#35   Geelong

Age: 29yr 7mth Games: 203 Born: Apr 05, 2021
Height: 189cm Weight: 92kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Reigning Brownlow medallist continues to set standards. Only missing piece is precise kicking at top pace. Can that improve?

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Frem Three goals, nine tackles, 15 contested possessions and a couple of quality contested marks. Star. 8
2 NM Won the ball well but disposal efficiency way off target and at times it hurt the team. Last quarter he gave a huge lift. 6
3 Melb When it had to be won he again stepped up to plate. Last term included 12 disposals, five clearances and a goal. 8
4 Haw Copped knee to ribs early but played on. Eight clearances and five inside-50s but impact with disposals not enormous. 7
5 StK Ribs looked sore and effectiveness well down on his usual run-and-gun productivity. Last quarter was again huge; 11 disp, 2 goals. 7
6 Coll Quiet by his standards in first half (8 effective disposals) and even less in second. Ribs a concern as was way off? 4
7 GCS Battled hard but again wasn’t at a level we’ve come to expect. Certainly not for lack of trying; 29 disposals, 10 clearances. 7
8 Ess Tow goals in third term but is well below his best. Laid one tackle for the night and ended with 18 effective disposals. 6
9 WB Five weeks removed from broken ribs (v Hawks) and they might have healed. Four brilliant first-half goals; 36 disposals. 10
10 Port Superstar kicked three goals from 24 disposals. Final goal was the winner with a minute remaining. 8
11 Adel Exploded against old side to end with three goals, 31 disposals, seven clearances and seven tackles. Great to watch. 8
12   Bye.  
13 WCE Battled hard all night but lacked support. Yeo did well to restrict his ability to burst away and create play. Impact didn’t match stats. 7
14 Frem Plugged away in the midfield and in final term he lifted London Fog style to grab 11 possessions. 8
15 GWS Monsterous effort to grab 45 disposals, including 13 clearances and six inside-50s. Last quarter effort was enormous. 9
16 Bris Oozed class. Three goals, five scoring assists and 23 of his 38 disposals were contested possessions. Brownlow votes for sure. 9
17 Haw Injured early so had to play permanent forward all day and ended with a lazy five goals…and six behind. 8
18 Adel Against old side he tried hard but his effort petered out. Not sure how fit he was but certainly tried hard. 6
19 Carl Over foot injury and started well. Pushed forward to get in behind Hawkins in second half; 23 disposals, two goals. 7
20   Suspended.  
21 Rich 30 touches, a game high 11 clearances and 8 Inside 50’s. Didn’t need to hit the scoreboard to have a big impact. 8
22 Coll Quiet first half (10 disposals) then lifted to end with 32 and kicked a key running goal in final term; 12 clearances. 7
23 GWS Couldn’t have done too much more; 33 disposals, five inside-50s, 10 clearances and six tackles. 8
QF Rich Quiet first half (five effective disp) but did kick goal on halftime siren. Tried hard but impact well down; 14 effective touches. 5
SF Syd Exploded the Cats out of the blocks with four first-half goals that proved just the tonic for the Cats. Huge influence. 8
PF Adel Apart from second term he was never in the game; 13 effective possessions but did kick two goals. 6

