Age: 32yr 7mth Games: 89 Born: Jan 19, 2021
Height: 206cm Weight: 106kg Position: RUC
Dream Team Profile

2015 Digest:   The availability of Kreuzer makes the competition tougher for ruck berths. Looked OK in pre-season.

2015 NAB Cup:   Scan on shoulder after Collingwood game and missed the last NAB game against Geelong.

2015 Season

Played for : Carlton

1   Shoulder.  
2   Shoulder.  
3 VFL 34 hitouts, but 20 possessions. Good signs from the ruckman.
4 VFL Controlled the ruck against Port. Put his hand up for a recall.
5 Coll Looked awkward and slow. 3
6 VFL 17 disposals and 34 hitouts in tight win over Dollies.
7 VFL 28 hitouts to go with two goals in ruck. Solid effort.
8 Geel Late inclusion laid three tackles (third best in team) but overall poor. 3
9   Hip.  
10   Hip.  
11   Hip.  
12   Shoulder.  
13   Shoulder.  
14   Shoulder.  
15   Shoulder.  
16   Shoulder.  
17   Shoulder.  
18   Shoulder.  
19   Shoulder.  
20   Shoulder.  
21   Shoulder.  
22   Shoulder.  
23   Shoulder.  

2014 Season

Played for : Carlton

1 Port Not much around the ground but on top in ruck taps. 4
2 Rich Squared taps and Hampson did more in general play. Appeared to hurt leg late. 4
3 Ess Had 43 hit-outs but got smashed by Carlisle around the ground. 4
4 Melb Had 10 hit-outs to advantage and showed up some of his teammates. 6
5 WB Had total upper hand over Minson in first half, but honours even later. 6
6 WCE Beaten in ruck contests but won a crucial ground ball contest to kick a goal. 4
7 Coll Tried hard in ruck but shaded first half. Lifted later. 5
8 StK 10 hit-outs to advantage but didn’t take a mark which is area he has to work on. 4
10 Adel Beaten by Jacobs comprehensively but kept battling – nine hit-outs to ad. 4
11 Bris Well on top in ruck duels before West went off then had picnic with 57 hit-outs. 7
12 Geel Won ruck battle and added a goal to give side a lift around then ball. 6
13 Haw Struggled in ruck and tired late as Hawks exposed him by making him defend. 3
14 GWS Finished a distant second in his match-up with Mumford. 4
15 Coll 11 hit-outs to advantage but beaten on the day by Witts. 5
16 StK Little impact around ground in first half. Had edge in taps. 5
17 Syd Claimed just two touches and well beaten by Pyke. 3
18 VFL Good battle in ruck with Currie. 39 hitouts to press his claims.
19 VFL Flogged in ruck by Max Gawn. Disappointing.
20 VFL Even ruck battle but should be dominating this level.
21 VFL Controlled the ruck with 43 hitouts to give mids first use.
22 VFL Just OK in ruck but Hawk midfielders swept ball away.

2013 Season

Played for : Carlton

1 PM Lowered his colors to Stephenson. Not his best.
2 VFL Got the better of both Daw and Currie in the ruck.
3 VFL Dominated the ruck against Bendigo talls. Outstanding.
4 WCE Not really a factor in ruck or around ground – four hit-outs to advantage. 3
5 Adel Gave first use to his on-ballers. Useful around the ground with 14 touches. 6
6 Melb Had 13 hit-outs to advantage and four clearances. Easily won the ruck. 6
7 StK Enormous amount of hit outs to advantage (16) but not much around ground. 5
8 Port Dominated the hit-outs with 30 but looked all at sea when resting forward. 5
9 Bris Won the hit-outs but could have done a little more in general play. 5
10   Knee.  
11   Knee.  
12 VFL Got his hands to the ball first but Hampson was more influential.
13 VFL Poor game in the ruck where he was beaten by Wood and Campbell.
14 VFL Spent a lot of time forward and kicked two goals. Rucked sparingly.
15 VFL Good battle with Hille in the ruck. Pressed his claims for a recall.
16 VFL Bye.
17 VFL Started well against Lowden/Ceglar. Controlled the ruck.
18 VFL Had 45 hitouts opposed to Stephenson and 12 possessions.
19 VFL Won the ruck duel with Gabriel to give midfield a chance.
20 WB Got the better of Minson at the stoppages and did OK when the ball hit the deck. 6
21 Rich Not a massive game but toiled hard and had 39 hit-outs. 5
22 Ess 41 hit-outs and battled manfully around the ground. 7
23 Port Best big man on the ground with 35 hit-outs. 7
EF Rich Most taps of any ruck with 21. Did his bit. 5
SF Syd Won most taps of any ruckman on the ground. Did his bit. 6

2012 Season

Played for : Carlton

3 VFL Looked rusty and in need of a few runs.
4 VFL Pushed forward from the ruck to boot two goals.
5 VFL More would be expected at this level. Just fair.
9 Melb 14 hit outs to advantage to set up the clearance dominance for his team. 7
10 Port Best ruckman on the ground with 42 hit-outs. 7
11 Geel Controlling stoppages until suffered leg injury in third term and subbed off. 6
12 WCE Well beaten by Eagle duo and did nothing around the ground. 2
14 Haw Not much around ground but OK in ruck taps. 4
15 VFL Did well in his limited time in the ruck.