#18   North Melbourne

Age: 26yr 6mth Games: 155 Born: Sep 13, 2020
Height: 189cm Weight: 86kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Rebounding defender might be asked to play further up the field this year, perhaps on a wing. Can he find another level?

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 WCE Ran through midfield more like he has during pre-season and kicked an early goal. Battled away. 5
2 Geel Provided plenty rebound and linked well pushing up from behind the ball. Three tackles and 435 metres gained. 6
3 GWS Picked up eight kicks but unable to find much space or exert much influence. 4
4 WB Quiet game from defence. Just 11 effective disposals not enough for a playmaker. Defensively stout. 4
5 Frem Plenty of handball receives on the wing. Had 20 disposals and kicked a goal. 6
6 GCS Quiet apart from a couple of forays out of defence. 3
7 Adel Extremely quiet despite Roos dominance. Rarely sighted other than goal on the run late in game. 4
8 Syd Didn’t win enough ball on the outside and make inroads for his team coming out of defence. 4
9 Melb Provided some rebound and got involved enough to be a factor for the side all afternoon. 6
10 Carl Made some mistakes by foot but was running hard at the business end of the game. His last quarter was impressive. 6
11 Rich One of few Roos to really attack the Tigers. Started back and moved forward for 16 disposals and two goals. 6
12   Bye.  
13 StK Had a few bursts to run the ball inside 50 but only sporadic. 4
14 WB Struggled. Decision-making let him down at times and four tackles. He’s got to provide more. 4
15 GCS Didn't have a lot of space and time as Suns looked to counter his dash. Booted a goal. 6
16 Frem Used across half forward and provided some run. Kicked a goal in the second term. 6
17 Port Two goals from half forward, seems to be enjoying his time in the forward half of the ground. 6
18 Ess Still waiting for him to tear a game apart but hasn’t come yet. Bend the back for his usual bursts from defence. 5
19 Melb Good early, then quiet second term. Bad miss at start of second half. 5
20 Coll Found some space as the link between forward and midfield at times but just struggles to exert a positive influence. 4
21 Haw Ran hard, but lacked end product. Just seven kicks and a goal. 4
22 StK Ran hard at the ball and was OK in defence without starring. 5
23 Bris Used more in forward half and his pace made an impact at times. 5

2016 Season

1 Adel Even effort throughout highlighted buy a team high six rebound 50s. 6
2 Bris Lacked his usual dash and struggled to impact. 3
3 Melb Gave drive off half back – especially early. Kicked the ball fairly well considering windy conditions. 6
4 Frem Made a few errors by foot but ran and line-breaking off half back was critical at times. 6
5 GCS Provided plenty of dash and zip off half back. 6
6 WB On Jong initially and had a fair game. 5
7 StK Consistently hard runner from defence. 6
8 Ess Couple of dashes from the back end but only five kicks. 4
9 Carl Member of the back six and was OK without starring. 5
10 Syd Horror night. Didn’t adapt to pressure-cooker tempo and was a liability. 3
11 Rich Drifted forward for a brilliant goal and effective out of defence all night. 6
12 Geel Beat McCarthy and going OK until injury forced him from field in third term. 4
13 Haw Good job defensively on potential threat Hill and also created moves. 7
14 Adel His dash from deep inside defensive 50 was missed. 4
16 WCE The Eagles closed down his run. He was forced to kick short. 5
17 Port Worked off half back. 5
18 Coll Matched on Varcoe at start. Steady game across four quarters. 5
19 StK Lined up on Wright and Gresham and was handy if unspectacular. 5
20 WB Consistently good running off half back. 6
21 Haw Mixed through the Hawk small forwards and tried hard. Ball use solid. 6
22 Syd Provided some dash out of defence. Ball use was sloppy at times. 5
23 GWS Ran off half back but didn’t hurt GWS that often with his customary dash. 6
EF Adel Betts gave him a lesson in a disappointing end to the season. 4

2015 Season

1 Adel Used his extreme pace several times running through the midfield. 5
2 Bris More of a stay-at-home defensive role than usual. 5
3 Port Broke the lines off half back but disposal iffy. 5
4 Geel Didn’t get into the game at all from the back half. 3
5 Haw Zoomed off half back a few times but couldn’t provide consistent outside run. 5
6 Rich Thoughts of Dan Menzel might have taken his focus. OK. 3
7 Ess Sub. Replaced Brown in third term and scrapped hard late down back. 2
8 Frem North needed to see him at his running best. That didn’t happen. 4
9 Coll Run off half back was important in opening exchanges but drifted out. 5
10 VFL Responded well to AFL axe. 24 possessions, six clearances.
11 VFL Quiet early then came into the game more. 18 touches.
12 GWS Back in team and was back to near his best running out of defence. 7
14 GCS Not enough out of him. Ineffective. 4
15 Geel Did a number of Motlop while rebounding when he could from half back. 7
16 Ess Ability to break the lines came to the fore in second half as players got ragged. 7
17 Bris A vital cog in the Roos’ air-tight defence. 6
18 Carl Dashed off half back to provide valuable rebound at stages. 6
19 Melb Not a huge day off half back but provided something to the cause. 5
20 StK Slow start then gathered momentum. 6
21 Frem Defender played a solid game. 5
22 WB Lifted in defence as game went on. 5
23 Rich Worked solidly in defence. 6
EF Rich Provided customary dash on occasions but kicking was haphazard. 5
SF Syd Good honest game coming out of defence. 5
PF WCE Ran off half back and was good early but couldn’t gain ground late. 5

