#24   Adelaide

Age: 31yr 7mth Games: 175 Born: Apr 10, 2021
Height: 200cm Weight: 102kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Key player given lack of alternative ruck options. First big hurdle crossed after getting through summer without incident.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 GWS Shane Mumford took the honours in the battle of the big men. 6
2 Haw Roamed all over the ground and easily the game’s dominant big man. Scored a goal and had 43 hit-outs. 7
3 Port Struggled early to keep up with Paddy Ryder, but made amends in the second half. 6
4 Ess Lost the hit-outs to Matthew Leuenberger, but made his presence felt around the ground. 6
5 GCS Moved well around the ground and fought an even battle with Witts in the ruck. 6
6 Rich Beat Nankervis convincingly with 50 hit-outs, eight inside-50’s and a goal. 8
7 NM Actually was on top of Goldstein early, but the big Roo fought back and they shared the spoils. 6
8 Melb Won a whopping 74 hit-outs but they counted for little as the Melbourne midfield dominated the centre clearances and stoppages. 6
9 Bris Broke relatively even with Martin in the hit outs and in effectiveness around the ground. 5
10 Frem Won forty hit-outs and pushed forward for a goal late in the third term when he found himself unmarked in the goal square. 6
11 Geel Tried hard but probably had his colours lowered by Smith; 15 disposals. No clearances and one tackle. 5
12 StK Won the hit-out battle against Billy Longer 37 – 33, but they shared the spoils during the game. 6
13   Bye.  
14 Haw Good tussle with McEvoy, neither team was dominant for their side. 5
15 Carl Would want to rebound strongly next week as Matthew Kreuzer won the big man contest easily. 5
16 WB Took advantage of the Bulldogs lack of big men with a dominant ruck performance. 7
17 Melb Duel with Gawn with intriguing, but he ended up getting the points. 7
18 Geel Monster effort. Hammered Cats ruckman and was able to link up at through the middle. Best game for the season? 9
19 Coll Even battle with Brodie Grundy, honours even. 7
20 Port Won his third Showdown medal by putting the footy down the throats of his midfielders all game. 9
21 Ess Wasn’t able to take total charge in ruck, but gave a capable display. 4
22 Syd Beat both Sinclair and Tippett in the ruck with 48 hit-outs. 7
23 WCE Dominated the ruck and his hit outs to advantage were telling. 8
QF GWS Played with a heavy heart following the death of his brother and was superb in clash with Mumford. 7
PF Geel Dominant display by the bloke who has some serious good footy left in him. Set tempo early. 7
GF Rich Ruck work gave side an advantage early but it petered out as the game dragged on. One of the better Crows. 7

2016 Season

1 NM One goal from 10 disposals and well beaten by Goldstein in the ruck. 4
2 Port Won the battle against Lobbe, giving his midfield the edge. 7
3 Rich Despite Crows dominance, lowered colors to Hampson in ruck. Will bounce back though. 4
4 Syd Great tussle against old teammate Kurt Tippett, both players won 35 hit-outs. 7
5 Haw As usual rucked solo against Hawk pair and had an effective night. 6
6 Frem Just battling at the minute, needs more help from Josh Jenkins or a rest. 6
7 WB Gave away a 50-metre penalty that cost a goal. Six hit-outs to advantage, one goal. 5
8 Geel Toiled manfully in ruck against the three Geelong towers. 7
9 GCS Laid the ball on a silver platter for his midfielders at the stoppages. 8
10 GWS Even duel with Mumford. 6
11 StK Good duel with Hickey, pushed forward for a goal in the first term. 6
12 WCE Worked hard in the ruck. Also laid five tackles. 6
14 NM Lost the hit-outs but won the around-the-ground battle against Goldstein. 7
15 Melb Battled Gawn and ensured the Demon didn’t dominate. Clearance work solid. 6
16 Carl Three goals and 11 hit-outs to advantage in a fine performance. Among best. 8
17 Coll Beaten by Grundy. Did hit the scoreboard with a goal. 5
18 Geel Battled hard but Stanley caught him a few times pushing forward early. 6
19 Ess Rolled his ankle in the second term and did not return. 2
20   Ankle.  
21   Ankle.  
22 Port First game back from injury and produced a workmanlike performance. 7
23 WCE Would want to rebound quickly after being beaten by Giles. 4
EF NM Great battle with Goldstein. Had 13 hit-outs to advantage. Three marks. 6
SF Syd Unable to impose himself on the game. Three marks and few effective plays. 3

2015 Season

1 NM Great tussle with Goldstein, but beaten on the day. 6
2 Coll Broke even with Grundy in the hit-outs but eclipsed him around the ground. 8
3 Melb Great one-on-one battle with Jamar, and was slightly ahead. 7
4 WB Dominated the hit-outs without same control around field. 5
5 Port Bore the brunt of the tandem work of Matthew Lobbe and Paddy Ryder. 5
6 GCS Monstered the Suns ruckman and got plenty of the footy. 8
7 StK The big man needs help, hopefully next game he will have a partner. 8
8 GWS Big task taking on Mumford with minimal support. Tried hard. 5
9 Frem Ran into a brick wall, monstered by Sandilands in the ruck. 4
10 Carl Had 16 hit-outs to advantage, kicked a goal and used ball well. Solid. 7
12 Haw Best big man on the ground with 40 hit-outs. 7
13 Bris Herculean lone effort in the ruck against a difficult customer. 6
15 WCE Couldn’t stop Naitanui from dominating. 4
16 Port A whopping 51 hit-outs, single handedly beat Ryder and Lobbe. 8
17 GCS His tap work at the centre square was delightful. 7
18 Syd Most accomplished ruckman on the field but had his moments with Tippett. 5
19 Rich Outshone the double team effort of Maric and Hampson. 8
20 Ess Had 15 hit-outs to advantage and dominated from the outset. 8
21 Bris 47 hit-outs including 18 centre bounce clearances. 8
22 WCE Outplayed Naitanui with a fine display of ruckwork. 8
23 Geel Dominated ruck (18 h/o to advantage) but team lost clearances by 11. 6
EF WB Hands full with opposing ruck Minson, but had the overall edge. 6
SF Haw Clearly the best tap ruckman on the night and tried hard around ground. 6

