Age: 26yr 1mth Games: 5 Born: Jul 05, 2021
Height: 199cm Weight: 103kg Position: RUC

2016 Digest:   The last of 10 Bomber top-ups for 2016, the former Lion has been training with the club over summer and was one of the players called up during last year's NAB Challenge. A key position player who can also go through the ruck.

2016 NAB Cup:   A big tractor who attacks the contests and will be needed throughout year.

2016 Season

Played for : Essendon

1   Senior emergency.  
3 VFL OK at times, but has a way to go to earn a senior berth.
4 VFL Battled hard and was clean when he got the ball for a big man in good win.
5 VFL Played down back and did well in a foreign role.
6 VFL Quieter day in loss to the Scorpions.
7 VFL Sprayed a few kicks but was a strong competitor all day.
8 VFL Plugged away down back. Stats modest but did what was required. Four rebound 50s.
9 VFL Dour defender touched the ball four times.
10 VFL Fared well against Maric and Soldo in the ruck battle. 23 hit-outs.
11   Bye.  
12 VFL Battled hard when ball in his area but not enough to get to excited about.
13 VFL Defender had a few troubles down back and unable to offer anything offensively.
14 VFL Bye.
15 VFL Five contested marks and 2.3 from nine kicks. Teased at times.
16 StK In debut for Bombers he battled hard and although outpointed, wasn’t disgraced. 4
17 VFL Used in the ruck but didn’t get hand to ball enough to be a factor at any stage.
18   Senior emergency.  
19 Adel The big man struggled to make his presence felt. 2
20 VFL Did a bit of ruck work at times but never a factor at all in general play.
21 VFL Quiet game in upset win over Williamstown.
22 VFL Nothing sort of effort. Struggling to get into games by winning any ball.
23 VFL Very quiet playing a few roles. Didn’t win enough footy to influence the contest.

2014 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1 PM Hurt hamstring in opening minutes.
2   Hamstring.  
3   Hamstring.  
4   Hamstring.  
5 NEAFL First game back. Kept working and provided some enthusiasm.
6 NEAFL Second game back from injury but didn’t have a big influence.
7 NEAFL Bye.
8 NEAFL Took a couple of grabs but didn’t capitalise on his opportunities.
9 NEAFL Tried hard but didn’t have a big influence in attack.
10 NEAFL Bye.
11 NEAFL Went back and took a couple of strong grabs.
12 NEAFL Gave a lift in the ruck after he was moved from the backline.
13 NEAFL Took some good grabs and kicked a couple of nice goals.
14 NEAFL Bye.
15 NEAFL Started back but was moved forward and spent time in ruck. OK.
16 NEAFL Tried hard in defence and ruck. Took some good grabs.
17 NEAFL Played in the ruck all day and worked tirelessly – 36 hitouts .
18 NEAFL Played ruck early and was a strong target going forward.
19 NEAFL Played forward and back but didn’t take his opportunities.
20 NEAFL Was thrown around again but played well in the backline.
21 NEAFL Rucked entire second half and was a workhorse.
22 NEAFL Was used in different positions across the game but struggled.

2013 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1 NEAFL Solid game after a few nice NAB Cup efforts.
2 NEAFL Drifted in and out. Took some good grabs.
3 NEAFL Ruck/forward, presented well, swapped with Longer.
4 NEAFL Did 90% ruck work, Battled hard all day.
5 NEAFL Did most of the ruck work, among Lions’ best.
6 NEAFL Very good display, rucked and went forward. Continues to improve.
7 NEAFL Named best afield up forward in NEAFL’s heavy loss to SANFL.
8 NEAFL Won a lot of hitouts, but not a lot of possessions around the ground.
9 Carl Just four touches and no impact on debut. 1
10 Coll Youngster hardly sighted. 2
12 NEAFL Kicked four and marked typically strongly. Very impressive.
13 NEAFL Marked strongly and was a typically big physical presence.
14 NEAFL Played ruck and forward, marked well around the ground, kicked two
15 NEAFL Played forward/ruck and was solid.
16 NEAFL Ruck/forward, solid.
17 NEAFL Used as a ruck/forward, did pretty well.
18 NEAFL Bye.
19 NEAFL Played down back and was solid enough.
20   Hamstring.  
21 NEAFL Solid in defence where he spoiled well.
22 NEAFL Bye.
23 Geel Used down back and didn’t disgrace himself. Great learning experience. 3
SF NEAFL Continues to develop well as a tall player.
PF NEAFL Proving himself to be a big game player. Among the best.

2012 Season

Played for : Brisbane

3 NEAFL Rucked and played down back. Was OK.
4 NEAFL Worked hard but still learning the craft.
5 NEAFL Continues to develop without playing a major role.
6 NEAFL Minimal impact again.
7 NEAFL Battled hard but is still developing.
8 NEAFL OK after missing out on the state side mid-week.
10 NEAFL Released and played with Redland against Aspley.
12 NEAFL Did well in defence which pleased the coach.
15 NEAFL Played a minor role assisting Longer.
16 NEAFL Did a few nice things but still learning the ruck craft.
17 NEAFL Competed fairly well in the ruck without controlling game.
18 NEAFL Nice game as a back up ruck to Longer.
21 NEAFL One of the best down back in loss to Sydney.
22 NEAFL Best game for 2012. Marked well and crashed packs.
23 NEAFL Had a big impact after half time to swing the game.
SF NEAFL Spent time at both ends and was OK.
PF NEAFL Dominated the ruck and was a danger up forward. Best game this year.