#25   Hawthorn

Age: 28yr 12mth Games: 113 Born: Nov 08, 2020
Height: 195cm Weight: 94kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Coach looks set to play him up forward if pre-season is the guide. Looking for that elusive breakout year.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Ess Jagged a goal as a forward., but then sent to defence to try to help shore things up. Just fair. 4
4 VFL Started in attack but shifted to defence and had more of an impact.
5 VFL Used at both ends of the ground and was handy without starring.
6 VFL Provided a target in attack and did well around the ground. Kicked a goal and did his bit.
7 VFL Missed a couple of chances in attack but looked dangerous at stages and gave the Cats a few headaches.
8 VFL Jagged a couple of goals, but wasn’t a big factor overall.
9 VFL In and out without having a great impact. Has to do more at this stage.
10   Bye.  
11 VFL Battled away but not his best. Would a change of scenery benefit him?
12 VFL Played down back and was handy enough. 15 possessions.
13   Bye.  
14 Adel Played as a forward and was reasonable, missed his only shot on goal. 4
15 Coll Played key forward and had nine disposals and two goals by quarter-time. Only touched the ball seven times after that. 5
16 GWS Seven strong marks across half forward. None in dangerous positions though and didn’t hit the scoreboard. 5
17 Geel Looked dangerous at times playing across half forward. Two goals and all 11 disposals hit the target. 6
18 Frem Marked strongly. Kicked one goal from 17 disposals. 6
19 Syd Relatively quiet night with only 10 disposals. 5
20 Rich More sightings of the Tasmanian Tiger than the Hawk No. 25. Five kicks for two goals. 3
21 NM Got his hands to plenty, but struggled to take many marks. One nice goal assist. 3
22 Carl Pitiful. Failed to provide a physical contest. 1
23 WB Key forward offered up one goal from 11 touches. Question is what strip he’ll be wearing next year. 4

2016 Season

1 Geel Didn’t have a single kick for the day. Horror outing with just two handballs. 1
2 WCE Quiet first half in attack but came into the game a bit more in second stanza. 4
3 WB Battled with one goal and six touches. Definitely a game to forget. 3
4   Groin.  
5   Groin.  
6   Groin.  
7   Groin.  
8   Groin.  
9 VFL Managed through the game and was OK in role in attack.
10 VFL Bye.
11   Groin.  
13   Groin.  
14   Groin.  
15   Groin.  
16   Groin.  
17   Groin.  
18   Groin.  
19   Groin.  
20   Groin.  
21 VFL Managed game time but kicked a goal and got through OK.
22 VFL Competed well in attack as a marking forward but a touch wayward with 1.3.
23 Coll Struggled up forward in first game since early in the season. Four marks. 2
QF Geel Kicked a couple of goals and in plenty of score involvements. Gave good value. 6
SF WB Horror night at centre half forward. Failed to take a mark and had three kicks. 1

2015 Season

3   Senior emergency.  
4   Senior emergency.  
5 NM Back in team and had Black in his back pocket. 6
6 GWS Struggled to match it with the dangerous Cameron. 3
7 Melb Kicked a goal and competed hard in attack. 5
8 Syd Scored goals in second and third terms but apart from that quiet. 5
9 VFL Did well in tough conditions for talls. Three goals.
10 StK Made a contribution with two goals and competed well. 4
12 Adel Will struggle to maintain his place in the side, in defence or up forward. 2
13 VFL Had hands full with young Darcy Moore. Not his best game.
14 Coll Nice goal but not potent in attack. 3
15 Frem Handy in a few contests but not a big factor. 4
16 Syd Work-rate good and played a role. One goal and provided pressure. 5
17 Carl Two goals but took a back seat to others playing up forward. 5
18 Rich Offered very little up forward. Got to be concerned about his place in team. 3
19 WCE Played at both ends. Serviceable. 4
20   Senior emergency.  
21 Port Like Frawley spent time at both ends. Good in a few late one-on-ones. 6
22 VFL Used in a number of roles, even ruck. OK without starring.
23 VFL Ordinary down back then went forward and was very good.
SF Adel Couple of shaky efforts up forward. One goal, eight marks. Keep his spot? 3
PF Frem Added two goals to the cause and grabbed seven marks. Played his part. 6
GF WCE Delighted Hawks with first flag win. Added to forward line aerial strength. 7

