#1   Richmond

Age: 24yr 11mth Games: 97 Born: Apr 19, 2021
Height: 187cm Weight: 86kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Stagnated last year in back half but looks to have a new role as a midfielder/forward and could flourish. One to play close attention to.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Carl Played more forward of centre for one goal from 11 possessions, but laid 12 tackles. 5
2 Coll Lined up on Mayne and had the edge. Went hard at every contest from half back. 5
3 WCE Quiet one when compared to his usual standards. Went off in halfway through the third after nasty head knock. 4
4 Bris Switched with Prestia in an on-ball role but did not have the same impact as his teammate.. 4
5   Concussion.  
6 Adel Played predominately as a small forward looked lively in the first term but soon faded out of the game. 3
7 WB Used ball well in first quarter early, then injured shoulder in second term and didn’t come back 3
8   Shoulder.  
9   Shoulder.  
10   Shoulder.  
11   Shoulder.  
12   Shoulder.  
13   Shoulder.  
14 VFL Back from shoulder issue and was handy on return. 17 possessions, but still looked rusty/sore.
15   Shoulder.  
16 VFL Looks ready for a senior return. Had 17 touches, but competed very hard.
17 Bris Back into the team and played his part in defence. Cracking ginger beard! 6
18 GWS Played loose role in defence at times and was brilliant at that; 11 marks, 21 disposals and among Tigers’ best. 8
19 GCS Useful in defence without being a dominant player. Did as required. 6
20 Haw Quiet in terms of possessions. At one stage a large insect flew out of his horrendous beard. 4
21 Geel The Tigers best. Battled his backside in the back half and was his team’s only four quarter performer. Terrific game. 8
22 Frem Hurt the Dockers with his work from defence. Had 22 disposals. 8
23 StK Bearded unit did the business down back and will hit the finals in good form as a solid defender. 7
QF Geel Played loose role in defence brilliantly and was a key to the win. Really developing as a player. 8
PF GWS Spent time on the dangerous Greene and continued his fine finals form. Rarely made a mistake. 7
GF Adel Nervous start but warmed to task to be a key contributor off half-back, particularly in first half when the game was in the balance. 7

2016 Season

1 Carl Came into the game as is wore on. Kicked a rare goal, which proved to be very handy. 5
2 Coll Had hands full with Pies small forwards. Pinged for crucial deliberate handball out of bounds. 5
3 Adel Finding it hard to get his hands on the ball at present. Had hands full with Betts when shifted. 3
4 WCE Gave up height in defence. Had a tough night. 4
5   Leg.  
6   Leg.  
7 Haw Relished midfield role and tracked Lewis. Good early, faded at the end. 6
8 Syd Used in midfield again and was handy with his willingness to do all the hard things. 6
9 Frem Played tall and did a good job. Took 11 marks. 6
10 Ess Attacked ball well in the air and on the ground. Finding his feet as a key player. 7
11 NM Head knock in second term meant he was benched for second half. 2
12   Concussed.  
13   Concussion.  
14 Bris Huge third term at half back and pressed forward for two goals. Hobbled with knee issue in final term. 7
15 Port Took care of Gray when he rested up forward. 6
16 WB Did some tough stuff in the back half and strong around the ball. 6
17 Ess Fantasia gave him fits in early stages then was shifted. Steady without standing out. 5
18 Haw Had a quiet one. Seven effective disposals playing down back. 3
19 GWS Came under constant fire in defence and couldn’t contain the dangerous Johnson. 3
20 Coll Had Varcoe at times and OK in shutting him down. Still only teasing but handy. 6
21 Geel Had Motlop covered for most of the afternoon. Offensively steady. 6
22 StK Went to Weller in a great battle. OK in that role and kept plugging away. 6
23 Syd Couldn’t contain Rohan in first half. Found a bit of ball in midfield after main break. 4

