#32   Brisbane

Age: 25yr 6mth Games: 95 Born: May 20, 2021
Height: 189cm Weight: 88kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Facing a career-defining year. Enters fifth season having failed to deliver on top 10 draft status. Is this the year?

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 GCS Solid in defence and was more than willing to fight hard for the contested possession. 6
2 Ess Used his speed to great effect although he did have trouble keep guard of McDonald-Tipungwuti. 6
3 StK Started on Weller, who was lively early, but then settled down. The Saint got on top again at times in second half. 5
4 Rich Disposal count was high but that was negated with in his inability to cover Rioli who he lined-up on. 5
5 WB Made some mistakes off half back with his disposal and decision making. Got the experience to be better than he was. 4
6 Port Spent most of the night on Robbie Gray who took the honours. 4
7 Syd Followed Towers and Florent. Quiet day and wasn’t able to provide enough quality rebound. 4
8 Haw Was the loose man in defence often and didn’t make an influence. Applied just four pressure acts all game. 3
9 Adel Cleaned up goal umpire attempting spoil and had an unsuccessful stint on Betts. 5
10 Coll Deployed in defence and while he ended with 19 disposals the influence with those touches was negligible. 4
11   Bye.  
12 Frem One of his best games. Playing off the half back flank he took care of a few opponents while racking up 29 disposals. 7
13 Port Offensive play at halfback just as impressive as his defensive duties. 7
14 GWS Had one of his most productive games this season on a night when some his better-known teammates struggled. 7
15 Ess Marked strongly and was good across all four quarters. 7
16 Geel Not only smothered Guthrie but also equal second highest in disposals for Lions. 7
17 Rich Member of the back six and was okay mostly but also made a few errors. 5
18 Carl Solid four quarter effort and arguably his best game for the season. 7
19 WCE Quiet first half and then got into the game. 4
20   Foot.  
21 GCS Accumulated possessions without really being noticed both in defence and attack. 6
22 Melb Rebounding half-back flitted in and out of the game; 19 possessions but only three contested. 5
23 NM Low key defender who toiled hard. 4

2016 Season

1 WCE Needed to do more with the ball. His possessions had little impact. 4
2 NM Nope, just didn't work for him. 2
3 Geel Have to question his commitment. Nine kicks, one inside-50 and two clearances. 4
4 GCS Won the battle with Harbrow and among the better performers. 6
5 NEAFL Responded well to AFL omission with 32 touches and a goal.
6 Syd Floated in and out. Needs a more sustained effort in the future. 5
7 Port Another medium defender who struggled with the Power half forwards. 3
8 Coll Only Lion to gather more than 20 disposals which was sadly a feat in itself. 6
9 Melb Won a lot of uncontested possessions (13) but played with little urgency or creativity. 4
10 Haw Won a lot of ball in the back half and used it fairly well. Confidence-boosting performance. 6
11 Carl Needs to provide more damaging outside run. No tackles. 5
12 Frem Safe with his disposal which meant he offered little attacking value. 4
13 WCE Could claim a “points” win on Hill, however not much else. 6
14 Rich Possibly his best game this year at half back where he used the ball fairly well. 7
16 GCS Solid in defence though did get caught out on occasions. 5
17 GWS Battled on and better than most on a dark day for the Lions. 6
18 Ess Outstanding job on Fantasia for three and a half quarters but the Don got a few cheap late ones. 7
19 Port Found the like of Boak, Ah Chee and Amon too hot to handle. 4
20 Adel Despite conceding an early goal to Cameron, held him well for the rest of the game. 6
21 Carl Did a fair job minding Buckley and Armfield and also used the ball well coming out of defence. 6
22 Geel Nothing sort of game. All his ball was uncontested and didn’t hurt the Cats. 4
23 StK Just an ordinary game. 4

