Rhyce SHAW


Age: 37yr 5mth Games: 238 Born: Oct 16, 2020
Height: 182cm Weight: 81kg Position: DEF
Dream Team Profile

2015 Digest:   Solid pre-season and did some of his best ever times in the 3km time trial. Just turned 32 but still has a lot to offer with his run out of defence.

2015 NAB Cup:   Troubled at times by pacy Lions but overall good in all three NAB games. Still giving run out of defence.

2015 Season

Played for : Sydney Swans

1 Ess Solid at half back and did his bit. 6
2 Port His run and carry out of defence is always a feature. 5
3 GWS Run and carry from the back half a feature. Matched output of his brother. 7
4 Frem Good in the second half when the Swans started running. 6
5 WB Not his day. Involved in some passages of play that cost team goals. 4
6 Melb Rarely under any sort of pressure but did cough a few up in second half. 5
7 Geel Made a few mistakes but as game wore on got better in defence. 6
8 Haw Found the going tough for a lot of the night. Struggling for form. 3
9 Carl Given scoreline was able to play without pressure. Racked up stats. 7
10 GCS Did as required across half back. 5
11 NM Made some poor decisions with the ball and not one of his better games. 3
13 Rich Typical run from defence but was aided when Edwards went off. 6
14 Port Looked all at sea at times and will need to find form in run to September. 4
15 Bris Couple of shaky efforts out of the back half. Still looking to find his best. 4
16 Haw Took Breust and Rioli and actually did a reasonable job given scoreline. 6
17 WCE Ball spent so much time down his end he got a fair bit of it. Tried hard to create. 7
18 Adel Minding Cameron and did a fair job without winning a big share of the ball. 6
19 Geel At least tried to run and create for other further afield. Used ball pretty well. 7
20 Coll OK on Varcoe without starring. 5
21 GWS Good battle with Greene in GWS front half. Honors shared. 6
22 StK Veteran had no trouble accounting for Minchington. 6
23 GCS Steady without starring play traditional role as a sweeper from the back half. 6
QF Frem Battled Ballantyne (three goals). Provided dash and poise at half back. 8
SF NM Rarely afforded room to run and create from the back half. Very quiet. 4

2014 Season

Played for : Sydney Swans

1 GWS Kept at it all day but like others was swamped in the end. 6
2 Coll Strong in Round 1, this wasn't his best performance. 4
3 Adel Not at his best but still effective with his run and carry. 5
4 NM Six marks and five inside-50s in a decent shift from the veteran. 5
5 Frem Another of the Swans' veterans to bounce back from a dip in form. 6
6 Melb Link play and run from the back half a feature of a superb display. 8
7 Bris Celebrated his 200th match with a memorable goal. Solid in defence. 7
8 Haw Made a few mistakes out of the back half and far from his best night. 3
9 Ess Gave good run off half back and used the ball fairly well. 6
11 Geel Cats paid him no respect and paid the price. Cut them up from half back. 8
12 GCS Provided his customary run off half back. 6
13 Port Great duel with Gray and provided his customary dash off half back. 7
14 Rich Started OK on Deledio, but hurt ankle and subbed off at half time. 3
15   Ankle.  
16   Ankle.  
17   Ankle.  
18   Ankle.  
19 Ess Made a tradesman-like return in defence. 5
20 Port Only glimpses of his running from half back and through the midfield. 6
21   Ankle.  
22 WB Bit part role after starting on bench. Just warming back into it. 3
23 Rich Another Swan building his form nicely following an injury-troubled year. 5
QF Frem Quality performance. His run from defence was important. 7
PF NM Provided run and rebound from the back half every time the side required it. 7
GF Haw Out of sorts with ball use from back half. Kept battling but impact down. 5

2013 Season

Played for : Sydney Swans

1 GWS Worked into the game to end with a handy tally of stats. 3
2 GCS Lacked his usual spark out of defence before being substituted in the third term. 4
3   Abdomen.  
4   Abdomen.  
5   Abdomen.  
6   Abdomen.  
7   Abdomen.  
8   Abdomen.  
9   Abdomen.  
10   Abdomen.  
11   Abdomen.  
12   Abdomen.  
13   Abdomen.  
14   Abdomen.  
15   Abdomen.  
16   Abdomen.  
17 NEAFL Played just over a half and came through well.
18 NEAFL Bye.
19 WB Return game and started on forward flank. Readjusting to tempo. 4
20 Coll Used up front again and improved in his second game back from long-term injury. 5
21 StK Hitting his straps again with run down the wing. 7
22 Geel Ruptured ACL in first quarter. Disastrous season for playmaker. 0
23   Knee.  
QF   Knee.  
SF   Knee.  

2012 Season

Played for : Sydney Swans

2 Frem Coming back from injury, did not show his usual dash. 3
3 Port Not at his rebounding best out of the defensive 50. 4
4 NM A superb job in tagging Harvey, but won plenty of the ball himself. 6
5 Haw Had the demanding task on Rioli and did job for his team. 7
6 Adel One of his quieter games and gave away a crucial free kick in last quarter. 4
7 Rich Poor game. Struggled to find the ball and then failed to quell Newman. 2
8 Melb Looked something like his old self with plenty of run from defence. 5
9 StK Has a busy night with nippy Saad. 4
10 WB Shaw was outstanding, negating Dahlhaus and picking up 30 possessions. 8
11 Ess On Davey briefly and then Jetta. Excellent run in first half. 7
13 Geel Beat Motlop and provided some great run with six rebound 50s. 7
14 GWS Had a terrific duel all night with McDonald. 6
15 Bris In excellent form, managing five inside 50s and 22 disposals. 5
16 WCE Restricted. Wasn’t allowed to have the space to run. 4
17 StK Well on top of Saad and kept running. 6
18 GCS Provided plenty of run as always and was efficient with disposal. 6
19 Carl Matched up well on Garlett. Not one of his biggest games but still put in. 5
20 Coll Played well against his old side, providing his usual dash out of defence. 6
21 WB Well beaten by Addison (four goals) and offered nothing offensively. 3
22 Haw Seven rebound 50s and 11 handball receives in a strong running display. 7
23 Geel Only touched the ball three times after half time in disappointing display. 4
QF Adel Worked hard in defence and covered plenty of ground. 6
PF Coll Dashed off half back all night in fine fashion but did waste some ball at times. 6
GF Haw Provided run and rebound, particularly in first half, to help set up the win. 6