#22   Collingwood

Age: 28yr 10mth Games: 185 Born: Jan 02, 2021
Height: 184cm Weight: 86kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Ideal wingman for the modern game with his bottomless tank and neat delivery off both sides. Taggers got to him last season.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 WB The Round 1 specialist was everywhere in the first term. Two goals to go with game-high 35 touches. 8
2 Rich Started brightly, as he so often does, but became a non-factor. Only eight kicks not enough from his wing. 5
3 Syd Laid 12 tackles, which isn’t his normal gig, but composure under pressure with ball in hand was important at key times. 8
4 StK Prolific first half (15 kicks) waltzing around a wing and 31 touches, but disposal efficiency (50%) well down on best. 6
5 Ess Ineffective as a half forward but more influential when given more freedom. 25 touches but no real influence. 5
6 Geel Last time he played a bad game Harry Holt was still sizing up the surf. Just the 13 effective disposals but found space to use footy. 6
7 Carl Vanished for long stretches and although touched it 19 times his disposals were rarely incisive. 4
8 GWS Three goals in first half as the half forward “spitter” coming off the back of the square. Quiet second half. 6
9 Haw Ineffective first half but quietly went about compiling 27 possessions and snapping the sealer. 6
10 Bris Must have failed to use deodorant as Lions wouldn’t go near him; 34 disposals, five inside-50s and a 28 uncontested possessions. 8
11 Frem One of the key ball winners with 33 disposals and rarely wasted it. 7
12 Melb Amassed more leather than the Hellfire cloak room to end with 32 possessions, two goals, four clearances and a four tackles. 8
13   Bye.  
14 Port Gathered usual tally of possessions (36) but just three inside-50s, no goals and four clearances. 7
15 Haw Racked up stats but got a little cute at times with his decision-making and kicking which proved costly. By his standards a howler. 4
16 Ess Not having the impact he can with ball in hand. Tried hard but just four inside-50s and four clearances. 7
17 GCS Made it look easy in the slippery conditions, handling the ball cleanly and amassing 32 possessions. 8
18 WCE Tagged by Hutchings. 20 disposals and down on normal influence. 5
19 Adel Rarely wastes a possession and always seems to make the right decision moving the footy forward. 6
20 NM Some really uncharacteristic turnovers with the ball in hand. One of his more pedestrian outings. 6
21 Port Always makes something happen with the footy in hand, has elite kicking skills on both feet. 7
22 Geel Ball-winning wingman did what he could but certainly not one of his best games; 13 effective disposals and six inside-50s. 5
23 Melb Smart with everything he did and bobbed up in the right spots. Showed a cool head late when it was required. 7

2016 Season

1 Syd The only one finding space in first half. Vanished in third term but finished well. Suspension looming? 6
2   Suspended.  
3   Suspended.  
4 Melb Productive throughout. Two goals, four clearances and some handy work forward of centre. 7
5 Ess Kicked four goals and had 21 disposals in opening half. Critical in setting up the win. 9
6 WCE Started slowly, got busy in middle stages. Improved as the game went on. 5
7 Carl Rolled up from half forward to play seventh midfielder. Good ball winner and had five clearances. 7
8 Bris Broke even with Bewick in first half but let loose after half time. 8
9 Geel Celebrated game 150 with a typical destructive display through the midfield. Huge. 8
10 WB Prolific ball winner in first half. Dominant on the wing until checked by Daniel. 7
11 Port Showed class in front of goal with two majors but wasn’t able to get hands on ball as much as normal. 6
12 Melb Started well then Bugg put the clamps on him. Gathered 10 disposals after quarter-time. 5
14 Frem Tagged by Barlow so not as prolific as he can be after quarter time. 6
15 Carl Won a bit of it but not his usual impact. Uses the ball better than most. 6
16 GWS Always busy on a wing and half forward and continually drove ball into forward 50. 7
17 Adel Absence of close tag this game allowed him a little more freedom on the wing. 7
18 NM Big possession winner if ineffective in first half and brilliant goal in third term. 7
19 WCE When some class was required, he stood up with a key goal and composed ball use. 7
20 Rich Found space off a wing for 22 touches, six tackles and five inside-50s. 7
21 WB Had better of duel with Daniel and showed class. Negated by Picken in second half. 7
22 GCS Busy from start to finish in middle and pushed forward to be a threat. 7
23 Haw Found plenty of the ball and a constant source of drive. Six inside-50s. 8

2015 Season

1 Bris Superb first half. But serious thumb injury cut him down late in the match. 6
2   Thumb.  
3   Thumb.  
4   Thumb.  
5   Thumb.  
6   Thumb.  
7   Thumb.  
8 GCS Made welcome return from injury and straight back into the groove. 6
9 NM Pies’ best early and kept on working hard in midfield. 7
10 Melb Grabbed 13 disposals after half time to help stave off the Demons. 6
11 GWS Started on Scully on wing. Worked into game to play a role. 6
13 Frem Quiet first half (five effective disposals) then lifted slightly but impact low. 5
14 Haw Matched on Smith at start. Won plenty of touches and had big second term. 7
15 Port Got better as the game wore on with clean handling and neat kicking. 7
16 WCE Had 20 touches to half time. Non-stop effort across four quarters. 8
17 WB Just five contested possessions among his 33 touches but was good on outside. 7
18 Melb Had 21 disposals to half time but shut down by Cross in the second. 6
19 Carl Not his best game as closely marked by one-touch ball handling stood out. 6
20 Syd Won plenty of the ball, delivered deftly and kept pumping away. 7
21 Rich Racked up stats but many were deep in back pocket. At least work-rate good. 7
22 Geel Geelong paid him no respect and paid the price. He torched the Cats. 8
23 Ess Ran hard all day and racked up the stats. Three clearances, three inside-50s. 7