2016 Season

1 Haw Not sure there’s been a better debut in blue and white. In fact, there hasn’t. 9
2 GWS Quiet by his lofty standards. In quarters two and three hardly sighted. 5
3 Bris Three goals, six clearances and 17 contested possessions to be a factor all day. 8
4 Ess Seven inside-50s, five clearances but his impact was not profound. 6
5 Port Two goals in a minute in second term lifted team. Eight inside-50s and seven clearances. 7
6 GCS Huge again with 17 contested possessions, five clearances, seven inside-50s and two goals. 8
7 WCE Not his best game as a Cat but a few bursts out of the middle and seven inside-50s kept him involved. 7
8 Adel Won plenty of the ball in close although few breakaway clearances. 7
9 Coll Crisp slaughtered him in first half. Poor ball use continues to reduce his impact on games. 4
10 Carl Well beaten in head-to-head battle with Gibbs. Won a lot of the ball but limited influence. 5
11 GWS Second half efficiency improved out of sight. Team high 11 inside-50s and seven clearances. 7
12 NM Stats off the charts – 13 clearances, 23 cont poss, 11 inside-50s and two goals. 10
13 WB Another masterful performance with eight clearances, 12 inside-50s and two goals. 9
14 StK Not as destructive as previous weeks but scrounged a goal and nine clearances. 7
16 Syd Gathered 26 of his touches in first and last quarters Seven clearances, 10 inside-50s. 7
17 Frem Huge with four goals and 31 disposals. Big factor in game. Shoulder knock. 8
18 Adel Even first half then tempo lifted. Six clearances, 17 CPs. 7
19 WB Huge again with three goals, nine inside-50s, five clearances and 15 CPs. 8
20 Ess Got going after half time (17 disp) to be a factor. Seven clearances, nine inside-50s. 8
21 Rich Burst in and out of the game. Six clearances and 11 inside-50s a handy input. 7
22 Bris Couple of bursts had fans aroused but inaccuracy cost him – 2.4. Six inside-50s. 7
23 Melb Brownlow votes likely after 16 inside-50s, 10 clearances, seven score assists. 8
QF Haw Ball use well down but still contributed six inside-50s and seven clearances. 7
PF Syd Worked his tail off from start to finish but without support impact down. 8

2015 Season

Played for : Adelaide

1 NM Just imposed himself on the game, contest after contest. 8
2 Coll Eight clearances and two goals. Explosive forward of centre. 8
3 Melb Battered from pillar to post by Vince. 5
4 WB Started like a rocket then two quiet quarters before junk time touches. 5
5 Port With Betts, the Crows’ best with 14 clearances and seven inside-50s. 8
6 GCS Well held by Raines but still managed two goals. 5
7 StK 10 tackles, seven clearances and five inside-50s in an unassuming performance. 6
8 GWS Pitted in head to head battle with Griffen. OK, but the Giant was too. 7
9 Frem Superb performance, gave it his all. 10
10 Carl In tight game his 18 contested possessions and nine clearances were huge. 8
12 Haw As always, lead from the front and put it all on the line. 7
13 Bris Played in patches and when he did get into the action, it made a difference. 6
15 WCE Battled manfully with 36 disposals and 12 clearances. Outstanding game. 8
16 Port The human battering ram, win meant a lot to him personally. 8
17 GCS Best on ground with 10 clearances, eight tackles and seven inside-50s. 9
18 Syd Strong game against the odds and was a potent midfielder. 7
19 Rich Playing inspired football, should have banked more Brownlow votes. 9
20 Ess Five clearances, three goals and nine inside-50s – pretty stock day for star. 9
21 Bris Well held by Robinson. 6
22 WCE Pushed forward late to put name on the scorers list, exceptional again. 8
23 Geel Six clearances but only three inside-50s and did not hit the scoreboard. 6
EF WB Didn’t get near it in first 15 minutes but lifted. Pivotal in last 15 minutes. 7
SF Haw Had 21 touches to half time and kicked amazing goal. Tapered. 6

2014 Season

Played for : Adelaide

1 Geel Guthrie wore him tight but he still won 17 cont poss and kicked two goals. 7
2 Port Needs to have more faith in his teammates; he can’t do everything. 6
3 Syd Never stops trying, needs better protection from his teammates. 7
4 StK Rumoured to have ankle problem that decreased onball time. Curren kept close. 5
5 GWS Best on ground with another powerhouse performance. 9
6 WB Tagged by Jong and burnt him off via sheer workrate. Contested work immense. 8
7 Melb Six clearances, seven inside-50s and two goals, did his best to rally the team. 7
9 Coll 12 clearances, nine inside-50s and seven tackles for the Raging Bull. 8
10 Carl Influence dampened by Armfield and injury. Only three inside-50s, no goals. 6
11 GCS Not as dominant as previous weeks but didn’t get banged around either. 7
12 Frem Never going to be completely blotted out, but Crowley stopped his threat to Freo. 4
13 NM 10 clearances and five inside-50s despite close attention from Greenwood. 7
14 Ess Hurt his leg and while he persisted had nowhere near his usual impact. 5
15 Port Seven clearances, eight inside-50s and a wonderful goal well outside 50. 7
16 GWS Limped off in third quarter with knee problem and came back heavily bandaged. 4
17 Haw Never stopped trying including 27 contested possessions. 8
18 Coll Work-rate and clearance output all game, but particularly late, enormous. 8
19 WCE Won plenty of hard football despite being restricted by his sore knee. 6
20 Bris Usual busy self and right in the thick of it most of the game. 7
21 Rich Led from the front with seven clearances and seven bruising tackles. 7
22 NM Good early but Bastinac severely restricted him after half time. 5
23 StK Solid game and went about his business in good style. 6

