#31   Hawthorn

Age: 31yr 2mth Games: 109 Born: Sep 11, 2020
Height: 188cm Weight: 91kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Former Crow didn’t play vs Cats but included for hit-out against the Roos. On the fringe for opener but could surprise.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Ess Good first-up showing for new club. Had 21 touches and used most of them diligently. Given himself a platform to build on. 6
2 Adel Former Crow won plenty of the ball but didn’t have a massive impact on the flow of the contest. Eight tackles. 5
3 GCS Leading possession winner for the Hawks and rebounded well out of defence. 7
4 Geel Former Crow might have been wishing he was still one. Found a share of ball (21 disposals) but impact wasn’t huge. 5
5   Senior emergency.  
6 VFL Worked into the game after a sluggish start to be an influential performer. Two goals vital.
7 VFL Impressive outing with 26 touches and eight marks in win over Geelong at the Cattery.
8 Bris Always found himself in the right spot. Booted three goals and was a constant presence. 7
9 Coll Off the interchange as part of second rotation midfield and found space – 21 disposals. 6
10 Syd A solid contributor at half back. Found the ball well enough and was okay defensively. 6
11 Port Won his share of ball with 21 disposals but impact on flow was meaningful; 16 effective touches and second for metres gained. 6
12 GCS Among better players with willingness to run and create something off half-back/wing. Did what he could with 22 touches. 7
13   Bye.  
14 Adel Returned to Adelaide and showed up most of his former teammates with two goals and plenty of outside run. 7
15 Coll Former Crow helped support the midfield with 18 possessions, a goal and five tackles. Steady without starring. 5
16 GWS Good finisher when he drifts forward. Two goals cherry picked one in the second term. Dangerous with space in front of him. 6
17 Geel Got caught twice (cost two goals) in first term but from then on was a handy player with 22 possessions. 6
18 Frem Kicked two goals from 19 disposals. A valuable contributor. 6
19 Syd 12 disposals in what was a pretty quiet performance. 5
20 Rich Former Crow slipped in for a few touches but got swallowed up in the mess that was the Hawks performance. 4
21 NM Too many players in similar roles saw him depart the Crows for more opportunity. But adds class to this Hawks team. Two goals. 6
22 Carl Won a mountain of ball but didn’t have a massive impact on the contest. Worked hard for his possessions. 6
23   Back.  

2016 Season

Played for : Adelaide

1 SANFL Damaging across half-back with 25 possessions. Wayward with 0.3.
2 SANFL Composed performance in defence.
3 SANFL Super classy across half-back with 26 disposals, 11 marks.
4 SANFL Bye.
5 SANFL Busy and precise across half-back with 31 disposals, 10 marks.
6 SANFL 17 of his 24 disposals came in first half. Piloted Otten-less defence.
7 WB Tried hard to create something for the team. Won plenty of uncontested ball from back half. 6
8 Geel Found plenty of the footy but didn’t hurt the opposition. 6
9 GCS Contributed well across four quarters. 5
10 GWS Four tackles and three inside-50s but little else. 4
11 StK Winning his share of footy but could be the scapegoat with Thompson returning. 5
12 SANFL Fine response to AFL axe. 25 of his 41 touches came after half-time.
13 SANFL Bye.
14 SANFL Kicked a goal and was efficient with his ball use against his old side.
15   Senior emergency.  
16 Carl Roamed the wing/half to find plenty of ball and used it effectively. 7
17 Coll His stats show he won a lot of the footy, did push forward for a goal in the first term. 7
18 Geel Bobbed up at times but only half of his disposals hit targets. Five inside-50s. 5
19   Achilles.  
20   Achilles.  
21 SANFL Booted three majors in fine performance on the wing.
22   Rested.  
23 WCE Gave the Crows some running power they lacked in the absence of Smith. 6
EF SANFL Provided run and link and kicked two goals.
SF   Did not play for Adelaide reserves.  

