Shannon HURN

#25   West Coast

Age: 32yr 2mth Games: 224 Born: Sep 04, 2020
Height: 187cm Weight: 95kg Position:

2017 Digest:   The skipper has ticked over nicely as always across pre-season and will be looking for another strong year at half back.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 NM Marshalled the troops well in back half and used the ball smartly. 6
2 StK Terrible early kicking detracted from his game. Fought back and had 23 touches. 5
3 Rich Kept quiet by Castagna and didn’t get going at all off half-back. 5
4 Syd Cleaned up Franklin early and helped set up the Eagles defensive structure. Solid. 6
5 Haw Laid a few solid (fair) bumps and drove the ball long, but wasn’t able to get much rebound going off half back. 5
6 Frem Gave the team drive across half-back and had 21 possessions. 6
7 Port Seven rebound-50’s and five crunching tackles, always loves coming back to prove himself in his home state. 6
8 WB Damaging across half-back where he won plenty of the ball and set the Eagles up. 8
9 Ess Spent time on Parish and resting midfielders at half forward. Showed purpose to start second half, but ship had sailed. 5
10 GWS The last line for most of the game. Marked strongly and used the ball well. 6
11 GCS Provided usual drive from half back and put in for four quarters. 6
12   Bye.  
13 Geel Patrolled the back half with aplomb and was able to get in the way a lot to thwart the Cats. 6
14 Melb Quiet. Only five possessions. Knocked out in the dying stages. 2
15   Concussion.  
16 Port Couldn’t get near the ball for large periods. Looked off. 4
17 Frem Best on ground. Controlled the defence and marshalled his troops. Nothing got past him. 8
18 Coll Skipper was intercepting and using it well out of defence all day. 29 disposals at 90 per cent. 8
19 Bris Wasn’t allowed to run free like recent weeks. Only 16 disposals. 5
20 StK Even game across four quarters. On Weller for much of the day. 6
21 Carl Was composed and marshalled the team in defence. Solid game. 5
22 GWS Skipper was inspirational at times in the second half. No direct opponent and found it constantly. 6
23 Adel Held firm and took some crucial intercept marks. Had 24 disposals. 7
EF Port Followed Impey and was lucky the Port man had the fumbles. Had better nights, but team got the job done. 5
SF GWS Skipper tried hard, but wasn’t able to kickstart Eagles attacks from the back half. 5

2016 Season

1 Bris Stuck to his job in defence instead of going kick chasing. 5
2 Haw Had Schoenmakers at stages early then changed around. Had better days. 4
3 Frem His long, accurate kicking was incisive in the wet conditions. 7
4 Rich Led the team well. His kicking inside 50 always makes him dangerous. 5
5 Syd Skipper worked hard and tried to utilise big kicking as weapon in the wet. 7
6 Coll Did some damage in the second half. Covered plenty of ground. 5
7 Geel Unable to change momentum of the game from half back. Just going at the moment. 4
8 StK Did what he had to in defence and generated rebounds. 6
9 Port Crunched fellow captain Boak in the opening minute with a great tackle. 5
10 GCS Hard at contests and kicked a goal. Pushed up the field to have maximum impact. 6
11 WB Among better Eagles from half back. Used the ball well and worked hard to thwart Dogs. 7
12 Adel One of the main avenues out of defence. Attacked contests. 6
13 Bris Responsible for Walker and did better than his opponent’s four-goal bag suggests. 5
15 Ess Won a lot of the ball and set up the game with his movement. 6
16 NM Snapped a goal and had 19 disposals. Did well. 6
17 Carl Played better games. Only three rebound 50s and effectiveness down. 5
18 Melb A strong performance in defence where he repeatedly cleared the ball. 6
19 Coll Freed up behind the ball at stages and was OK but not at his absolute best. 6
20 Frem Had plenty of the ball and kicked a goal but didn’t stand out. 6
21 GWS Didn’t have big numbers in back half but did use the ball very well. 5
22 Haw Solid without being spectacular. 5
23 Adel Marshalled the troops superbly as the plus one in defence. 7
EF WB Battled hard to create something from half back and among better players. 7

2015 Season

1 WB Had it 16 times in first half then Picken kept him to six in second half. 6
2 Carl Kept to 12 disposals by Ellard. 4
3 Frem Tough afternoon for the skipper at half back. Gave away inches to Clarke. 4
4 Bris Started well and then went a little quiet during middle stages. 5
5 GWS Kicked a goal and set up some others. Also smashed Cameron. 5
6 Port Great duel with Monfries. 5
7 GCS Fantastic game. Took 12 marks and had 25 touches. The Suns couldn’t pass him. 7
8 StK Newnes played negating forward role on him and limited influence. 3
9 Geel Stepped up the effort after half time to ensure side put Cats away. 7
10 NM Best work came from half back. Kicked one amazing long bouncing goal. 7
11 Ess Had no real impact and collected only 13 possessions. 3
12 Rich Matched with McIntosh at start. 5
14 Melb Provided drive and leadership down back. Long kicking a highlight. 6
15 Adel No fuss about his game. Had 18 possessions. 5
16 Coll Strong captain’s game on a half-back flank with usual flawless delivery. 6
17 Syd Resilient from the back half and used the ball well and to advantage. 7
18 GCS Provided typical rebound and booted a late goal. 5
19 Haw Given no space to launch. Output below par. 3
20 Frem Led really well and became the key defender when Schofield went off. 6
21 WB Conceded height in defence. Battled manfully. 4
22 Adel Did his best to marshal the troops under constant attack. 4
23 StK Didn’t let rip with his kicking. Took it conservative with his 12 kicks. 5
QF Haw Provided a steadying presence at half back and clearly among the best. 8
PF NM Nowhere near the influence he had a fortnight ago. Rarely sighted. 4
GF Haw Skipper loose early in game and didn’t have the influence team needed. 4