2013 Season

Played for : Adelaide

1 Ess Never allowed any space by Hocking who restricted his playmaking brilliantly. 4
2 Bris His two last-quarter goals dragged the Crows over the line. 7
3 Port A clash of heads with Wines didn’t stop him trying all game. 8
4 WB Kicked four goals and was a handful for the Doggies’ defence all afternoon. 9
5 Carl Had it 20 times but lack usual penetration and grunt. Well held. 5
6 Haw Nine clearances, five inside 50s and two goals, did his utmost to win the game. 9
7 GWS Had a picnic and was unstoppable on the ball and in attack. 9
8 StK Dempster stuck to him but he could never be completely shut down. 6
9 NM Poor efficiency dampened his impact but tough around the footy – 16 cont poss. 7
10 Frem Kicked three goals, one an absolute beauty on his left foot while being tackled. 7
11 Syd Did all he could against the tide in his 100th game to try and lift side. 6
12 Rich Despite Jackson tag he was superb – two goals, 19 cont poss, eight clearances. 8
14 GCS Went head to head with Ablett and inspired his side to an important victory. 9
15 WCE Six clearances, six inside 50s and a goal for the powerhouse midfielder. 8
16 Coll Hurt shoulder early, taped up and tried to keep going but clearly affected. 4
17   Shoulder.  
18   Shoulder.  
19 Port Kicked four goals in his first game back from a shoulder injury. 8
20 NM Generated 13 inside-50s after slowish start. 7
21 WB A couple of bursts but generally well held – 16 disposals not enough to impact. 5
22 Melb Won nine clearances despite being well held by McKenzie. 6
23 WCE Always dangerous and explosive. 8

2012 Season

Played for : Adelaide

1 GCS 25 possessions, nine clearances and two goals (including a 60m torp)! 8
2 WB Game was on the line and he took it upon himself to influence the result. 6
3 Haw Won the ball well particularly at clearances. 7
4 GWS Wet conditions suited his bullocking style, 20 contested possessions. 7
5 Port Showdown medallist was inspirational with ferocious attack on footy. 9
6 Syd Best player on the ground and won the ball superbly in heavy traffic. 9
7 Geel Tagged by Taylor Hunt but worked his way into game to play a role. 6
8 Carl Real presence around footy; ended Murphy’s day with blone-shattering bump. 8
9 Coll Well countered by Thomas despite his eight clearances. 5
10 Frem Outstanding in the midfield and across half-forward with 32 touches. 8
12 StK Bustling strength in contested situations was important. 7
13 NM Reportedly had flu. Half distance pass out of bounds on full typical of his game. 6
14 Rich Battering ram won 16 contested possessions and eight clearances. 8
15 Port Typical performance including 12 contested possessions and goal. 6
16 GWS Shadowed all day by Adam Treloar and couldn’t shake the leash. 5
17 WCE The raging bull kicked two goals with sheer brute strength. 8
18 Geel Broke loose in third term to kick two brilliant goals. 8
19 Ess Best on ground with 11 clearances, six inside 50s and three great goals. 9
20 Frem Hit a purple patch of form and peaking at the right time of the year. 9
21 Bris One of the best even though he went missing in second term. 7
22 Melb Showed his class in the second half when moved forward, booting three goals. 8
23 GCS Another three votes from the umpires could see him take ‘Charlie’ home. 9
QF Syd Ran himself to standstill but outnumbered. Not as dominant as usual. 5
SF Frem Mainly handballs early playing forward. Crowley stuck to him like glue. 5
PF Haw Handy for three quarters then exploded in final term to nearly steal victory. 8