Age: 26yr 11mth Games: 1 Born: Sep 19, 2020
Height: 182cm Weight: 80kg Position: MID
Dream Team Profile

2015 Digest:   A shoulder issue then a rib laint curtailed the rookie’s season last year but he did enough to earn a second year. Faces a big task to fight his way onto the senior list.

2015 NAB Cup:   A hip injury will sideline him until at least May.

2015 Season

Played for : GWS Giants

1   Hip.  
2   Hip.  
3   Hip.  
4   Hip.  
5   Hip.  
6   Hip.  
7   Hip.  
8 NEAFL 11 touches on return from hip issue.
9 NEAFL Bye.
10 NEAFL In and out of the game but played his role.
11 NEAFL Played his role well with 19 touches, three tackles.
12   Suspended.  
13   Suspended.  
14 NEAFL Did some handy things among his 16 possessions.
15 NEAFL Handy contributor with 17 possessions.
16 NEAFL Injured early and sat out remainder of game.
17   Shoulder.  
18   Shoulder.  
19   Shoulder.  
20 NEAFL Bye.
21   Shoulder.  
22 NEAFL First game after shoulder injury and was quiet.
23 NEAFL Bye.

2014 Season

Played for : GWS Giants

1   Shoulder.  
2   Shoulder.  
3   Shoulder.  
4   Shoulder.  
5   Shoulder.  
6   Shoulder.  
7   Shoulder.  
8 NEAFL Tried hard to be one of the few Giants to break even.
9 NEAFL Bye.
10 NEAFL Encouraging return from a shoulder injury. 27 disposals.
11 NEAFL Returned from shoulder injury and got through.
12 NEAFL Continues to build on comeback trail from shoulder injury.
13 NEAFL 21 touches in third match back from injury.
14 NEAFL Bye.
15 NEAFL Rarely sighted.
16 NEAFL Kicked three as he works his way back to full fitness
17   Rib.  
18   Rib.  
19   Rib.  
20   Ribs.  
21   Ribs.  
22 NEAFL Returned from a rib injury and had up 17 touches.
23 NEAFL Bye.
QF NEAFL Good finish to an injury-prone year. 18 possessions.

2013 Season

Played for : GWS Giants

1   Ill.  
2   Ill.  
3   Ill.  
4   Ill.  
5   Ill.  
6   Ill.  
7 NEAFL Never threw in the towel. Battled on bravely.
8 NEAFL Had some nice moments but needed to involve himself more.
9 NEAFL Had some nice touches but could have done more.
10 NEAFL Had a few nice moments. Fair.
11 NEAFL Tackled well at times and did what was needed.
12 NEAFL One of his better games this year. Played a strong hand.
13 NEAFL Bye.
14 NEAFL Had some good moments but wasn’t the most influential.
15   Leg.  
16 NEAFL Kicked two goals after a week off. Played a solid role in big win.
17 NEAFL Bye.
18 NEAFL Didn’t have his best game but soldiered on.
19 NEAFL Imposed himself physically on the game.
20 NEAFL Did some handy things but needed to do more.
21 NEAFL Best for the Giants in loss to the Lions. Two goals handy.
22 NEAFL Got better as game wore on to play a solid role.
23 NEAFL Battled hard all day in the midfield in loss to Ainslie.

2012 Season

Played for : GWS Giants

2 NEAFL In and out of the game. Fair.
3 NEAFL Still learning the game, only fair.
4 NEAFL Kicked a goal and played his role.
5 NEAFL Local NSW boy found plenty of the ball.
7 NEAFL Got his hands on it at stoppages regularly .
8 NEAFL Struggled to get into the game.
10 NEAFL Good effort in the midfield.
12 Rich Subbed on for final term and managed a goal. 1
16 NEAFL Kicked a goal and did a few nice things.
17 NEAFL Booted three goals to be one of the Giants best.
18 NEAFL Did well in patches but not overly influential.
19 NEAFL Developing his game slowly.
20 NEAFL Also provided great drive through the Giants midfield.