all well. 5
19 Carl As usual went to Betts at start 7
20 Coll Went head-to-head with Shaw and just about broke even. 5
21 WB Wore Giansiracusa pretty well all day in another accomplished performance. 6
22 Haw Laid 10 tackles which is huge for a defender. 6
QF Adel Ensured Porplyzia had no say whatsoever. 6
PF Coll Had task on Krakouer and was superb in restricting him. Fine game. 7
GF Haw Did the business on Rioli for most of the day in a pivotal win for Swans. 6