2015 Season

1 Coll Subbed on in third quarter. Made the most of limited game time. 3
2 NM In attack picked up by Atley. Didn’t do much. 3
3 Rich As wingman, needs to find more of the ball and provide rebounding options. 3
4   Foot.  
5   Foot.  
6   Foot.  
7   Foot.  
8   Foot.  
9 NEAFL Worked into the game after sluggish start to play a nice role.
10 GWS Had 13 touches but hasn’t found early career form this season. 4
12 NEAFL Worked into game from slow start. 22 possessions.
13 NEAFL A star with six goals from 29 possessions. Too good.
14 Frem Sub. Had a couple of touches after coming on. 1
15 Syd Spent time on Hannebery early then released but struggled to get the ball. 5
16 Melb Got talent but has to play with some urgency. One tackle and little impact. 3
17 NM Had some effect in minding Turner on a tough night in defence. 6
18 Geel Handy at times but needs to do more for a player of his ability. 5
19 GCS Had a tough time minding Suns' small forwards. 6
20 Carl Red hot in opening term, two of the Brisbane’s first three goals. Faded. 6
21 Adel Shut down Cameron’s productivity. 5
22 Haw Did some handy things but needed to find more of the ball. 6
23 WB Only the two disposals in last term when game up for grabs. 6

2014 Season

1 Haw Pushed forward to kick two handy goals and his touches have a glint of class. 6
2 Geel Great game. Got dangerous a lot inside 50 to end with four goals. 8
3 GCS Kicked a nice goal but well held. 3
4 Port Clever player who knows where the goals are and how to find a teammate. 6
5 Rich Slowish start then good apart from missing two shots he would normally nail. 6
6 StK OK without dominating. 5
7 Syd Found Parker too hot to handle. Otherwise workmanlike in defence. 5
8 Ess Solid game in defence. 6
9   Concussion.  
10   Concussion.  
11 Carl Steady performance and continues to develop. 6
12 WB Played down back and did a decent job on Dahlhaus. 5
13 GWS Apart from one huge leap for attempted mark wasn’t noticeable. 3
14 Frem One of the better performed Lions. 5
15 NM Found Thompson a tough opponent. 4
16 Rich Hardly sighted early and while lifted slightly late he was not a factor. 3
17 WCE Bagged a goal in third quarter and work rate was solid. 6
18 GCS Disposal efficiency not great, but able to find the footy. 5
19 Melb Had some nice touches early but wasn’t a big factor. 3
20 Adel Could lay claim to winning his position. 6
21 Coll Loose on Broomhead early but when team got on top so did he. Handy. 6
22 Frem Subbed in at half time and did better than several teammates. 5
23 Geel Used back and struggled defensively and offensively. Not sure he’s a defender. 3

2013 Season

1 NEAFL Kicked two goals in first game and played a part.
2 NEAFL Had 22 touches and laid six tackles. Looks promising.
3 GCS Superb debut and looked very composed with the footy. 7
4 NM Second-gamer kept plugging away. 5
5 Melb Got better as the game wore on and used the ball generally to advantage. 7
6 Syd Quiet early but worked into the game fairly well. 5
7 WCE Showed great endeavour. Ran to position and laid strong tackles. 6
8 Ess Sub. On late for six touches. 1
9 Carl Started on the bench and had trouble having an influence. 5
10   Soreness.  
11   Soreness.  
12 Frem Came into his own in an impressive second half on a wing. 6
13 Geel Found going tough and coach subbed him out late in third term. 1
14 NEAFL Played on the ball and on the wing, impressed with 27 touches.
15 GCS Solid four quarters. 7
16 NM Solid contributor across four quarters and kicked three goals. 7
17 Melb Looked composed each time he had ball. One for fans to get excited about. 6
18 Port Elegant midfielder who is settling well at the elite level. 6
19 StK Kid showed willingness to run from defence through lines. 5
20 Rich Really lively in patches and could have kicked a bag with more service. 6
21 GWS Shining light on a rather dull match with four goals. 7
22 WB Worked hard but didn’t feature prominently. 4
23 Geel Great experience for the youngster. Played a small role. 4