#6   Richmond

Age: 31yr 7mth Games: 193 Born: Apr 19, 2021
Height: 190cm Weight: 85kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Has turned his game around over the past few seasons with his defensive work and has been one of Tigers’ best in his two JLT matches.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Carl Veteran wingman linked up well all night and relished space afforded to him. 7
2 Coll Unusually unproductive until managed some crucial touches including lovely goal in final term. 5
3 WCE One of the most underrated players in the AFL. Really effective on the outside and showed nice touch 7
4 Bris Quiet first term before picking up the pace to have a team high 31 disposals. He had at least three different opponents on a wing. 7
5 Melb Kicked a crucial goal just on half time that helped keep Tigers close enough. Worked hard inside and outside the contest. 7
6 Adel Thrown into the ruck to give Toby Nankervis a chop out 5
7 WB Good anticipation to collect a lot of the ball on the wing and one of Tigers best. 7
8 Frem Won a mountain of ball (31 disposals) and was constantly providing a link off half back or through the wing. 8
9 GWS Kept bobbing up in space to be a constant thorn in GWS’s side. Can hold his head very high. 8
10 Ess Wing option flitted in and out of the game for typical sort of production; 24 disposals and nine inside-50s a solid contribution. 7
11 NM Not his best game highlighted by fact he gained only 177 metres despite grabbing 21 disposals. One goal. 6
12   Bye.  
13 Syd Not as prolific as he can be on a wing and across half back. 20 possessions, seven marks. 6
14 Carl 17 touches in first half, then quietened a bit to end with 27. Important contributor against former club. 7
15 Port Forced into the ruck when Nankervis was on the bench, didn’t trouble Ryder but made him accountable when the ball hit the deck. 7
16 StK Kept working all night and finished with a strong second half. 6
17 Bris Found a bit of the footy, but wasn’t his most impactful game. Did his bit. 6
18 GWS Got plenty of the sherrin (21 touches) and added five inside-50s and five tackles. Did his bit all day. 7
19 GCS Not a big haul of possessions, but dug in defensively as usual (seven tackles). 5
20 Haw Wingman buzzed about for his usual tally of possessions. Steady output seems his go. 6
21 Geel Only 12 effective disposals from his 19 disposals. Still had 6 inside 50’s and 5 tackles which was a pass. Serviceable. 5
22 Frem Had a stack of the ball with 36 disposals and six clearances. 8
23 StK Monster first half (14 disposals, two goals) and theme continued to end with 24 disposals and six inside-50s. 8
QF Geel Kolodjashnij played defensive role on him and only managed seven effective disposals. Two inside-50s, two tackles. 4
PF GWS Used as a back-up ruck again as well as through midfield. In and out without having a massive influence. 5
GF Adel Like his teammate he played his role, even when asked to play in the ruck. Key goal in third term was crucial. 6

2016 Season

1   Thumb.  
2 Coll Hurt ankle in second term but battled on and was an influential performer after half time. 7
3 Adel Kicked the first goal from outside 50 and was a hard worker in a well-beaten team. 6
4 WCE Worked hard at clearances. Did okay with 22 disposals. 6
5 Melb Lack of pace and penetration in kicking noticeable. Just doesn’t have any power to his game. 4
6 Port First goal and spent time in attack where he did well against Pittard 7
7 Haw Honest game on the wing and was one of better Tigers. 6
8 Syd Worked way into middle from a wing and got hands on ball well around the ground. 6
9 Frem Enjoyed the conditions. Booted a goal and was tough. 6
10 Ess Two goals and found space off a wing to help keep Bombers at bay. Eight clearances. 7
11 NM To his credit he never gave up. Stats of 12 kicks 26 HBs belied actual influence. 7
12 GCS Good ball winner on the outside and run at times with crucial. Enjoying solid season. 7
14 Bris Drifted through midfield to play steady role but not his most influential outing. 6
15 Port Didn’t find enough of the footy to hurt the opposition. 6
16   Knee.  
17 Ess Two big final-term goals helped keep the Dons at bay. Handy contributor in first three quarters. 7
18 Haw Won plenty of ball but turned it over at times and lacked penetration. 4
19 GWS Didn’t hurt Giants when he got it. Collected just the six disposals after main break. 4
20 Coll Found space off a wing to do some damage. Five inside-50s ands six tackles. 8
21 Geel Got loose when game played on Tigers’ terms but went missing in final quarter. 5
22 StK Struggled. Slow at times to move ball and slow to get across ground. 4
23 Syd OK effort on the wing. Got in the right spots to take an equal team-high nine marks. 5

2015 Season

1 Carl Lively early and finished with goal at the end. 6
2 WB Got his hands on the ball but wasteful with his disposals. 5
3 Bris Of several forwards to exposed Brisbane’s brittle defence. 6
4 Melb Battled on in midfield but was outmuscled by Melbourne mids. 5
5 Geel Struggled in first half then got going after main break but still disappointing. 4
6 NM Numbers looked OK but his influence forward of centre was zilch. 5
7 Coll Provided some fine link play off the wing and always in space. 8
8 Port Six clearances, seven tackles and four inside-50s. 7
9 Ess Bobbed up with critical goals at the start of the third and last terms. 7
10 Frem Tackled hard and worked consistently. Enjoying a purple patch. 7
12 WCE Reasonable but not incisive. 5
13 Syd Good contributor in midfield rotation. Improved player. 6
14 GWS Won eight clearances and provided six inside-50s to the cause. 7
15 Carl Polished display highlighted by six clearances, six tackles and 13 CPs. 7
16 StK Constant run and had an effective game. 7
17 Frem Floated through on outside. OK without breaking game open. 5
18 Haw Busy early. Looked to have a corked thigh in third term but battled on well. 6
19 Adel Tried in vain all game to keep the Tigers competitive. 7
20 GCS One ripping goal and played a part through the middle of the ground. 7
21 Coll Went third-man up with success at times and was a handy link player. 7
22 Ess Five clearances, three inside-50s and a goal a steady night’s work. 6
23 NM Continually linked up with Cotchin. 6
EF NM Did some good things around the stoppages and can hold head up. 6

