#40   Melbourne

Age: 23yr 3mth Games: 0 Born: Aug 12, 2020
Height: 186cm Weight: 85kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Didn’t get a look-in at GWS in two years but the Dees kept close tabs on him. Has some tricks, but competition is fierce.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

3   Hamstring.  
4   Hamstring.  
5   Hamstring.  
6   Hamstring.  
7   Hamstring.  
8   Hamstring.  
9   Hamstring.  
10   Hamstring.  
11   Hamstring.  
12   Hamstring.  
13   Hamstring.  
14   Hamstring.  
15   Hamstring.  
16   Hamstring.  
17   Hamstring.  
18   Hamstring.  
19   Hamstring.  
20   Hamstring.  
21   Hamstring.  
22   Hamstring.  
23   Hamstring.  

2016 Season

Played for : GWS Giants

1   Played in NEAFL trial against Sydney.  
2   Knee.  
3 NEAFL Had 12 touches after missing a few weeks. Eased back into it.
4 NEAFL Better output this week with 22 touches and four inside-50s.
5 NEAFL Unable to get involved for long periods across the middle.
6 NEAFL Didn’t waste many possessions but just needed to get it a bit more.
7 NEAFL Bye.
8 NEAFL Linked well on the outside with 11 marks to go with 15 possessions.
9 NEAFL Clean ball use a feature as he worked hard at both ends of the ground.
10 NEAFL Unable to get into the game for long enough to have an impact.
11 NEAFL Did some handy things but wasn’t a major factor in Darwin.
12 NEAFL Can’t question work ethic and tried hard in close with eight contested possessions.
13 NEAFL Solid contributor over four quarters. Used the ball well by foot.
14 NEAFL Used the ball cleanly and decision-making was to a high standard.
15 NEAFL Bye.
16 NEAFL Did most of his best work behind centre. 16 possessions and four rebounds.
17 NEAFL Didn’t get much ball, but laid an impressive equal team-high 10 tackles.
18 NEAFL Handy effort. Pressure was good (six tackles) and used it well by foot.
19 NEAFL Bye.
20 NEAFL Struggled to have a big influence in massive win over Suns.
21 NEAFL Hit all his targets by foot and ran hard both ways.
22 NEAFL Handy in patches despite kicking let him down at times.
23 NEAFL Bye.
QF NEAFL Provided a great link on the outside with 11 marks and kicked a goal.

2015 Season

Played for : GWS Giants

2 NEAFL Continued to impress coaches. 18 touches, one goal.
3 NEAFL Caught the eye at times.
4 NEAFL A bit quieter this week but did some nice things.
5 NEAFL Did well in steamy conditions in Darwin.
6 NEAFL Did his bit without starring.
7 NEAFL Continues to impress. 19 touches and two goals.
8   Rested.  
9 NEAFL Bye.
10 NEAFL 15 possessions to play a role in huge win.
11 NEAFL Burst in and out and did some nice things.
12 NEAFL Three goals and six tackles from 17 touches.
13 NEAFL Bye.
14 NEAFL The quietest of the Giants but still did some nice things.
15   Achilles.  
16   Achilles.  
17   Achilles.  
18   Hip.  
19   Hip.  
20   Hip.  
21   Hip.  
22   Hip.  
23   Hip.