2014 Season

1   Knee.  
2   Knee.  
3 VFL Did well down back in first game back from knee injury.
4 VFL Still working back to full match fitness. Just fair.
5 VFL Better as the game wore on after a slow start.
6 VFL Nearly set for a senior recall. Got better as game wore on.
7 StK Back after absence with knee with four goals then to defence when Lake hurt. 7
8 Syd Started forward then pushed back to Franklin/Tippett. Rusty. 3
10 Port Kept Schulz to a goal and needs to own centre-half back for the rest of the year. 7
11 GWS Battled Cameron and did fine job restricting him to seven disposals and one goal. 7
12 WCE Beat Darling. Didn’t give him any space. 7
13 Carl Took Casboult who caused him some concerns in the air. 5
14 Coll Serviceable up forward with two goals. Hairdo a concern. 6
15 GCS Effective bullocking role in attack. 5
16 NM Unusual brief match up on McMahon at start then on Hansen. Limited output. 3
17 Adel Struggled to keep Josh Jenkins in check. 5
18 Syd Outmarked by Tippett on occasions early but made some handy spoils. 6
19 WB Had a minimal input and was subbed off in fourth quarter. 2
20 Melb Used at both ends with moderate effect. Can he be a September swingman? 4
21 Frem Found himself forward after half time but little influence on contest. 4
22 VFL Drifted between defence and attack. OK afternoon.
23 Coll Beaten one-on-one enough to be of concern to the coach. Hope Lake comes up! 4
PF VFL Struggled to contain Redpath and appears long odds of a call up.

2013 Season

1 Geel Had Podsiadly and for most part he was handy enough. 5
2 WCE Mostly on Darling and had a very good game. 7
3 Coll Found Cloke a real handful. Must have nightmares about the big forwards. 4
4 Frem Had Mayne before injuring knee and being subbed out. 1
5   Knee.  
6   Knee.  
7   Knee.  
8   Knee.  
9   Knee.  
10   Knee.  
11   Knee.  
13   Knee.  
14   Knee.  
15   Knee.  
16   Knee.  
17   Knee.  
18   Knee.  
19   Knee.  
20   Knee.  
21   Knee.  
22   Knee.  
23   Knee.  
QF   Knee.  
PF   Knee.  
GF   Knee.  

2012 Season

1 Coll Took Cloke and stuck to his guns. Cloke’s inaccuracy helped. 4
2 Geel Looked all at sea again. Opposition teams have him in the gun 2
3 Adel Had his work cut out on Tippett 3
4 WCE Stood up under pressure. Much improved game. 6
5 Syd Had important job on Reid and contained him. 6
6 StK Stuck to guns in absorbing battle with Riewoldt. Confidence is rising. 6
7 Melb Had the job on Clark who was on top early. Fought back. 5
8 Frem Continued his good run of form in negating role. 6
9 Rich Battled away but Riewoldt had his measure by the end of the day. 3
10 NM Did a good job on Edwards but lack of ball made his task easier. 6
11 Port Plays much better in defence when he stands the third tall or resting ruckman. 5
12 Bris Had his hands full with Brown in first quarter then not a factor. 4
14 Carl Unobtrusive as tall defender. 5
15 GWS Didn’t have to do much as ball hardly went into GWS’ forward line. 3
16 WB Subbed off after even effort up forward with two goals and five marks. 5
17 Coll Thrown task on Cloke and should be proud of his efforts. 8
18 Ess Did OK early on Gumbleton then was outmarked a couple of times. 4
19 Geel Flogged by Hawkins, particularly after half time. The Cat is his worst nightmare. 3
20 Port Started forward, then went back before returning forward. Did well up front. 6
21 GCS Couple of early goals looked impressive in attack. 5
22 Syd Had a massive 10 rebound 50s and defender stoutly all afternoon. 7
23 WCE Had Darling at times and OK. Not as good as last week but held his own. 6
QF Coll One negative to come from game. Monstered by Cloke. Won’t want Hawkins. 2
PF Adel Alternated between Tippett and Walker and had some hairy moments. 3
GF Syd Kept Reid tried down early. Didn’t lose his cool and was effective. 6