2015 Season

1 Carl Great work-rate – one of the best. 7
2 WB Tracked Stringer in defence and battled through after rolling ankle early. 5
3 Bris Undisciplined when he gave two 50m penalties in a row. 5
4 Melb Brave with his attack on the ball – both in air and on the deck. Not the worst. 6
5 Geel Busy at half back with 14 effective disposals. Handy performance. 6
6 NM Battled hard but made mistakes in the back half. Is defence his go? 4
7 Coll Battled away on Elliott for the main part and did OK. Not much offensively. 5
8 Port Rebounded the footy five times out of defensive 50. 5
9 Ess Smashed Cooney early and a solid contributor all evening. 6
10 Frem Honest footballer who did his bit down back. 7
12 WCE Honest game as usual and ran hard to give an option. 5
13 Syd Had trouble with Rohan early but was influential when Tigers made run. 7
14 GWS Rebounded well and thwarted Giants’ forays at times. 6
15 Carl Patrolled backline with aplomb and worked hard to repel Blues. 7
16 StK Totally blanketed Lonie and created play himself. 7
17 Frem Up and down game. Had Mayne and was hot and cold with attack on ball. 4
18 Haw Didn’t have a major impact. 3
19 Adel The plus-one in defence and serviceable without being damaging. 5
20 GCS Superb mopping up and in one-on-ones down back. Polished. 7
21 Coll Steady again out of defence. Plays with a mix of poise and courage. 7
22 Ess Again timely in the back half. Great knack of being in the right place. 7
23 NM Couldn’t get into game in first half, but improved markedly. 5
EF NM Freed up behind ball but was caught in no-man’s land too often. 4

2014 Season

1 GCS Booted the first goal and battled hard throughout. 6
2 Carl Matched at half back on Robinson. Handy game. 6
3 WB Subbed off with concussion in second term. 2
4 Coll Had Blair and did a decent job but his game lacked attacking flair. 5
5 Bris Good first half in defence, but tapered. 4
6 Haw Went with Puopolo. Not a big game by either player. 4
7 Geel Workrate and attack on footy was first class. Lot to like about the way he plays. 6
9 Melb In the midfield, went hard but needed to win more of the footy. 5
10   Finger.  
11   Finger.  
12 NM Did some good things and worked hard inside the contest. 6
13 Frem Quiet day playing wing/midfield. Only three inside-50s and zero clearances. 4
14 Syd Started in middle and ran hard to create. Solid. 5
15 StK Satisfactory performance and contributed. 5
16   Leg.  
17 Port Started well but drifted from the game throughout the final three terms. 4
18 WCE Spent time on Shuey and played loose man at times late in game. Steady effort. 6
19 GWS Provided defensive support in the air and was OK in one on ones. 5
20 Ess Sub. Provided necessary spark when on in third term forward of centre. 3
21 Adel Laid a game high 10 tackles and had four inside-50s. 6
22 StK OK without doing anything outstanding. 4
23 Syd Sent to Hannebery, he finished a clear second best on this occasion. 5
EF Port Six effective disposals simply not enough. Couldn’t get into the contest. 2

2013 Season

1 PM 22 possessions playing in midfield. Excellent.
2 VFL Consistent four quarter effort. Not far off a debut.
3   Senior emergency.  
4 VFL Strong over the ball but wasn’t as effective as previous weeks.
5 Frem Debutant did some good things. The way he cracked in was most pleasing. 5
6 Geel Good effort from the kid in a losing side – nine cont poss and five tackles a highlight. 6
7 Port Kicked his first AFL goal in only his third match. A find. 6
8 Melb Huge game. Ball use was first class and ran himself into good spots all day. 7
9 Ess Didn’t look out of place on the big stage again. Hard at the contest. 6
10 WCE Two timely goals in second term were critical, as was a snap in the third. 7
12 Adel Got under guard for a handy game playing behind the frontliners. 6
13 WB Quiet night for youngster. Kicked a goal but that was about it. 3
14   Shin.  
15 NM Came off bench and struggled to get into game. Defensive running poor at times. 2
16 GCS Found more of ball after a slow couple of weeks. OK without starring. 5
17 Frem Impressive with his attack on ball and man. Laid some solid tackles too. 6
18 Syd OK in defence on Bolton. 5
19 Haw Not huge but what he did had some polish. Doesn’t make mistakes. 4
20 Bris Showed glimpses of talent but very quiet while the match was still alive. 3
21 Carl Showed some dash through the corridor and was hard at the contest. 6
22 GWS Provided support down back and mopped up anything loose on the deck. Solid. 6
23 Ess Had trouble with Melksham but stuck to his task admirably. 5
EF Carl Showed maturity beyond his years to star early but tired as the game wore on. 6