#1   GWS Giants

Age: 29yr 3mth Games: 122 Born: Aug 30, 2020
Height: 197cm Weight: 96kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Co-captain one of many to miss JLT opener then eased back in last week. Will play final JLT match and be ready to go.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Adel Had a great battle with Josh Jenkins with honours even. 5
2 GCS Kept Lynch goalless in a great duel between two star key position players. Will be thrilled with his day’s work. 8
3 NM In game 100 took Brown and kept him under wraps, although not much offensively. 5
4 Port Battled hard against Dixon and won the ball well in the back half. Helped settle defence late. 6
5 Syd Worked hard but made some unusual errors in defence at times. 4
6   Hamstring.  
7 StK Key back had job on Bruce and did that brilliantly. When caught one-on-one he was winning the battles. 8
8 Coll Mostly took Moore and handled the assignment well. 6
9 Rich Quiet game on an attacking front and was under the pump in defence for long periods. 4
10 WCE The loose man for a lot of the game. Stopped a lot of attacks. 6
11 Ess Nearly the Giants most important player. Provided great support to fellow defenders. 7
12 Carl Had task on Casboult and probably shaded him over the course of the day despite copping knock early. 6
13   Bye.  
14 Bris Played more as a roving key defender than having a designated opponent and the set up went according to plan. 6
15 Geel Kept Hawkins to one goal in a fine defensive effort. Night would have been sour in Hawkins kicked final goal. 6
16 Haw Didn’t do a lot or have a huge impact. Heart in mouth when his leg folded underneath him in the last quarter. 4
17 Syd Tried hard but in the end was beaten by Buddy. 5
18 Rich Put Riewoldt to bed, tucked him and then left the room and flicked the switch on the way out. Close to Giant’s best. 8
19 Frem Didn’t really match up on any Docker key forward. Co-captain only had 12 disposals in a so-so effort. 4
20 Melb Held the defence together, but was aided by the way Melbourne used the ball. 6
21 WB Took Redpath and was able to keep him to one goal in another strong effort from the co-skipper. 7
22 WCE Didn’t have a direct opponent. Only 12 disposals but did organise the backline. 4
23 Geel Had some troubles with Hawkins who roamed him up the field. Tried hard but weight of possession told. 4
QF Adel Tried to organise the back six, but was like the captain of a sinking ship. Tried hard at least. 5
SF WCE Took Petrie who started deep and was the master for most of the night. 6
PF Rich Had job on Riewoldt and was had the better of that match up. Given scoreline was a handy performance. 6

2016 Season

1 Melb One of the Giants’ best. Hammered Hogan for three terms then taken off him. Why? 7
2 Geel Task on Hawkins proved difficult at times but stuck to task pretty well. 5
3 Syd Enthralling battle with Franklin and provided good rebound out of defence 5
4 Port Led from the front in the back half and easily got the better of Dixon. 6
5 StK A strong presence again in defence then sat out the last 10 minutes as precaution. 6
6 Haw Gunston got away in first half with three goals then went to resting ruck. Not his best night. 4
7 Frem Good battle with Pavlich. The Docker kicked 1.2 5
8   Hamstring.  
9   Hamstring.  
10   Hamstring.  
11 Geel Great duel with Hawkins and he took the points. Reliable and professional defender. 7
12 Syd Exceptional effort on Franklin. Kept the star to just four disposals in first half. 8
13 Ess Matched to Daniher/Jamar at times and did a reasonable job. 4
14 Carl Had Casboult’s measure before a calf injury ended his night in the second term. 4
16 Coll Marked OK down back but couldn’t stem the flow. 4
17 Bris Held Andrews and held the defence together when needed. 5
18 Port Did the job on Schulz. 7
19 Rich Riewoldt just got the better of him in a fascinating duel. 5
20 GCS Had the role on Lynch and stuck to the task. 5
21 WCE Marked well in the back half at times opposed to Kennedy, who ended with three. OK. 6
22 Frem Had little to do after quarter time. Solid in key defensive post. 5
23 NM Rough night opposed to Brown, who troubled him with his reach and sticky hands. 3
QF Syd Had job on Buddy who got lots of ball upfield in first half. Held him goalless ultimately. 6
PF WB Took Dunkley among others and defensively stout all night. 6

