#15   Carlton

Age: 26yr 1mth Games: 93 Born: Oct 17, 2020
Height: 187cm Weight: 87kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Went to another level last year and won best-and-fairest. He’s the glue needed by a backline that can be torn open.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Rich Found enough ball but impact not at levels he has previously displayed. Tried hard. 6
2 Melb Dropped off well in back half to halt Dees’ surges, but will want to forget being run down by Garlett late in final term. 7
3 Ess Last term he lifted when the side needed it. Able to control the last 10 minutes playing loose behind the ball. 7
4 GCS Took 13 marks in the back half, mostly as a spare. But the Suns bypassed him well. Did what he could. 7
5 Port Given a lesson of man on man marking by Robbie Gray in the third term. 3
6 Syd Ran hard all day to gather team high 39 disposals. Some were ‘cheapies’ behind the ball but certainly played his role well. 8
7 Coll Sweeping role in the defensive zone and turned in another fine rebounder’s game. 7
8 StK Another stellar performance. Had it 26 times and used the pill beautifully. 8
9 Frem Played the role of goal keeper and had 27 possessions. Controlled the first half. 8
10 NM Drifted forward after half time to break the contest open with two goals. Won a mountain of ball across half back. 8
11   Bye.  
12 GWS Rebounder gave his side plenty of it all night. Ability to get behind the ball and drill it forward was a constant for the team. 9
13 GCS Afforded plenty of space and torched the Suns in the first half. Any chance of an opponent on him? 8
14 Rich Brought his own footy again across half back then shifted into midfield later on. Died out of the game a touch. 7
15 Adel Played as the plus one and everything Carlton did went through him in defence. 7
16 Melb Ball winner got off the chain at times to gran usual bevy of possessions. Always involved in the game. 8
17 WB Not as dominant as he can be from half back despite the fact he grabbed 29 disposals. Played more up the ground. 6
18 Bris Constantly mopped up across half back. He lacked teammates with the same commitment. 7
19 Geel Effectiveness well down on usual but worked hard; 29 disposals but only 20 effective. Cats nullified him well. 6
20 Ess Allowed to free-wheel across half back and made most of it to win 27 possessions. Intercepted well when he could. 7
21 WCE Tagged by Mark Hutchings in the first half. Got released and had more of a say from there. 6
22 Haw David Parkin medallist. Led from the front down back. Used the pill beautifully. Surely stamped an All-Australian spot? 9
23 Syd Started well but the weight of numbers got the better of him. Battled on but down on usual high standards. 6

2016 Season

1 Rich Won ball well in back half and showed uncharacteristic aggression. Steady evening. 7
2 Syd Provided good rebound from defence. Led well and displayed loads of courage. 7
3 GCS Provided great drive off half back and also worked well defensively. 8
4 WB Among the best with a workmanlike effort sweeping across half back. 6
5 Frem Courageously threw himself at marking contests. Was important. 6
6 Ess Fumbled at times and skills were off the mark on occasions. Won 19 of his touches in uncontested fashion. 5
7 Coll Good contributor at half back. Used the ball well and filled holes when required. 7
8 Port A star across half back. Read the ball quicker than most and was composed under pressure. 8
9 NM Developing into an A-grader at half back. Put himself in good spots and used ball well. 7
10 Geel Great effort to rebound with authority from half back all day. In career-best form. 8
11 Bris Not as prominent as previous weeks but still provided usual acts of courage. 6
12 StK Continued his good form of late and was creative all day. 6
14 GWS Among Carlton’s best in superb display across half back. A pillar of consistency this season. 8
15 Coll Not at his best but still provided decent drive and usual desperation from defence. 6
16 Adel Racked up stats from the back half and among best. One fumble cost a goal. 7
17 WCE Played loose man in back half a lot and read play beautifully. Among best. 7
18 Syd Found space well to provide a lot of run and carry out of defensive half. 7
19 Haw Continues to shine from half back. Linked up well and used the ball effectively. 7
20 StK Had hands full at stages defensively but still provided decent drive off half back. 6
21 Bris Solid in defence and beat his starting opponent Lester. 6
22 Melb Continued strong form at half back. Marked well in the conditions and used ball well. 7
23 Ess Under the pump in defence but never stopped running and contesting. 7