2014 Season

1 WB Dogs targeted him with Goodes/Dickson but he was able to impact the game. 6
2 Melb Injured his knee early and subbed out. 1
3   Knee.  
4   Knee.  
5   Knee.  
6   Knee.  
7 Frem Able to find the ball up the field and kick long into forward 50, but lacked polish. 6
8 GWS Did as he pleased across half back after half time. 7
10 Coll Two long-bomb goals were a game highlight. Solid display down back. 7
11 NM Marked and kicked well in defence but fighting against the tide. 7
12 Haw Played as the loose man for long periods. Kicked a goal from 18 possessions. 6
13 GCS Matched mostly on Hall. Used strong boot to good advantage 7
14 StK Jones couldn’t quell the impact of his long kicks from defence. 6
15 Frem Drove the ball forward from defence and was one Eagle who hit targets. 7
16 Syd OK at half back and kicked the ball long. 6
17 Bris Solid in defence with minding McGrath among his tasks. 6
18 Rich Inefficiency thwarted his attempts to influence the flow of the contest. Tried hard. 5
19 Adel Destroyed the Crows in the first half with his run and long kicking. 7
20 Coll Huge first term (11 disp) set tone. Held after that but damage was done. 6
21 Ess Controlled the game in second term before being reined in. 6
22 Melb Set up Eagles’ attacks off half back with his precise kicking. 21 possessions. 7
23 GCS Had Stanley playing defensive on him and unable to get his hands on the ball. 3

2013 Season

1 Frem Shadowed by de Boer. 18 possessions, all by foot but not as damaging as usual. 5
2 Haw Not his usual self and had limited influence. 4
3 Melb Used his booming right-foot with a mammoth goal in the third. Serviceable. 5
4 Carl Armfield shadow completely blanked him out of the game. 4
5 Port Rebounded well out of defensive 50 but didn’t get enough of the footy. 5
6 WB Had 22 kicks despite Addison’s negating forward role on him. 6
7 Bris Had more freedom and collected 20 touches. His long kicking was important. 7
8 NM Tagged off half-back by Wright who was dangerous going forward. Not as effective as normal. 6
9 GWS Quelled by Palmer early, he worked his way into the game. 5
10 Rich Won plenty of the ball early, but negating forward White kept him busy. 6
11 StK Not heaps of the ball but effective in last term and set up winning goal. 5
13 Haw Off ground 10 minutes in and did not return. 0
14   Ankle.  
15   Ankle.  
16   Ankle.  
17   Ankle.  
18   Ankle.  
19   Ankle.  
20   Ankle.  
21   Ankle.  
22   Ankle.  
23   Ankle.  

2012 Season

1 WB Always a threat running off half back and pushed up ground to kick long. 7
2 Melb Did as he pleased colleting 31 influential disposals. 7
3 GWS Had 22 touches at half back under close attention from Townsend. 6
4 Haw Strongly tagged by Bruce. Just seven possessions. 2
5 Rich Jackson nullified him early but he stood up late which was important. 4
6 NM Extremely damaging off half back with 23 kicks and two goals. 8
7 Ess Not his normal impact. 4
8 StK Had a forward tag on him again but managed 18 disposals. 5
9 Frem Restricted from running wild but still had 18 telling possessions. 6
10 Bris Amongst the best on the back of 20 touches and two second half goals. 6
12 Carl Mixed bag game and not a factor after half time. 5
13 Coll Kicking superb as usual, especially dynamic from the kick-outs. 8
14 GCS Collected 25 possessions and kicked a goal. Strong game. 6
15 NM Not as big an impact as he can usually make. 4
16 Syd Rarely got free. Took some good marks but not damaging. 5
17 Adel Got pinged twice for deliberate out of bounds. Closely marked. 4
18 Bris A damaging player off half-back and kicked two goals. 7
19 Frem Tagged out of the game. Just five possessions. 2
20 Geel Teammates tried to get him the ball; it worked enough for him to be a factor. 6
21 Port Kicked two goals playing across halfback. 6
22 Coll Kicked a long goal. Encouraging improvement with his run. 6
23 Haw Had 14 of his 22 disposals after half time. Another who got going late. 6
EF NM Great across half back and found time to drift forward late for monster goal. 7
SF Coll Unopposed too often in first quarter, but then Magpies paid more attention. 5