2014 Season

1 GCS Found space like he usually does, but didn’t provide the attacking penetration expected. 6
2 Carl Started well but then hurt in friendly fire from Hampson. 5
3 WB On Jong had a quiet game on the wing. 4
4 Coll Spectator for much of night. Looked for easy ball when he had to put body on line. 3
5 Bris Started in attack. Went up a cog in second half and had a big say late. 6
6 Haw Had a big second quarter and OK without being damaging. 6
7 Geel Tagged Selwood in first half and did it brilliantly. Enjoyed free rein in second half. 7
9 Melb Had time pressuring Vince. Laid six tackles and won five clearances. 6
10 GWS Played a defensive role after quarter time on Ward and did OK. Needs to back it up. 6
11 Ess Shadowed Heppell and later Watson among others but struggled. 3
12   Hamstring.  
13   Hamstring.  
14   Hamstring.  
15   Hamstring.  
16   Hamstring.  
17   Hamstring.  
18 VFL 30 touches on return but didn’t hurt Port with many.
19 VFL Worked into the game to play a strong hand with 35 disposals.
20 Ess Went to Heppell at times in the middle but found going tough. Just battled. 4
21 Adel Won his share of the footy but not as damaging as previous weeks. 5
22 StK Kept plugging away and most of disposals were by hand. 5
23 Syd Still working his way back from an injury lay-off, his input is increasing by the week. 6
EF Port Unable to influence the flow of the game and played loose too often. 3

2013 Season

1 Carl Disposal efficiency down slightly but contributed all night – seven inside 50s. 7
2 StK In space more often than not (14 disp first half) then went quiet – four inside-50s. 6
3 WB Another Tiger midfield to be a damaging asset with his run and kicking. 7
4 Coll Didn’t have a clearance or kick a goal. Impact didn’t match disposal total. 5
5 Frem OK first half but only eight second-half disposals. Often kicking under pressure. 6
6 Geel OK without setting world on fire. Kicked a goal and used ball well. 7
7 Port Better balance of attack and defence – two goals. 6
8 Melb Racked up stats but can kick it to no one a lot – disposal efficiency down. 6
9 Ess 26 uncontested possessions from 27 touches. Could have used it better. 6
10 WCE Always gets a lot of footy but not overly damaging. 6
12 Adel Not his best game but kicked two goals so contributed to the overall effort. 6
13 WB Constantly found time and space and made the Dogs pay with two good goals. 7
14 StK Good honest game and covered lots of ground to find space. 7
15 NM Plenty of uncontested ball but needs to add a harder edge when his team needs it. 6
16 GCS Sub. Came on in the final term and had a few touches. Interesting move. 1
17 Frem Ran up and down a wing, won his fair share of ball. Added seven tackles with is a plus. 7
18 Syd Constant positive force running off wing. 7
19 Haw Played his role off the wing and great in third term to keep side in it. 7
20 Bris Broke the lines regularly without starring in the midfield. 6
21 Carl Won a bit of the ball but didn’t have a massive impact on the game. 6
22 GWS Found space forward of the ball to get on the end of a few good passages. 6
23 Ess Found space on a wing to be a handy contributor and was again able to hit the scoreboard. 6
EF Carl After averaging 22 disposals this year he managed just 14 off his wing. 4

2012 Season

1 Carl On Scotland. Solid game and snagged a couple of goals. 6
2 Coll Mostly had run-with job on Pendlebury. Won some ball but beaten. 5
3 Melb His deodorant clearly was faulty as no one went near him; 37 touches. 8
4 Geel Racked up 28 disposals (75% efficient) and always around the ball. 7
5 WCE Found space and was a key link player all day off a wing. 7
6 Port Ran through the lines constantly and had six inside 50s. 8
7 Syd Outstanding. Three crucial goals as the game panned out. 8
8 Ess With Melksham on wing. Started well and maintained momentum all through. 7
9 Haw Didn’t stand out as much as previous week but gave support to fellow mids. 7
10 StK Hard working game on wing. Kicked long into the forward line to good effect. 7
11 Frem Great first term and fought on. Seven clearances, six inside-50s, 12 cont poss. 7
12 GWS Helped keep the wheels turning with another solid display off a wing. 7
14 Adel Outside runner whose foot skills are improving all the time. 6
15 Melb Huge first term and kept it going all day. Linked well through the middle. 8
16 GCS Interesting contest at times with Harbrow. 6
17 NM Not as damaging as he has been but kept working – only three inside-50s. 6
18 Carl Strong first half against old club. Tapered but still kicked important goal. 6
19 Bris Started like a house on fire with 10 touches in first term. Two key goals. 7
20 WB Does he use deodorant? Clearly not because no one went near him. 8
21 Frem Tried hard and won 25 possessions. Got the ball at both ends. 7
22 Ess Linked well on the wing. Steady contributor. 6
23 Port Cornes subdued his influence off a wing but a goal and four inside-50s. 6