#16   North Melbourne

Age: 32yr 10mth Games: 201 Born: May 09, 2021
Height: 193cm Weight: 96kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Adductor issue ruled him out of JLT opener but since returned and played against Hawks. Will play this weekend.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 WCE Mixed and matched down back on a variety of opponents and while he tried hard, lacked impact overall. 4
2 Geel Took Menzel who got away to kick four goals and coughed up another after being out-marked by Hawkins. 3
4 WB Okay playing on a variety of opponents but too often makes mistakes with the ball in hand. One in particular cost a goal. 3
5 Frem Really good defensively. Kept the key forwards in check. 6
6 GCS Relished the important battle with key man Lynch and although he conceded three goals, Thompson had the edge overall. 7
7 Adel Does more ‘dumb things’ than most other footballers. Double-goal to Betts could have given Crows life. Defended well though. 6
8 Syd Stood firm in defence and played his usual reliable part. 5
9 Melb Got the better of Watts and able to grab 16 disposals too boot. Along with Tarrant held firm all day and when Demons threatened. 7
10 Carl Had Casboult, and kept the big guy relatively in check. Rebounded well with 19 touches. Another, who was important late. 7
11 Rich Gave away a 50 in third term that cost a goal. Got frustrated at times and wasn’t a factor coming out of the back half. 4
12   Bye.  
13 StK Bruce ran hard and made Thompson use every drop in his tank. Stuck to task as ever. 6
14 WB Thrown stopping job on Stringer and others. Made a couple of Blues but never stopped giving effort for the team. 5
15 GCS Had hands full with Lynch, who found a bit of form again. 3
16 Frem Had Cox for long periods and was fair, but no star. 5
17 Port Lack of awareness at times caused him to turn over the footy. 4
18 Ess Gave size and height to Daniher who didn’t have much of an influence after quarter time. Marshalled the young troops down back. 6
19 Melb Sat loose when kicking into the breeze and even kicked a long goal. Part of a resolute back six. 7
20 Coll Started on Moore and then was manned on a slew of different Magpie forwards. Didn’t play well on really any of them. 4
21 Haw Looked a frustrated man all afternoon, and little impact. Does he get a new deal? 3
22 StK Usual antagonistic self down back on alternating Saint talls. 6
23 Bris In 200th game typically stuck close and always pressured with occasional niggle thrown in. 6

2016 Season

1 Adel Played Betts far too loose early the tightened up and was brilliant in second half. 6
2   Soreness.  
3 Melb Swapped between Watts and Hogan and had his difficulties on return from injury. 4
4 Frem Had Mayne mostly and gave him a bit of room to move although wasn’t hurt on scoreboard. 5
5 GCS Hands full with Lynch, and relied on plenty of help from his team mates. 4
6 WB Marshalled troops in backline. Did as he liked in defence in second term. 8
7 StK On top of the potentially dangerous Bruce and kept him within reasonable limits. 7
8 Ess Gave his all in defence without setting the world on fire. Handy when he had to be. 6
9 Carl Went to Rowe/Jones and did his job without much fuss. 6
10 Syd Went to Heeney. Coughed up first-term goal but ended as one of team’s best. Steady. 7
11 Rich Combative as usual in defence and stood tall whenever challenged. 6
12 Geel Battled away down back on Kersten who got away on him in third term. 5
13 Haw In his element in such a hard-edged game and stood firm down back. 6
14 Adel Restricted Betts to two goals and won his own footy as well. 5
16 WCE Closed down Darling after quarter time. 5
17 Port Primarily on Westhoff and kept at his task. 3
18 Coll On Moore and did a strong job. 7
19 StK Had the better of Bruce, but did well out of umpiring calls. 6
20 WB Backman had Stringer. Good job until off with groin injury late in game. 6
21   Adductor.  
22 Syd Injured groin early and took no further part. 0
23   Adductor.  
EF   Adductor.  

2015 Season

1 Adel A day he would rather forget, taken to the cleaners by Tex. 4
2 Bris Injured in first minute and struggled to stay on, but battled his way through. 3
3 Port Plenty of free footy in defence but conceded three holding frees to Schulz. 5
4 Geel At his niggly best all day but did a solid job on Walker and won a lot of ball. 7
5 Haw Given the run around by Gunston. Not his night. 4
6 Rich Battled Riewoldt (three goals) and stuck to task OK. 5
7 Ess Took Daniher in an interesting duel. Youngster troubled him at times but solid. 6
8 Frem Dominated the battle with Pavlich. Can hold his head high. 8
9 Coll Had job on White and kept him fairly quite. 6
10 WCE Had Kennedy (three goals) in a good battle. Probably broke even. 7
11 Syd Franklin kicked four goals on him despite best endeavours. 4
12 GWS Good battle with Cameron but was aided by Giant’s lack of supply. 6
14 GCS Did well on Lynch but had to go on to Dixon to stem his flow. 5
15 Geel Took Walker (two goals) but kept him from giving the Cats pronounced drive. 6
16 Ess Conceded inches to Daniher but kept him fairly quiet. 7
17 Bris Did what he had to do on Martin when he was deep in attack. 5
18 Carl Had Henderson’s measure all night until the Blue was shifted back. 7
19 Melb Hogan gave him the run-around for most of the day. 4
20 StK Blanketing job on potentially dangerous Bruce. 6
21 Frem Lined up on A. Pearce. 2
22 WB At various times matched up on Stringer and Crameri. 5
23   Ankle.  
EF Rich Had trouble with Riewoldt but won a few key one-on-ones in final term. 5
SF Syd Mainly matched against Pyke and Tippett. Stuck to his job in dour fashion. 5
PF WCE Took Kennedy and Darling and was combative as ever. Attacked ball hard. 6

