#1   Gold Coast

Age: 30yr 12mth Games: 141 Born: Nov 15, 2020
Height: 185cm Weight: 85kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Former Lion playmaker has fitted in seamlessly with new group and is ready to take up a position on the wing.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Bris Struggled to find his rhythm against former side, and disposal efficiency was poor (47%). 4
2   Personal leave.  
3   Personal leave.  
4 NEAFL Rolled his ankle in the first half so didn’t get risked after the main break.
5   Ankle.  
6   Heel.  
7   Heel.  
8   Heel.  
9   Heel.  
10 Melb First game back after injury and had to check at times if he was playing. 2
11 WCE Best game in Suns colours. Gathered 28 possessions and looked like his old self. 8
12 Haw Kicking was a little off at times. Won enough ball to be a factor but certainly not at his linking best. 6
13 Carl Did not get a huge amount of the footy, though made a couple of critical defensive saves. 5
14 StK Showed only a few glimpse of his best in defence without ever taking the game by the scruff of the neck. 5
15 NM Unfortunately injured his hamstring in second quarter and sat out second half. 3
16   Hamstring.  
17 Coll Finding the going tough with no continuity in his footy. Will get better. 4
18 WB Used the ball pretty well. Had it 21 times as a rebounding back. 6
19 Rich Just can not find his form of last couple of seasons. Had 31 possessions, but influence questionable. 5
20 Frem Gave the team drive with his 24 disposals. One of the better players. 6
21   Hamstring.  
22 Ess Failed to make the most of his possessions, but defensive efforts (six tackles) were pleasing. 6
23 Port Won his fair share of footy but for such an experienced player lacks leadership on the ground. 5

2016 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1 WCE Started forward. Ran well to create in the midfield. Had a crack. 6
2 NM Ran hard and was prominent everywhere. Missed a couple of chances. 8
3 Geel Work-rate strong enough but got a lot of his ball backward of centre. Two inside-50s, two clearances. 6
4 GCS Massive second half and one reason why Brisbane scored a stunning win. 8
5 WB Slogged away in midfield but didn’t make the most of a few chances in front of goal with 1.3. 6
6 Syd Inspiring early and again in last quarter not to mention a team high dozen tackles. 8
7 Port Disappointing display, one goal in the first term his only highlight. 3
8 Coll Beaten by Blair early and then struggled to have any real impact when in midfield. 5
9 Melb Battled away in defence and did what he could as a rebounding defender. Four inside-50s. 6
10 Haw Consistent four-quarter game. Provided a lot of run out of back half and through midfield. 6
11 Carl Provided little of the run and dash he was once renowned for. 5
12 Frem Gathered a bit of the footy but was denied time and space to carry. 5
13 WCE Stats overstated impact. Several basic skill errors took gloss off effort. 7
14 Rich No impact at all in midfield then went to half forward. Frustrated by poor outing. 3
16 GCS Found a bit of the footy though disposal was not great. 5
17 GWS Even four quarters without excelling and just seven contested possessions. 6
18 Ess Made some poor decisions early but cleaned up his ball use as game wore on. Big goal on run. 7
19 Port Down on his usual high standard and looked flat in second half. Understandable given the deficit. 6
20 Adel Tried in vain to make a difference with six tackles and four inside-50s. 5
21 Carl Looked to have lost a bit of his zip. Started in attack and landed one goal. 5
22 Geel Did some good things but fans would love to see more. Teased in patches. 6
23 StK Not as much of an influence as Brisbane needed. 5

2015 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1   Knee.  
2   Hip.  
3   Hip.  
4   Hip.  
5   Hip.  
6   Hip.  
7   Hip.  
8   Hip.  
9   Hip.  
10 GWS Welcome return to footy after long stint out. Looked rusty but contributed. 6
12 WB His solid form in second game back was one bright point for Lions. 6
13 Adel Started well but substituted out in third term because of hamstring injury. 5
14   Hamstring.  
15 Syd Run and speed combination caused Swans no end of trouble. 8
16 Melb Six disposals first half then subbed out with a knee injury at half time. 1
17   Hamstring.  
18 Geel Broke the lines at times with customary run but not enough help. 5
19 GCS His sheer persistence helped keep Brisbane within striking distance. 8
20 Carl Sublime skills set up goals and he slotted two himself from 50m or beyond. 7
21 Adel Slow start to game but finished off with a big last term with eight disposals. 6
22 Haw Opened game in attack and rolled up into midfield. Steady outing. 6
23 WB Bagged two goals and helped set up others. 7