2015 Season

Played for : Adelaide

1 NM His run and carry not as evident as in the pre-season. 5
2 Coll Pumped the ball inside 50 nine times. Linked up well through the middle. 7
3 Melb Jack of all trades, a key player under Phil Walsh. 5
4 WB Defender had plenty of work. 5
5 Port Went off late with a shoulder injury. 6
6   Pectoral.  
7 StK Welcome addition back in the team with long kicking and defensive pressure. 6
8   Back.  
9   Back.  
10   Back.  
11   Back.  
12 SANFL Influential as spare in defence with 27 touches in first game back.
13 SANFL Superb across half-back. 19 touches at 89% and a goal.
15 WCE Consistent performer. Had 18 touches in his return from injury. 5
16 Port Had to play a more defensive role after the loss of Talia. 6
17 GCS Started slowly dropping two marks he would normally swallow. 4
18 Syd No impact on the game. 3
19 Rich Won his fair share of the footy but lacked intensity at times. 6
20 Ess Did bits and pieces off a wing but not one of his better games. 4
21 Bris Playing more on the wing than as a shutdown defender. 7
22 WCE Played between the 50-metre arcs and was good. 6
23 Geel Crows’ leading ball winner. Nine marks, three clearances, four rebound 50s. 7
EF WB Racked up a lot of touches. 6
SF Haw Alternated on Smith and Hill early who both ran riot early. 2

2014 Season

Played for : Adelaide

1   Leg.  
2   Leg.  
3   Leg.  
4   Leg.  
5   Leg.  
6   Leg.  
7   Leg.  
8   Leg.  
9   Leg.  
10   Leg.  
11   Leg.  
12   Leg.  
13 SANFL Superb against old side in stellar comeback from broken leg.
14 SANFL So-so in second game back before sustaining a quad injury.
15 SANFL Bye.
16 GWS Roamed unchecked from half-back. 6
17 Haw Slotted in well in defence in his second game back from a lengthy injury. 7
18 Coll Played loose for most of second half and provided some handy rebound. 7
19 WCE Lacked the run in his game from previous weeks. 5
20 Bris OK. Played his role well. 5
21 Rich Played as the plus-one but never really got going. 4
22 NM Not a big game. 3
23 StK Went well in defence and generated run. 6

2013 Season

Played for : Adelaide

1 Ess Struggled to impact with run and rebound from the back half. 4
2 Bris Kicked a nice long goal in first quarter but that was about it. 2
3 Port Ran hard all game presenting himself across half forward and half back. 6
4 WB Inconsistency is hampering his development; on his day can be a match winner. 7
5 Carl Tried hard but not his best game. Needs to add more strings to his bow. 4
6   Calf.  
7   Calf.  
8   Senior emergency.  
9 SANFL 15 classy disposals and two goals for Bulldogs.
10 SANFL A solid performer in impressive Bulldogs win.
11 Syd Tried hard but the weight of numbers were against him 5
12 Rich Sub. On third term but zero influence. Not sure he was right choice for sub. 1
14 GCS Provided good run from defence and kept his opponent at bay. 6
15 WCE Played possible his best game in defence as the loose man across half back. 8
16 Coll Prominent to half time and one of the better players. 6
17 Geel Huge down back. Continually thwarted the Cats forward thrusts with marks. 8
18 Frem Roamed far and wide from half forward despite de Boer’s close attention. Very good. 7
19 Port Finding his niche as the plus one in defence. 7
20 NM Had the ball in his hands a lot but his use was wayward. 6
21   Knee.  
22   Knee.  
23   Knee.  

2012 Season

Played for : Adelaide

1 GCS Got stretchered off in second quarter which ended his night. 2
2 WB Still feeling the effects of concussion he sustained in round one. 4
4 GWS Named as SUB but in the game straight away after Petrenko concussion. 5
5 Port Late call-up for the injured Porplyzia and was serviceable. 4
6 Syd Did a good job and was very strong in the contest. 6
7 Geel Taken out of the contest in third term. OK first half. 3
8 Carl Not huge stats but played his role in defence and lent great support to others. 5
9 Coll One great goal from outside 60 but failed to deliver for most of the night. 4
12 SANFL Did well, mostly down back.
13 SANFL Collected 17 possessions and kicked a goal for the Dogs.
14 SANFL Solid in defence for Centrals with 18 possessions.
15 Port One of the stars of the night kicking six goals. 8
16 GWS Picked up an ankle injury in the opening term before being subbed out. 2
QF SANFL Back from injury with 17 touches for the Dogs.
SF Frem Looked to injure his hand early and had no great impact. 4
PF Haw Used across half forward without huge impact apart from nice long goal. 4