2014 Season

1 Ess Had some tricky early moments then straightened up. 5
2 WB Cut danger man Crameri out of action. 7
3 Port Beaten at ground level but did his job on the Port talls when needed. 6
4 Syd Simply brilliant in his duel with Franklin. 9
5 Coll Cloke had four on him by half time. Kept him goalless second half. 4
6   Suspended.  
7 GCS Matched up on Matera and Bennell instead of talls. Given a run around. 4
9 Bris Had key role on Brown and started well. Ball mostly at other end. 5
10 Geel Hawkins had his measure. Never stopped trying though. 4
11 WCE Totally blotted out the dangerous Kennedy. 7
12 Rich Took Riewoldt and kept him out of the game when it mattered. 6
13 Adel Did well to keep Walker to two goals. 6
14 Melb Read the flight of ball coming in all night and proved as thorn in Dees’ side. 8
15 Bris Did his job holding Mayes but did not find the ball much either. 5
16 Haw On Roughead and others including Lake. Stuck to it. 6
17 StK Job on Riewoldt helped by lack of incoming cases but did OK. 5
18 Carl On Henderson and copped knock to ribs/kidney early. 4
19 Geel Will be frustrated Hawkins kicked three goals as did a solid job on him. 7
20 GWS Patton was too big at times but stuck to task as always. 5
21 WB On Crameri, he picked up heaps of touches early and had a good day. 7
22 Adel Usual honest job as a defender on various match-ups. 6
23 Melb Good ball winner as always down back. Dawes got him on lead a few times. 5
EF Ess Battled away down back and was able to win a lot of the ball. 7
SF Geel Lacked normal certainty as Walker gave him runaround. Then to Hawkins. 3
PF Syd Caught out of position on Franklin a lot and paid the price. 2

2013 Season

1 Coll Had his hands full with Cloke in first half. Tough day at the office. 4
2 Geel Got on top of Hawkins after conceding two early goals – seven rebounds. 8
3 Syd Went with Reid and the Swan was kept out of it. 6
4 Bris Outstanding performance on Brown 8
5 Haw Stuck close to Buddy and gave him the irrits. 7
6 Port The in-form defender did a fine job on Schulz and was best on ground. 8
7 WB Another strong performance. Had Jones and stuck close effectively. 8
8 WCE Good battle with Kennedy and bagged a goal. In top touch. 6
9 Adel Had Jenkins at times and was handy enough. Not a huge amount of rebound. 5
10 StK Read play well on Riewoldt and Saint only got away in second half. 7
11 GCS North's best defender. Needed more support. 7
13 Frem The rein on Mayne was maintained. 6
14 GWS Battled O’hAilpin (two goals) and able to push up the ground. 6
15 Rich Gave Riewoldt one of the all-time great baths until the Tiger got two late majors. 8
16 Bris Could claim a points win over Brown, who ended with three goals. 7
17 Carl Unusual match-up on Betts but did very well. 7
18 Melb Patrolled the defensive half and won plenty of the ball. 7
19 Geel Had the better of Hawkins and provided some quality rebound. 8
20 Adel Excellent in defence at cutting off Crow thrusts. Landed badly second term 7
21   Soreness.  
22   Lung.  
23   Lung.  

2012 Season

1 Ess Had role on Ryder/Hille down back. Stuck to his task. 6
2 GWS On Cameron and was troubled by the big youngster in second half. 5
3 Geel Had the tough job on Podsiadly who took eight marks and kicked five. 4
4 Syd Did his job well in the heart of the defence and marked well. 6
5 GCS Very steady game down back. Defended well and gathered 19 touches. 7
6 WCE Took 10 marks and kept intercepting the ball. 7
7 WB Roos’ best. Had seven rebounds 50s and three great spoils. Ball use good. 8
8 Port Got a cut above the eye and his vision was hampered all afternoon. 6
9 Bris On Merrett for most of afternoon. Usual rigorous job. 6
10 Haw One of multiple defenders to take a turn on Franklin. Had a dirty day. 3
12 GCS Another solid performance in defence, contested marking was good. 6
13 Adel Alternated between Tippett and Walker early. Well on top second. 7
15 WCE Among the best yet again. 8
16 Carl Started on Betts. Did what was needed. 6
17 Rich Apart from third term did a fine job on Riewoldt. 7
18 Melb Hope Howe’s stop marks washed off his back and shoulders after the game. 5
19 WB Had resting Minson/Campbell and had both covered all day. 6
20 Ess Started on Gumbleton and also on Crameri early. 5
21 Coll Shut down Cloke in big performance. Seriously underrated. Coach loves him. 8
22 Frem Initially on Clarke then several others and did everything required. 7
23 GWS A dominant figure on the ground with a stunning stat line. 9
EF WCE Tough to be critical the way the ball came in early. Did what he could. 6