#28   Melbourne

Age: 23yr 8mth Games: 37 Born: Mar 18, 2021
Height: 196cm Weight: 97kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Looked more assured with each game he played last year. Needs more intensity at times, but he’s going OK.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 StK Improved as day wore on as there was less pressure from St Kilda 5
2 Carl Still gives Dees fans the heebie-jeebies with ball in hand but also did some good things in back half. 5
3 Geel Surprisingly went to Hawkins but that didn’t last and was moved to Menzel who also fried hm. 2
4 VFL Okay down back without starring. Needs a few more weeks to totally regain his confidence.
5 VFL Just fair in defence, but had less and less to do as the night wore on.
6 Ess Steady enough on return to the team down back. Had Hooker for long periods and did a reasonable job. 6
7 Haw “Bottom bunk” McDonald mixed good and bad. Okay without getting fans overly aroused with his effort. 5
8 Adel Strong in defensive fifty and stopped Josh Jenkins from dominating. 7
9 NM If he threw a stick at the ground it would probably miss. Beaten defensively and butchered footy offensively. 2
10 GCS Dropped marks, turned the ball over for three quarters, then showed some physical intent late. Has to get better. 3
11   Bye.  
12 Coll Panicky early on with ball in hand, then came of age in back half. Something to build a career on. 7
13 WB Backed up last week’s effort with another strong, assertive performance in defence. Used ball very well. 7
14 WCE Had his hands full defensively. The key forwards at West Coast were good. 4
15 Syd Led a merry dance early by Rohan out of goalsquare, but then settled. Fair, but down on recent weeks. 4
16 Carl Struggled at times down back but kept battling away. Like teammates Casboult’s marking troubled the Dee defence. 5
17 Adel When he has to play on an opponent with nous/movement, his slow reactions are shown up. Walker made him look silly at times. 2
18 Port Took plenty of intercept marks and got back to some better form after a poor one in Darwin. 6
19 NM Terrible defensively. Flogged by Brown when on him. Just so slow to react to his opponent’s movements. 1
20 GWS Watched the ball sail over his head with regularity in first term. But overall was okay down back. 7
21 StK Mixed and matched down back and generally did a solid job. Played with poise. 6
22 Bris Other than a couple of iffy kicks, was steady enough down back opposed to Close. 6
23 Coll Went to Cox and Grundy when they were resting in attack. Other than one turnover in attack, was far from the worst. 6

2016 Season

1 GWS Looked a bit out of his depth until rolling an ankle and ended day on crutches. 3
2   Ankle.  
3 VFL Had little trouble defending what came his way down back. Composed effort.
4 VFL Involved in a heavy clash early and played no further part.
5   Concussion.  
6 VFL Part of a back half that stood firm late when trying to defend the lead.
7 VFL Part of a defence that only conceded two goals all day. Solid.
8 VFL Became more confident as game wore on after a tough start.
9 Bris Beaten badly by Freeman early and lacks confidence with ball in hand. Speed still a query. 4
10 Port Lacked urgency and physicality in defence. Poor outing and needs more time to develop in VFL. 2
11 Haw Spoilt well at times and OK late, but just looks so far out of his depth at this level. 2
12 Coll Took White at times and had a few problems with him. Has to work on his poise. 4
13 Syd Match-up on resting ruck and hampered by hip corkie. Poor error broke Dees back in third term. 4
15 Adel Slow to make decisions defensively and led to the ball too often. A step backwards. 3
16 Frem Took Taberner and tested until injuring ankle in third term marking contest and hobbled off. 3
17 StK Gave Membrey far too much room and sluggishness to react to ball movement ahead again an issue. 3
18 WCE Beaten too often in one-on-ones early. Hampered by leg injury late. 5
19 GCS Slow start but got better as the game wore on down back and ended up on top of Wright. 6
20 Haw Looked shaky a number of times when he got the ball. Tends to play hot potato. 4
21 Port Great counter attack from defence with five rebound-50s. 7
22 Carl Took Everitt and OK in back half with no glaring errors. 5
23 Geel Looked out of his depth at times and no match for Menzel among others. 3

2015 Season

3 VFL Played OK in defence in Casey’s development league
4 VFL OK in defence in Scorpions’ development squad.
5 VFL Had 12 touches and five inside 50s. OK.
6 VFL Kicked a late goal after a good mark. Showed a bit.
7 VFL Not really a factor but is learning with each passing week.
8 VFL Did well down back. Competed hard, used ball well.
9 VFL Bye.
10 VFL OK down back and looks a nice developing type.
11 VFL Defended well and gave some run.
12 VFL Tried hard down back and can hold his head high.
13 VFL Bye.
14 VFL Developing well in defence and took another big step forward.
15 VFL OK in defence.
16 VFL Quieter than previous outings. Learning each week.
17 VFL Played mostly in defence but drifted down for a goal.
18   Rested.  
19   Groin.  
20   Groin.  
21 VFL Did some good things in first game back from injury.
22 Frem OK debut. Found the pace a bit hot at times. 3
23 GWS Steady enough down back in second league game. 5