2014 Season

1 Geel Huge first half and while tired a little he was big – eight marks, four clearances. 8
2 Port 26 hit-outs and a key contributor when the Crows got back in the game. 6
3 Syd Playing a lone hand in ruck and the signs of fatigue are showing. 7
4 StK Best ruckman afield and had 39 taps to generate chances. 7
5 GWS Always made space in the middle when Crows were moving forward. 7
6 WB Minson shaded him in the ruck duels but got involved more around the park. 6
7 Melb Best ruckman on the ground with 41 hit-outs. 7
9 Coll Great duel with Grundy. 7
10 Carl 11 hit-outs to advantage and close to best afield. Kept finding the footy. 9
11 GCS Subbed out of the game with a groin injury after doing well in the ruck. 5
12 Frem Battled along but beaten by Sandilands. 4
13 NM 33 hit-outs and four clearances up against the inform Goldstein. 6
14 Ess Squared the ruck with Ryder but the Don kicked two goals. 5
15 Port Deserved recipient of the Showdown Medal with a masterful display. 9
16 GWS Competed hard against Mumford in ruck and was useful around ground. 5
17 Haw Battled hard against Ceglar and McEvoy with little reward. 7
18 Coll Some tap work late helped side turn the tide – 16 hit-outs to advantage. 7
19 WCE 42 hit-outs in his 100th game. 7
20 Bris Won the aerial duel and also looked slick at ground level. 8
21 Rich Another towering performance with 46 hit-outs and seven clearances. 7
22 NM Even contest with Goldstein. 5
23 StK Dominated ruck duels all day and had opponent subbed off by half time. 7

2013 Season

1 Ess Battled hard but Bomber counterparts had more impact at the stoppages. 5
2 Bris Had his colours lowered by the Lions big men. 4
3 Port Double teamed by Lobbe and Renouf and uninfluential. 6
4 WB Resting in the forward line when not in the centre square, looks tired. 6
5 Carl Had his colours lowered to Warnock and is struggling to recapture 2012 form. 4
6 Haw Won the hit-outs but not playing at the high levels of last season. 6
7 GWS Lifted compared to recent performances. 6
8 StK Held sway over McEvoy in his best game for the year. 7
9 NM Struggled. Subbed out in third term after failing to have a kick. 1
10 Frem Returned to form with a bang winning 50 hit-outs. 7
11 Syd Dirty day as he was thrashed in the ruck and then limped off. 2
12 Rich Had 36 hit-outs but offered little around the ground. Struggling for form. 3
14 GCS Dominated the ruck and showed signs of last year's form. 7
15 WCE Did well to combat the dual threat of Nic Naitanui and Dean Cox. 7
16 Coll Couple of marks in defence in first half but otherwise quiet. 3
17 Geel Beaten by Simpson but gave something to the effort – six h/o to advantage. 5
18 Frem Eclipsed in the ruck by Sandilands. Only took three marks. 4
19 Port Won the hit–outs 38 to 32 over Lobbe. 6
20 NM Had the edge over Goldstein in ruck. 6
21 WB Had 24 hit-outs and a reason side got on top in second and third quarters. 6
22 Melb Most dominant ruckman on the ground with 42 hit-outs. 6
23 WCE Solid and workmanlike in ruck. 5

2012 Season

1 GCS Was dominant in the ruck and gave midfield first use. 7
2 WB Had a tough night up against Will Minson and Jordan Roughead. 6
3 Haw Main ruck for Crows held his own in ruck duels. 6
4 GWS Won 28 hit-outs against Dean Brogan and Jonathon Giles. 6
5 Port Best ruckman on the ground with 24 hit-outs. 7
6 Syd Best big man on the ground in first quarter, but then faded. 5
7 Geel Great game. Stood tall when he had to and had West covered. 7
8 Carl More hit-outs to advantage (16) than 15 Carlton players had possessions. 8
9 Coll Had a great tussle with Jolly but came off second best. 5
10 Frem Battled to win hit outs against Sandilands but didn’t let him dominate. 5
12 StK Dominated ruck duels all night. 8
13 NM Broke even with Goldstein but neither was major force. 5
14 Rich Fantastic duel in ruck with former teammate Maric. 7
15 Port Undoubtedly one of the greatest games from a ruckman: AFL high 61 hit-outs. 10
16 GWS Had his hands full all day with Brogan and Folau, but came out on top. 5
17 WCE Up against the best in the business and was good, chipped in with a goal. 7
19 Ess Great tussle with Bellchambers and kicked a goal in the first term. 7
20 Frem Great tussle with Griffin and came out slightly on top with 33 hit-outs. 6
21 Bris Easily won hit outs, but made no impact when used at full forward. 5
22 Melb Did most of the ruck work and proved too nimble for the Demons’ big men. 6
23 GCS Could be feeling the effects of a long arduous season. 5
QF Syd Nullified by the two Swan ruckmen. Mumford ran him hard. 4
SF Frem Misjudged run at centre bounces and seemed fazed by Sandilands’ size. 5
PF Haw Ruck work good and helped midfielders keep pressure on the Hawks. 7