2015 Season

1 Rich Good worker in close for his side. 7
2 WCE Provided great run from half back to set up others further afield. 5
3 Ess Battled hard down back and at least tried to provide some run. Steady. 6
4 StK Not significant, quite subdued on recent efforts. 4
5 Coll Steady battler at half back. 5
6 Bris Among the best with run and rebound at half back but Green got away. 6
7 GWS Got plenty of the ball but wasn’t able to make much happen going forward. 6
8 Geel On sheer fact he has been good this year it would be harsh to label him putrid. 4
9 Syd Under pressure across half back but kept battling. 6
10 Adel Kicking out of defence let him down. Missed targets were costly. 4
12 Port Rebounded when he could and got in the way to thwart Power at times. 7
13 GCS Going well but appeared to hurt a hamstring late in the game. 6
14   Hamstring.  
15   Hamstring.  
16 Frem A four-quarter performer. Tried hard. 6
17 Haw Courageous act late In third but made some mistakes. Not a great night. 3
18 NM Good in patches and used ball fairly well. Enjoyed a nice season. 6
19 Coll Copped a knock on shoulder and had his hands full with Fasolo. 5
20 Bris Had a stint tagging Zorko and with some effect. 6
21 Melb Half-back role and played it superbly. Rebounded well and was poised. 7
22 GWS Steady game in defence with nine marks and 20-odd possessions. 6
23   Hip.  

2014 Season

1   Quad.  
2   Knee.  
3 VFL Back after injury layoff and did well with 15 touches.
4 VFL In everything early and was good for the rest of the game.
5 VFL Did well early and used the ball well. Drifted out late.
6 VFL OK at half back but was a star.
7 Coll Late inclusion for debut. In defence on Blair and others. Showed enough. 5
8 StK Did some good things off a wing and iced effort with two handy goals. 7
10 Adel Big game. Work-rate enormous and two goals included a ripper. 6
11 Bris Did well and appears to be a rare positive to emerge from Carlton’s season. 7
12 Geel Quietly went about winning plenty of ball to help side keep the pressure on. 7
13 Haw Failed to get into the game to any degree and just the six effective disposals. 2
14 GWS Young midfielder very quiet and used the ball at only 61 per cent. 4
15 Coll Battled away in the midfield and used the ball pretty well. Handy enough. 6
16 StK Kept pumping along for four quarters. Two nice goals. 6
17 Syd Struggled to get his teeth into the game and make an impact. 4
18 NM Did well predominantly on Dal Santo. 6
19 Frem Efficiency down a tad but got into right spots and steady across four quarters. 6
20 GCS Good across half back with run and carry. A handy pick-up for the Blues. 7
21 Geel Huge first half then faded – 10 contested possessions indicative of work-rate. 6
22 Port Needs to tidy up his disposal efficiency and hit more targets cleanly. 4
23 Ess Impressive display across half back. Ran, marked strongly and used it well. 7

2013 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1 NEAFL Got better as the game wore on. Great drive.
2 NEAFL Very good outing rotating through the centre.
3 NEAFL Very good off half-back, lots of run.
4 NM First-gamer looks a likely type after a busy display. 6
5 Melb On late as a sub and had an impact with his run and clean hands. 2
6 NEAFL Brisbane’s best. Big chance for a senior recall.
7 NEAFL Bye.
8 NEAFL Influential off half-back. Among Lions’ best.
9 Carl Even effort across half back. Showed some dash. 5
10 Coll Sub came on in third term and did a few things. 3
12 Frem Sub came on for Black in third term and was OK. 3
13 Geel Went about his business in a polished fashion. Some big upside. 5
14 Haw Only quiet until subbed off in third term. 3
15   Back.  
16 NEAFL Played at half-back and on the ball, impressive.
17 Melb Late inclusion and handled the conditions well by using the ball to advantage. 5
18 Port Started as the sub and played all of the final quarter for McGrath. 3
19 StK OK without having a huge impact. 4
20 Rich Came on as a sub in the third quarter and got into the contest. 6
21 GWS Worked his way through game nicely and easily among best. 7
22 WB Tracking Dahlhaus and worked very hard. 5
23   Rested.  

2012 Season

Played for : Brisbane

5 NEAFL First game back and got better as the game wore on.
6 NEAFL Continues to work back to full match fitness.
7 NEAFL Doc still a long way off.
8 NEAFL Continues to work back to full fitness after hip surgery.
10 NEAFL Best game so far after off-season hip surgery.
12 NEAFL Big game with 27 touches. Starting to look the goods.
13 NEAFL Used the ball well and broke the lines. Going well.
14 NEAFL 31 possessions and used each of them beautifully.
15 NEAFL Down a bit on recent weeks but still contributed.
16 NEAFL Used the ball well and gave great drive. One of the best.
17 NEAFL Nearing a senior debut with another classy display.
19 NEAFL Good again with 23 possessions across half back.
21 NEAFL 20 disposals across half back.
22 NEAFL Huge with 35 touches and three goals in the midfield.
23 NEAFL Shifted back to defence and played his role well.
SF NEAFL Started well but from there was a bit plain. OK though.