2014 Season

1 Frem Missed chances (0.3) and many of his 22 disposals were cheapies. Needs a harder edge. 5
2 Syd One of the Pies’ quietest. 3
3 Geel Ran hard and creative all over the field. Six tackles, a goal, three inside-50s. 7
4 Rich OK without starring. Had good numbers and used the ball better this week. 6
5 NM Twenty-one disposals from half back in first half when game was hottest. 8
6 Ess Came to life with three second-term goals that got side back into contest. 8
7 Carl Handy contribution across four quarters. 5
9 Adel Played wing then forward for long periods and OK but no goals. 6
10 WCE Racked up plenty of ball but lots of it in back half – only one inside-50. 6
11 StK Reported in opening 10 seconds but had big first quarter and was a major force. 7
12   Suspended.  
13   Suspended.  
14   Suspended.  
15 Carl Pies’ best with nine tackles, 16 contested possessions and seven clearances. 8
16 GCS Drove ball inside 50 seven times and booted a goal. 7
17 Ess Slow start then fired from late in first term. Kept plugging away. 6
18 Adel Everywhere. Not always clean but won a heap of footy and worked hard. 7
19 Port All over the field all night to continually give his side drive. 8
20 WCE Gave away silly free early that cost a goal. Ran hard into space. 7
21 Bris Good first half (16 disp) then faded right out. Only two inside-50s. 6
22 GWS Bugg tried to shut him down but class at times was important. 7
23 Haw Pies’ best – 16 contested possessions, seven inside-50s and nine clearances. 8

2013 Season

1 NM Won a lot of the ball early, but less impact after half time. 6
2 Carl Had a great battle with Bell and was instrumental late. 7
3 Haw Horror afternoon. Didn’t get into the game at all. Failed to register an inside-50. 3
4 Rich Produced a four-goal cameo to be one of the architects of the win. 7
5 Ess Monster first half netted 22 disposals then slowed after that – six tackles. 8
6 StK Geary ran with him and he was hardly had a factor. Sides have worked him out. 3
7 Frem Helped kick-start the fightback and put up big numbers opposed to Mzungu. 8
8 Geel Chipped in at times without starring – a goal and four tackles. 6
9 Syd With Hannebery early. Strong start to the game but faded. 5
10 Bris Linked up well through the midfield and continually drove the ball forward. 8
11 Melb Quelled by McKenzie early then got off the chain. Contributed enough. 6
12 WB Incisive user of the ball. 6
14 Port Another midfielder who struggled against the Power’s more intense onball brigade. 5
15 Carl Tagged by Curnow but still had 23 disposals – 12 contested – in fine effort. 7
16 Adel Among the best in first half and maintained momentum playing at half back. 7
17 GCS Worked really hard for four quarters, and kicked a goal. 7
18 GWS Worked up from half forward to find plenty of ball. Three goals were icing. 8
19 Ess Best afield. Read the play, used ball well, kicked a goal and found space all night. 8
20 Syd Played an important defensive role at half forward and kicked two of his own. 6
21 Haw Enjoyed a good battle with Hill and used the ball fairly well. One of the Pies better performers. 6
22 WCE Four goal assists in first half and ended up among the best. Ball use superb. 7
23 NM One of the Pies who looked like he had both eyes on the final rather than the game. 4
EF Port Numbers slowly crept up to be the Pies’ best on the night. Clean performance. 7

2012 Season

1 Haw Along with Pendlebury helped side get back into game in third term. 7
2 Rich Stats were deceptive. Good third term but otherwise not a big influence. 5
3 Carl Good first half, two handy goals, but still a second-string mid. 7
4 Port Really good early when game was hot. Kicked two goals from 21 disposals. 7
5 Ess Precise ball use a critical factor. Another quality big-match performance. 8
6 WB Clean hands and ball use a key to his game. Helping fill the Ball void. 7
7 Bris The Lions had no answer for his stellar effort. Ran around unopposed. 8
8 Geel Ball handling one touch and disposal immaculate. Becoming a real factor. 9
9 Adel Kicked two goals and a thorn in the Crows’ side all night. 8
10 GCS Mostly handballs in a low-key performance. Efficiency high as ever. 6
11 Melb Huge. In everything and was feeding teammates all day with his disposals. 9
13 WCE Foot passing immaculate; not quite as prolific as he has been. 6
14 Frem Not as damaging as he has been but numbers good, seven tackles. 7
15 Carl Efficiency a little down but kept trying. Only two clearances, one inside-50. 6
16 Geel Slow start (zero disposal first term) but joined the party. Used the footy well. 6
17 Haw Found the footy in space but only one clearance and three inside-50s. 6
19 StK Huge early when game red-hot. Game high 11 clearances, workrate tireless. 8
20 Syd Produced a solid all-round display and showed class when moving forward. 6
21 NM Busy with 16 kicks and 10 handballs, but no goals. 6
22 WCE Had 25 possessions but they weren’t of his usual quality. 6
23 Ess Dempsey was with him at the start. Unobtrusive but reasonable game. 5
QF Haw Helped bring Collingwood back into it in second term. 6
SF WCE Workrate first class and used ball brilliantly which was the key. 8
PF Syd Unseen in a poor first half. Lifted a bit but couldn’t get free on the wing. 3