2015 Season

1 StK Skipper took Riewoldt and did the job by keeping him to one goal. 6
2 Melb Took time on both Dawes and Hogan. Settled down after an early run-around. 5
3 Syd Had Tippet covered and tried to help out on Franklin when he could. 8
4 GCS Had Lynch under wraps most of the night. 7
5 WCE Couldn’t stop Kennedy. The midfield gave him little chance though. 3
6 Haw Had the tough ask of shutting down Roughead and kept him to two goals. 6
7   Thigh.  
8 Adel Back in team and took Jenkins. Steadies back half. 6
9   Suspended.  
10 Bris Kept Leuenberger quiet in Lions front half. Repelled attacks when required. 6
11 Coll Big job on Cloke. Did well until leg injury ended his day. 4
12   Ankle.  
13   Ankle.  
14   Ankle.  
15   Ankle.  
16   Ankle.  
17   Ankle.  
18 Frem Pretty good considering the amount of time the ball was in his area. 5
19 Ess Hooker proved a handful but gradually improved after half time. 5
20 Port Subbed out with a hamstring injury. 2
21   Hamstring.  
22   Hamstring.  
23   Hamstring.  

2014 Season

1 Syd Spirited battle with Buddy and frustrated the champ. One of best games. 7
2   Kidney.  
3   Kidney.  
4   Kidney.  
5   Kidney.  
6   Kidney.  
7   Kidney.  
8   Kidney.  
9   Kidney.  
10   Kidney.  
11   Kidney.  
12 NEAFL Got through long-awaited return from kidney injury.
13 Bris First game back from injury and minded Close. Adjusted as game wore on. 4
14 Carl He spent much of the afternoon on Henderson and kept him very quiet. 6
15 Syd Solid performance against Tippett in a backline that was well beaten. 5
16 Adel Matched on Lynch and kept him buttoned down. 6
17 Frem Used on Mayne/Apeness and did OK defensively. Battled hard all match. 6
18 Geel Did a pretty solid job on Hawkins and was steady without starring. 5
19 Rich Superb on Riewoldt keeping him to 10 fewer goals than last meeting with GWS. 8
20 NM Battled hard against Petrie but the big Roo eventually took charge. 4
21 Melb Had task on Dawes but knocked himself out in marking contest, subbed out. 1
22   Concussion.  
23 WB Marshalled the troops down back opposed to resting ruck. Solid night. 6

2013 Season

1 Syd Had Reid covered despite landing awkwardly just before half time. 7
2 Port Solid for most of the night in defence without dominating. 5
3 StK Given a torrid run-around by Riewoldt. 4
4 Melb Had Clark’s measure for most of the day. Checked him closely. 7
5 GCS Mostly on Lynch and was reasonably effective. 5
6   Back.  
7   Back.  
8   Back.  
9   Back.  
10   Back.  
11   Back.  
12   Back.  
13   Back.  
14 NEAFL Got through first game back after two months out.
15 NEAFL Did well down back. 75% game time.
16 Syd Stood former Crows teammate Tippett and tried hard but had colours lowered. 4
17 Ess Took another encouraging step in his second game back from injury. 4
18 Coll Stood Cloke and stood up well in one-on-one contests, but provided zero going forward. 5
19 Melb Took the resting ruckman in defence and stood up well in marking contests. 6
20 Frem Matched to Pavlich and kept him to two goals. 5
21 Bris Had his hands full minding Merrett and constantly under siege. 5
22 Rich Had the job on Vickery and battled hard but outpointed. 4
23 GCS Tough day down back but stuck to the task. 5

2012 Season

1 Syd Started on young gun Reid but was accountable all the way through. 6
2 NM Began on Petrie and also spent time on McIntosh. Beaten. 3
3 WCE Picked up the resting ruckmen and defended stoutly. 6
4 Adel Responded from the boos from the crowd with a solid display. 5
5 WB Solid all round game, showed he can go forward to. 6
6 Carl Kicked two first half goals but was generally well held up forward. 4
7 GCS Did a lot of hard unrewarded work and still found it 16 times. 5
8 Bris Completely outclassed and given a lesson by Brown. 4
9 Ess Another defender under siege all night. 5
10 Geel Battled Taylor and had his colours lowered on the day. 3
12 Rich Did well in defence which had to repel plenty of ball. Best game of year. 7
13 Melb Went to Clark after he’d kicked four but off hoof after he left field. Battled. 4
14 Syd Beaten in a number of marking contests, Davis still battled hard all day. 5
15 Haw Found it a tough day in defence against the Hawks’ talls. 4
16 Adel Played well in defence against old team before ending the game up forward. 7
17 Frem Well beaten by Pavlich but still won some one-on-one contests. 4
18 Coll Spent virtually the whole night on Cloke and learned some lessons. 3
19 Port Led the backline well in tandem with Chad Cornes. 5
20 GCS Got plenty of the footy in defence and tried hard. 7
21 Melb Spent time on Rivers and Sellar and helped himself to 17 possessions. 5
22 StK Matched up on Stanley and broke even. 5
23 NM The only Giant to play every game, he battled hard against Petrie. 6