2014 Season

1 Ess Well down on normal standards. 3
2 WB Provided important run at times. 5
3 Port Provided great drive off half back and did his duties in defence. 6
4 Syd Spent a lot of time on the dangerous Cunningham and kept him quiet. 5
5 Coll Tried to take game on early when flow was against but got swamped. 6
6 Frem Followed by de Boer but burnt him off to provide great drive. 7
7 GCS Hands his hands full with Hall early but started to give some run in second term. 5
9 Bris Picked up dangerous Green. Honours even. 5
10 Geel Only two rebound 50s but did use the ball well. 6
11 WCE Masten had negating role but he managed some bursts of run from defence. 5
12 Rich Struggled early down back and didn’t have his finest day. 4
13 Adel Used his speed to burn the Crows on several occasions. 6
14 Melb Rebounded stoutly and ran hard to create something for teammates. 7
15 Bris One of several North defenders found wanting in second quarter siege. 5
16 Haw Running out of defence on Puopolo and got a lot of ball. 6
17 StK Good runner from half back on Schneider. 5
18 Carl Ran hard although one bounce came unstuck. 4
19 Geel Had job on Motlop who kicked two and missed a sitter. Just battled. 4
20 GWS Gave run off half back and was pretty good defensively. 6
21 WB With Dahlhaus and had good duel. 5
22 Adel Started on the wing and ran hard. 5
23 Melb Provided run at half back and even floated forward for a goal. 6
EF Ess Used ball well to gain ground for his side. Team-high nine inside-50s. 7
SF Geel Started on Thurlow on a wing. Worked hard defensively, limited impact. 3
PF Syd Tried hard to provide some run and carry from back half. Handy effort. 6

2013 Season

1 Coll Quiet game in defence by his standards and didn’t get run going. 5
2 Geel Contributed a goal but is still down on form of last year. Laid six tackles. 5
3 Syd On Parker and kept busy. Didn’t get as much run downfield as normal. 4
4 Bris Pace to burn through midfield in third quarter. 6
5 Haw Had stay at home role on Breust and wasn’t prominent running from defence. 4
6 Port Had his hands full with Wingard and probably squared the battle. 6
7 WB Addison started on him to counter his run off half back. 4
8 WCE Good run off half back early; shows some class. 5
9 Adel Made a couple of runs but was generally pretty quiet. 4
10 StK Ignored Newnes’ negating forward role on him. 6
11 GCS Rarely able to clear ball from defence without immense pressure. 4
13 Frem Good job on Ballantyne and also ran hard to create. 6
14 GWS Rarely had space to run and carry but held up his end across half back. 6
15 Rich Loose off half back early and helped start Roos’ slingshot then Tigers matched him up. 6
16 Bris Worked his way into the game when others started to fade. 6
17 Carl Not a big factor. 4
18 Melb Provided some dash from half-back and used the ball well. 6
19 Geel Did some great stuff one-on-one and used the ball brilliantly from defence 7
20 Adel Lynch gave him some early heartburn but then he straightened up. 5
21 Ess On Davey and neither had impact first half 4
22 Haw Better in second half where his leg speed worried the Hawks on occasions. 5
23 Coll Provided some rebound from the back half in a solid enough display. 6

2012 Season

1 Ess Had some worrying moments in defence early. 4
2 GWS Young defender had big first half. 6
3 Geel Solid and steady in defence. Used his pace when he could. 6
4 Syd Battled well, especially in final quarter and used handball to effect. 6
5 GCS Break-out game from second year player: 26 touches at 88% efficiency. 7
6 WCE Ran hard on the bigger ground. Had 10 handball receives. 6
7 WB Great first half then faded out of the game after half time. Not the worst. 6
8 Port Ran with Ben Jacobs most of the afternoon and did OK. 5
9 Bris Deep in defence and stuck to the plan. 5
10 Haw Up and down: 17 possessions, tried to break the lines but man kicked three. 5
12 GCS Provided good rebound from defence. 7
13 Adel Hard running from deep in defence and set up line-breaking moves. 7
14 StK Matched up on Milne and held his own for the most part. 6
15 WCE Started on Hams and was prominent in first quarter then into background. 5
16 Carl Had the better of Garlett. 6
17 Rich His speed and run was good while also doing a reasonable job on Nahas. 6
18 Melb Great game in defence and provides good run and carry through the middle. 6
19 WB Creative again off half back although drifted out of game after half time. 5
20 Ess As others around him tired, he produced strong runs from defence. 7
21 Coll Displayed important pace when needed. Wearing Carey’s famous No. 18. 6
22 Frem Run wasn’t there early, but then had more of an involvement. 6
23 GWS Capped a consistent season with 17 touches and four marks. 5
EF WCE McGinnity did job on him defensively. At least tried hard to create something. 4