2014 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1 Haw Given the run around by Breust. Got into the game a bit in second half. 4
2 Geel Huge game – five inside-50s, 13 cont poss and always around the footy. 8
3 GCS Good dash from defence and through the midfield. 7
4 Port Left the game in the third term with a strained hamstring. 4
5   Hamstring.  
6 StK Won plenty of the ball at half back. 6
7   Back.  
8 Ess Running and ground coverage made him one of Brisbane’s best. 6
9 NM Couldn’t stem the tide but tried hard. 5
11 Carl Again showed how vital he is to the Lions with his run. 7
12 WB Tried to do too much at times, but can fault his effort once again. 6
13 GWS Never stopped working and running and even sent to shore up the attack. 7
14 Frem Totally quelled by Crowley for three quarters. 2
15 NM Huge engine. Collected 34 disposals and won duel with Swallow. 8
16 Rich Ran hard and linked well from midfield. Six inside-50s and 13 cont poss. 8
17 WCE Played well in bursts but was heavily shadowed by Hutchings. 6
18 GCS A class above Suns, who had no one who could stay with him. Sublime game. 9
19 Melb Gave McKenzie a towelling early then slowed, but big again late. 6
20 Adel Started on Crouch and even ran with Sloane. Below his usual best. 7
21 Coll Despite first-half Macaffer tag he was in the thick of it. Team-high 11 inside-50s. 8
22 Frem Ran hard but effectively tagged by Crowley. 5
23 Geel Probably Lions’ best. Seven inside-50s and run through middle superb. 8

2013 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1 WB Prominent in first half when other Lions were down. Contentious clash with Gia. 6
2 Adel Lions’ best player, ran hard all night and kicked a goal. 8
3 GCS Continued an outstanding season and finished with the match winning goal. 8
4 NM Suffered knee injury in third quarter. 4
5   Suspended.  
6 Syd Tried hard and was one of the few Lions to at least break even on the day. 7
7 WCE Ran everywhere and had 31 disposals. A driving force. 8
8 Ess Ran hard and was an option all day. Used footy well when he had it. 6
9 Carl Inspirational running out of defence. Chimed in with a gutsy goal in last term. 8
10 Coll Influence limited. Macaffer played on him as negating forward. 3
12 Frem Had a slow start but then warmed to the task. 6
13 Geel Loose at times early in match – one clearance and four inside-50s. 5
14 Haw Began in attack to thwart negating tactics. Good performer. 6
15 GCS Superb. Tackled hard and was a playmaker who could not be stopped. 8
16 NM Revelled in the second-half comeback with two memorable goals. 8
17 Melb Started at half forward and worked back. One of the game’s success stories. 7
18   Hand.  
19 StK Avoided the negating forward Saunders’ attention to be a positive force. 6
20 Rich One of few winners for the Lions showing great poise under pressure. 8
21 GWS Quiet night in attack before being subbed out in with hip injury. 5
22 WB Made light of Cross tagging and won a lot of the ball. 6
23 Geel Tagged by T. Hunt but contributed 20 disposals. Handy without starring. 6

2012 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1 Melb Key driver off a wing and kicked one brilliant running goal. Could be a star. 8
2 Carl Didn’t get into the game at all from a run and carry perspective. 3
3 Frem Had 18 possessions but four of those were clangers. 4
4 GCS Clocked up a decent amount of possessions without being noticed. 5
5 Geel Tried hard in a backline constantly under siege. 6
6 Ess Strong game. Provided plenty of run and a good physical presence. 7
7 Coll Near best afield until injured (hamstring) during the second quarter. 5
8 GWS Has come off age. Ran hard and was a vital link man across midfield. 7
9 NM Solid and handy in defence 6
10 WCE So-so game. 5
12 Haw Terrible shot for goal missed the lot. Generally quiet. 4
13 WB Monster game – six inside-50s,seven rebound 50s and three goal assists. 8
14 Melb Rebounded well and pushed forward to kick three goals. Strong showing. 7
15 Syd Led Lions with 34 touches, but was another who turned it over too often. 5
16 StK Matched up with Saad and created moves but also let Saint get away. 5
17 GCS Probably Brisbane’s best, provided great run all night. 8
18 WCE Wasn’t able to set up play like he has this year. 5
19 Rich Battled away after copping a nasty elbow injury in the third term. 4
20 Carl Moved off Betts but kept on attacking first half. Provided little after half time. 6
21 Adel Vital link man out of defence and clearly among the Lions’ best. 7
22 Port His run and carry out of defence was a highlight. 7
23 WB Started on fire with 11 disposals in first term. Faded slightly. 6